Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 10

After what happened last week, Kanna has been in a state of depression. Mio runs into Tetsuro on her way to see Kanna, and the two end up eating together when Tetsuro tells her that Kanna wants to be alone. Mio confronts Tetsuro about his feelings for Kanna, but he’s still too confused to answer her confession. When Kaito tells Tetsuro about him and Ichika, Tetsuro finally tells Kanna how he feels. This actually gives Kanna the courage to finally admit to Kaito that she loves him, despite knowing he will reject her as he does. With that, everyone starts filming again, but the episode ends with Ichika’s sister arriving on Earth.

It looks like all of the relationships are basically resolved (we still need a choice from Tetsuro). I got annoyed when Tetsuro seemed to blame Kaito for picking Ichika, but he righted himself pretty quickly, so it ended up being okay. Tetsuro’s actually a really interesting character. That whole bit about feeling guilty about trying to get Ichika with Kaito to make Kanna available…I thought it was cool. Mio’s character has really developed a lot…probably the most of the series. It’s really nice. The lovey dovey business from Ichika and Kaito may have been a bit much for me, but I guess it was necessary. Remon made it better with her camera, though (hehe). Anyway, just as I predicted, someone has come to take Ichika back…not that it wasn’t obvious. One last obstacle before the end of the series.

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