Anime Review: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Anyone following this show along with me should be fairly familiar with my opinion of this show. Here’s the setup. Basically, Hasegawa Kodaka is a transfer student who has a hard time making friends because his appearance makes him seem like a delinquent. One day, he walks in on one of his classmates, Yozora Mikazuki, talking to her “air friend.” With Kodaka’s help, Yozora starts up a club called the Neighbors’ Club with the goal of making friends.

There really isn’t much of a story here. Basically, Yozora and Kodaka assemble some lonely classmates in the club and they all try to do activities together that friends would do. It’s a basic slice-of-life situation with a sort of harem vibe as well. I have to say, though, that the comedy in this show is pretty impressive. The show does a great job of just being funny, and keeping the fanservice fairly tactful as well.

Story: 7/10

The characters in this show were pretty amazing in my eye. We have Kodaka Hasegawa, the main male protagonist, who gets roped into this idea of the Neighbors’ Club by Yozora. The most impressive thing about Kodaka is his poker face. He’s put in numerous situations that would make any normal guy lose their cool, but he keeps a pretty straight face through everything.

Along with Kodaka, we have the major rivalry in the show, which is Yozora vs. Sena. Sena’s a wildly popular girl in school, but yearns for real friends who see her true self. Much of the series is a back and forth between the two as they each try to come out on top of the other.

Finally, we have the more support characters: Rika, the mad ero-scientist, Maria, the loli teacher who acts as advisor for the Neighbors’ Club, Yukimura, the effeminate boy (?) who uses Kodaka as an example to become more manly, and Kobato, Kodaka’s little sister. Each of the characters is entertaining, but we don’t see much with regards to character development from them.

Characters: Score 8/10

Animation in this show was fairly good. Nothing that struck me immediately as bad. Not quite as impressive as C3 was, but still looked good. The music in this show is all pretty light-hearted and I felt like it served the situations nicely. The opening and ending themes are also both good songs.

Animation: Score 8/10

Music: Score 9/10

Overall, I’d say that this show was very enjoyable. We don’t really see anything that looks like plot unless you count the last episode, but even that was mostly a flashback. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending of the show, because it necessitates a second season. If there’s no such second season, I will definitely be very disappointed. I’d say the show does a great job of being funny without being so overt about their fanservice like C3 or Majikoi. If you’re looking for a nice show where you can just turn your brain off and enjoy, then I think this show is a nice choice.

Final Score: 8/10

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Final Episode

So after the big recall from last week, we start to see a lot of scenes from the earlier episodes from Yozora’s point of view. Afterwards, Kodaka asks about Yozora’s haircut, which leads to a funny misunderstanding from the rest of the class.

Yozora reveals that she never saw Kodaka on their last day together in their childhood because she had put on a girl’s outfit to show him, but had gotten embarrassed (aww…..). Back at the club, everything goes back to a semblance of normal.

So they decided to make the ending “we used to be friends, but that doesn’t matter now.” While this gives the opportunity for a much-needed  second season, this ending bugs me. I mean, he could have at least started to call her Sora again…whatever. This has definitely been an enjoyable series and it has been my pleasure to follow it with everyone else. Formal review soon!

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 11

Anyone else catch this? I know I did!!
Summer festival episode! Also, Oreimo crossover (O.o), even if it was just for a scene. Before they get to the festival, Kodaka and Kobato end up getting yukata for the event (they are unable to convince Yozora). Kodaka also tells Sena why he doesn’t dye his hair (it’s a link with his deceased mother).

At the actual festival, Kodaka goes nuts with his takoyaki senses, but everyone else has already had their fill. Yozora and Sena also get super competitive with the festival games. They end the event with (everyone guess with me) fireworks!

The final firework ends up setting Yozora’s hair on fire, and she leaves after Kodaka manages to put it out. Kodaka doesn’t see Yozora anymore until school starts, but she returns with her hair cut short. But upon seeing that, Kodaka remembers that Yozora is his childhood friend Sora.

