Shin Sekai Yori Final Episode


Wait…that’s it? They killed it just like that? No complaints from Saki? Just…death feedback and done. All of that fighting and the final showdown ends in 10 seconds. I feel kinda cheated…maybe I feel cheated about the whole ending. Everything just goes back to normal…for the most part.

That being said, Saki and Satoru know the truth of the world and are doing their best to change it. Just a very bland ending for a show like this. Maybe that’s what they were going for. The part about bakenezumi being modified humans rather than modified rats wasn’t too surprising of a revelation…I think I said something similar a while back. Oh well…it was an entertaining show. The ending is what you would expect…kinda let me down.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 24


Looks like the PsychoBuster was a bust. I still don’t get Shun…I’m assuming he’s an illusion mostly because it makes no sense for him to watch from the side this entire time, but I dunno with this show. For all I know, he’s the true evil for manipulating Saki into stopping the PsychoBuster from working.

Either way, it all ends next week. Saki has figured out something…but what will they do? The preview makes it look like a lot of sacrifices are in store for us, but what does that mean for the ending? Will everyone be wiped out or will they somehow survive to further humanity? I’m really not sure.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 23


Wait…was that really Shun? No appearance in the preview would indicate that maybe it’s another illusion, but they could be doing that so as not to give anything away. If he is alive, that begs the question of what he’s been doing this entire time. Everything was all part of someone’s plan…Shun was fighting against the village this whole time? They’re all behind this? But they’re all dead…

Next week, I guess things get unraveled. Based on the preview, it looks like Satoru tries to use the Psychobuster on Maria and Mamoru’s child, but Saki tries to stop him. I assume that has something to do with Shun’s comment that he isn’t actually a fiend. Don’t tell me this is Yakomaru’s plan…that he knew they’d try to kill the fiend. It has to be something else…

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 22


The power of the Psychobuster must be harnessed to defeat the fiend! The minoshiro mentioned contagiousness when it was describing it…if they’re not careful, they might just inadvertently wipe out all of humanity in the process. That’s assuming they weren’t already planning to do that from the start.

Not sure what’s going to happen…everything in this show’s just too crazy. How do they expect me to figure out what’s happening next? Is it really as simple as giving the biological weapon to the fiend and killing him? Will they even be able to do it knowing his relation to their friends?

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 21


Wow…Shisei died pretty fast. So weak. The brilliant master plan comes to light, it seems. I guess he needed a powerful-enough fiend to start everything and Mamoru and Maria just handed it to him. Did he kill them to take the child? Is that what started this all? I wouldn’t be surprised.

How will this show proceed now? Are they slowly going along the path to ruin? Or will Saki be able to save everyone stop Yakomaru somehow? But they have to find a way to deal with the fiend, and I’m sure she’s not going to have any easy time dealing with Maria’s child. She does have high tolerance, though…maybe she can do it.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 20


Finally Tomiko will die? Is she finally going to be free of her long duty? I’m surprised that they just left her behind so easily…even if it was her order. With a power like Cantus, surely they could have brought her along without slowing themselves down too much. All the references to Shun…I can’t help but wonder…

What an interesting-looking preview…Shisei seems to have put himself into quite the position of control. Before, there was the whole committee and Tomiko to check him. Now that they’re mostly dead, will he fall into the trap of war? Will he because the figurehead only to drown in the power? Also…I noticed some red hair in the preview…it’s about time we knew.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 19


So…uhh…was that a fiend? Sure looked like it…and attacking a hospital again. But does Yakoumaru really think that one person can win him the war against the humans? What happens if that person dies or betrays him…or you know, someone is actually stronger than him? I guess he must have some insurance somehow…false minoshiro information or something?

They were trying really hard to keep this mystery Cantus-user a secret from us. Next week maybe? I need to know who it is…doesn’t matter how much evidence there is. Surely they wouldn’t leave us wondering for longer, right? The boat is right there, so they have to show us! Also, what were those ruins in the preview…the village maybe?

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 18


The war has begun! The surprise attack from the bakenezumi…I wonder if we can call it successful. They killed two members of the core committee of the village, it seems…but took a lot of deaths as a result. More important is to question how Yakomaru was able to get someone with Cantus. Tomiko’s confirmation of Mamoru and Maria’s death added to the very final scene of the episode suggests that it’s their child. But…how?

How much time passed between Maria and Mamoru’s disappearance and the discovery of their bones? That’s assuming they’re dead…which is the only way I see Yakomaru convincing the child to fight for him. If they’re alive, then why are they allowing this to happen? Anyway, sounds like some sort of monster is showing up next week…a fiend, perhaps?

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 17


Oh man, I was sitting there thinking “how can the bakenezumi fight the humans when they’re so busy fighting each other?”, but now we hear that the entire Giant Hornet army was annihilated from Satoru. All we have left is the more “humanized” colony…meaning that it’s highly likely they’re try to “replace” the humans…possibly thinking that they have gone soft or become corrupted.

This combination of ending and preview is very suspicious. There’s the link with Maria and Mamoru again, but the ending heavily features Maria, suggesting that she’s still alive. Was she involved in the destruction of the Giant Hornets? If so, was she trying to help destroy them or was she trying to save them? It’s not like we have any idea what she’s been doing for all of this time.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 16


And then Maria and Mamoru disappeared into the darkness forever…something like that. No death was confirmed, though…so maybe that means…could it? But if they came back later in the series, it might mean that Shun…oh it’s probably nothing. Just idle thoughts. I can’t believe this show actually had an opening sequence for once…

Anyway, things look pretty strange for next week…the bakenezumi showing up in the preview (woohoo more time skip). Are they coming as ambassadors or have they integrated with society (this would mean Saki’s memories were wiped again)? Also, is this whole series a story of Saki losing everyone she cared about? Is Satoru also going to fall in this next arc?