Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 11

So this week’s episode starts off with Ichika’s sister introducing herself as Emika and preparing to take Ichika home to protect her from being arrested for breaking galactic law.  Ichika runs off, but again gets yelled at by Kanna. Later, Ichika tries to leave Kaito behind, but Mio, Tetsuro, and Kanna arrive to stop her.

Remon then arrives to propose a solution, finding the place from Ichika’s memories, as it may give Earth a high enough status of technology to allow Ichika to stay. They manage to find it, but the search party arrives for Ichika. They try to teleport, but are blocked. However, Remon has foreseen this and secured a vehicle.

REMON!!! GREATEST CHARACTER EVER!! That aside…most of the stuff in this was predicted. Tetsuro and Mio end up together. The final arc is an attempt to keep Ichika from being forced to leave. I’m not sure if I understood the thing with Ichika’s memories correctly. I get that it was imprinted on her DNA, but I’m not sure whether they’re going there to hide or going there for the technology that cloaks it. Heck…maybe Remon’s involved with this technology somehow. Personally, I think it’s more interesting if she’s a normal human, but she just seems so suspicious. Anyways, next episode will end it. At the end of the day, I still question the extraterrestrial aspect of this show…how necessary was it, really?

3 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 11”

  1. You’re right to question whether or not Ichika being an alien has really influenced the storyline at all. I’m not sure if it’s commendable or a plain cop-out that it’s being used to increase the drama just as the show is wrapping up.

    And Remon is SO super suspicious! But she really is great; she’s like the catalyst that’s been moving the story and characters along in their growth from the background. I’ve suspected she’s a non-human for a while but most of my predictions are wrong, haha. What’s interesting is that it almost seems like she’s using the others and their feelings and actions to her own benefit – which I kind of hope to be the case.


    1. I feel like there were plenty of other ways they could have done that…Still, we have one more episode for them to really show us what the point was.

      yeah…I can’t read her at all. Like I said, it would make things interesting if she’s normal, but it looks like she isn’t. I dunno if it’s so much for her own benefit as much as it’s for her own entertainment lol


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