Yuru Yuri S2 First Impressions

Yuru Yuri is back with more of the same stuff (no complaints here). Pretty funny choice to use Akari’s dream sequence to re-introduce all of the characters (it’s been a while). Wasn’t expecting Chizuru to make an appearance. Oh this is gonna be good fun…I can tell. Poor Akari got so much screen time in this first episode. She’s going to be practically non-existent for the rest of this second season (wait…isn’t that normal?).

Random note: Ayano yelling “Akaza Akari!” is nowhere near as effective as yelling “Toshino Kyoko!”

New opening and ending are more of same style of song as last season. I’m not a huge fan of the varying lead voices of the opening…ending sounds better (it varies too, but sounds more consistent). Also, it looks like the character songs have changed too. So far so good (Chinatsu’s is a little disturbing visually, though O.o). With the main four given their spotlight in this first episode, it looks like next episode will focus on the other side characters back at school (works for me).

Yuru Yuri Final Episode

Yeah...I know it's a preview pic from last week, but I don't care.

Final episode bringing out the big guns! Mari doing the intro! Anyways, as for the episode itself, we start off with everyone planning an overnight stay in the Amusement Club room (and by everyone, I mean everyone…even Matsumoto and Nishigaki). While Matsumoto and Nishigaki are setting up what ends being a bathing area outside, everyone else has an Amusement Club vs. Student Council contest. However, since there are five Student Council members to the four Amusement Club members, Kyoko recruits Matsumoto for the final challenge, which ends up being one of Nishigaki’s experiments. However, the experiment explodes (of course). While everyone is bathing, Akari’s “tub” malfunctions (you have to see it…really) and she rolls away, leaving Kyoko and Ayano with only one tub that they have to share. While they’re bathing outside, Chitose shows off one of her hidden powers: the Yuri sense, as she has her yuri fantasies without even seeing that Kyoko and Ayano are together. Later, when Kyoko offers her a chocolate, Chitose kisses Ayano. Chizuru arrives to reveal that she is always like that when she eats chocolate, as Chitose continues to kiss the other girls. In order to stop Chitose, Yui comes up with the idea to force her to have nosebleeds until she’s worn out, which also means that Ayano has to kiss Kyoko. The series ends with another one of Nishigaki’s experiments blowing up and making everyone think Akari is dead (which she isn’t). Sigh…it’s over. Chitose really is the hero of this show…it’s not even right.

Yuru Yuri Episode 11

This episode starts goofy, as per usual. Kyoko, Yui, and Akari reminisce to when they were kids (Kyoko’s pretty cute as a kid), telling Chinatsu about a time when they fought with a strange and obnoxious pink-haired girl (where have we seen someone like that before?). Of course, only Akari notices who the pink-haired girl actually is, and keeps it to herself. Akari, Yui, and Chinatsu start to talk about Kyoko when she was younger, saying that her attitude was much better, which causes her to storm out. However, she starts to adopt her former personality (model student). When the other girls question her, she tells them about her falling down the stairs earlier, but she is unaware of any change in her personality. They enlist the help of the student council girls to change Kyoko back (Ayano’s reaction is absolutely priceless). Unable to think of a way to fix her, everyone decides to accept the new Kyoko. However, as time goes on, they begin to miss the old Kyoko (Chizuru’s reaction to the new Kyoko is hilarious too). Eventually, Kyoko tries to end the Amusement Club, which is the final straw for Yui, who whacks Kyoko in the head and changes her back. The episode ends with Akari walking in, having fallen down the stairs, and everyone in the room draws their weapons. Say what you will, I thought this episode was genuinely hilarious (if a tad overdramatic at times).

Yuru Yuri Episode 10

The day of the school trip…for Kyoko and Yui that is. To start things off, Kyoko, Yui, Ayano, and Chitose go into something called Tainai Meguri, which turns out to be a pitch-black corridor of sorts. They all wander around in the dark with Kyoko basically molesting Ayano. Japanese style inn, bath scene, pillow fight, and a second bath scene to finish it off…that’s pretty much this episode. Random Chizuru also…

I watch BS on the TV all the time too!!

