Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 7

So as is a common theme in this show, this week’s episode starts off with everyone pretending they didn’t see anything from last week. Still, the atmosphere becomes very awkward and everyone notices. However, Kaori ends up telling Ichika about what happened with Kaito and her, then sets up a date between the two. Meanwhile, Mio tries to keep Chiharu away from Tetsuro and ends up confessing to him. Ichika almost allows Kaito to kiss her, but she is interrupted by a drunk Kanna.

The super-shy Mio has more courage than Ichika…how sad. Well played, Mio. And Ichika, give me a break. “Your feelings aren’t a hassle.” Just tell him you like him already. As for Remon, she’s the type of person where it seems like she was trying to trick Kanna into getting drunk by pretending to know about Kaito, but she’s also the type that would actually know that stuff. Scary. Anyway, next week looks to be the obligatory summer festival episode. Kissing under the fireworks? That’s where my money is.

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