Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 8

The “almost kiss” from last week has caused some serious awkwardness between Ichika and Kaito. Rinon also tries desperately to fix whatever was messed up in Okinawa without Ichika finding out about it. Everyone gets together to go to a summer festival, where Remon proposes a test of courage. Kanna ends up being paired with Kaito, Mio is paired with Tetsuro, and Remon is paired with Ichika in Remon’s “random drawing.”

Remon and Manami work together to scare everyone, resulting in Mio and Tetsuro kissing as well. Kanna almost confesses to Kaito, but he is drawn away by Ichika’s scream. It turns out to be Rinon, who has accidentally activated the emergency beacon and can’t shut it off. As a result, a lifeboat arrives for Ichika to take her back home. Kaito shows up to save her, once again being fatally injured in the process. Ichika heals him again, and the episode ends.

You know…I called it a love polygon for a while, but Remon’s diagram makes me realize that it’s not a closed figure. Maybe it’s better to call it a chain of love? Anyways, the truth about Ichika is finally out. I was waiting for something like this to happen, and it was timed basically when I figured it would. Next week, I guess we’ll finally get the explanation for why Ichika is here. It also looks like Kanna and Ichika are gonna have some sort of heart-to-heart. Guess it’s time for things to get serious. This episode also gets me thinking that Remon is a normal human that’s just actually observant. I mean…I suspected it before, but it’s looking more likely.

6 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 8”

    1. Kaito x Ichika is a no for me. First of it’s not really that interesting. I don’t know what the director is doing but it seems that most people hate Kaito now. Some goes to me and feal lol


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