Yuru Yuri Episode 9

Finally, I’m back. So, in this episode, the girls are trying to beat the heat, but are rather unsuccessful, so they go to the student council room, which has air conditioning. There, they find a girl that they don’t recognize and assume she’s a ghost, due to the topic of their recent conversation. The four run away in fear, and we are introduced to two more characters. First off, the girl in the student council room, Matsumoto, is actually the student council president. Secondly, we have the mad scientist, Nishigaki, who is friends with Matsumoto. Matsumoto is soft-spoken, which gives Ayano a hard time when she tries to hear what she’s saying, however Nishigaki is able to hear it. Nishigaki, on the other hand, is banned from the science room, so she runs her experiments in the student council room with Matsumoto there to discuss her ideas with. The other girls return to the student council room just as Nishigaki is blowing it up. Chitose formally introduces the student council president as Matsumoto Rise, and reveals that she was with them all along, including during the beach trip. Ayano then asks about how Matsumoto helps with Nishigaki’s experiments, which causes her to blush (with the yuri fantasy mode background…hmm). The episode ends with Akari showing up to reveal that she was never with the girls that day, suggesting that the Akari in this episode was actually a ghost. Pretty entertaining episode and a nice one to welcome me back home. I can’t believe they’re introducing more characters, but I can’t say I dislike it. Also, more character songs for the commercial breaks were win!

Yuru Yuri Episode 8

A new challenger has appeared!! Today we meet the legendary twin sister of Chitose, Chizuru. Whereas Chitose is more talkative and nice, Chizuru is more quiet and reserved, choosing to read books quite intensely (as Kyoko finds out). Now for the info you’re actually interested in. Like Chitose, Chizuru also has the power to enter fantasy mode by removing her glasses to see yuri visions. Her remuneration (epic Darker than Black reference), however, is that she begins drooling. Although her power seems more advanced than Chitose’s, she’s actually the younger of the two. Other than the fact that Chizuru really doesn’t like Kyoko, there isn’t much to say about this episode. Just watch it.

Yuru Yuri Episode 7

Woot! It’s Christmas!! …wait a second. Anyways, in honor of Christmas couples, Kyoko decides to pair everyone up for dates for Christmas Day (please remember that they’re all girls O.o). And because random lotteries in anime are always indisputably random, Ayano is unable to get Kyoko and gets Yui, Chinatsu is unable to get Yui and gets Kyoko, and Himawari manages to get Sakurako (of course, rounding it off, Chitose gets Akari). Akari and Chitose have a nice chat at a coffee shop. Kyoko takes Chinatsu on sort of a proper date (movie, arcade, etc.). Sakurako and Himawari eat at a family restaurant together much to their dismay. Finally, Yui and Ayano end up sitting awkwardly on a park bench until they talk about their relationships with Chitose and Kyoko and bond a bit. Finally, we see the four main girls each celebrating New Years’ at their respective houses.

Definitely nice to see that the support characters have their own themes for the commercial breaks. Also, it looked like Akari’s sister and Chinatsu’s sister were friends, which I’m sure will come back some time in the future. Interesting episode this week, especially with Chinatsu finally warming up to Mirakurun.

Yuru Yuri Episode 6

This episodes starts with Kyoko drawing a story based around Yui falling in love with her. Chinatsu’s not too happy about this, of course, so she tries to draw her own (with shocking results). The other main thing that happens in this episode is that everyone goes to Yui’s house again to meet a relative of hers named Mari. Turns out that Mari is a big fan of Miraku-run, which leads Chinatsu to dress up in the outfit (Kyoko finally gets her to wear it). Looks like Christmas stuff next week…should be fun.

Yuru Yuri Episode 5

The girls go to Comiket (I’m so jealous). Well, not all the girls. Just Ayano, Chitose, Kyoko, and Yui. Wait a second…you’re releasing Chitose into a giant room filled with people selling doujinshi, most of which might be perverted? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?????? So, who wants to split a room with me in Japan? I must see this Comiket >.>


On an unrelated note, WHY ISN’T SACRED SEVEN OUT YET?