So yeah…we kinda figured out that it was actually Yozora and it’s about time Kodaka saw it. One more episode left…this sort of lead-in seriously suggests something between Kodaka and Yozora to finish it off. I was wondering whether we’d see short-hair Yozora, but I guess she’s arrived at the last minute. Entertaining good fun as usual…even if this week’s episode was a tad cliche.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 10

Beach episode! Everyone’s headed off to Sena’s summer home. Yozora embarrasses Sena as usual when Sena asks her to put sunblock on her back (we weren’t enjoying it…right?). The “training camp” goes by fairly quickly, but with some awkward tension between Kodaka and Yozora, and eventually leading to a test of courage.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the test of courage ends up becoming an exhibition of failed horror stories until Yozora finally ends up scaring everyone with her story. That night, Sena ends up asking Kodaka to go to the bathroom with her because she isn’t scared (…what?). Sena’s not the only one, though, as she is followed by Kobato and Maria with the same request.

When Kodaka finally goes to the bathroom himself, he runs into Yozora, who has a similar request as the other girls (despite telling the story herself). Sigh…this show is so good for the laughs. Scenes of younger Kodaka in the preview, so maybe more on his childhood next week? Also, it looks like the summer festival scene will be the next episode’s focus. I still can’t believe Kodaka can keep a straight face with all the stuff he has to go through. Well, I’m definitely looking forward to more of this show 😀

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 9

So, in response to last week’s pool fiasco, Yozora has everyone in the club wear their swimsuits for the day. Sena suggests that they all instead go to her summer home by the beach. Later, Sena calls Kodaka asking if he will come meet her father (and bring Kobato, of course).

When the two arrive, they meet Sena’s father, Tenma Kashiwazaki, and the family’s steward, Stella (who looks strangely similar to Sena for some reason). Tenma has a polite conversation with Kodaka about his father (the two were friends after all), but Kodaka suddenly overreacts when Tenma offhandedly calls his father “trash.”

Kodaka and Kobato end up staying for the night. While Sena is…with Kobato, Kodaka has a more private meeting with Tenma, who instantly gets drunk and passes out on Kodaka’s bed (lol what?). Kodaka is then forced to sleep in the same bed as Tenma.

Looks like Sena finally managed to omochikaeri Kobato. Also, naked Kobato and naked Sena at once and Kodaka still keeps his cool? What is this man? There seems to be a lot of suggestions of something between Kodaka and Yozora. I wonder if it’s something in their past or something in their future (if you know what I mean). The end of the series is rapidly approaching, so they’ll have to cover it soon. Well, I guess next week is the obligatory beach episode at Sena’s summer home, so it should be interesting.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 8

Um, this week’s episode…starts off with…fun with…Kobato (shift gaze). Anyways, the character Kobato imitates reveals a different outfit in the latest episode, which Kobato translates as an excuse to wear more appropriate clothes for the summer heat.

Back at club, another conflict occurs between Kobato and Maria over Kodaka (and Sena swoons over Kobato’s new outfit). That aside, a violent death scene in Sena’s eroge prompts a trip to the pool (pretty standard).

I don't think you're the only one asking that, Sena...
 When everyone arrives at the pool, they find an epic line for the bus to the pool. When they finally get on the bus, Kodaka discovers that Yozora and Rika become nauseous in the presence of so many people. When they get to the pool, they find that the cause of the crowd is a sale for the pool tickets.

Yukimura is forced to wear a girl’s swimsuit by Yozora in the continuing manliness training, leading to an entertaining locker room changing with Kodaka. When they finally get to the pool, they find out that Yozora and Rika have both jumped ship and taken the bus home, bringing the pool trip to an abrupt halt.

As usual, continued respect for Kodaka for not completely losing it (although Yukimura sure did push him to the limit). Not sure what the point of those flashbacks was. Was Kodaka realizing some sort of feelings he has? Or was it just a way to show the progress of the show and the character development? Oh well, hilarious as always (especially with Sena all over Kobato).

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7

By the time you read this, I shall be out of town, but no worries…I project no changes in my current rhythm. Of course, I’ve been wrong before…Anyways, back to the show. Yukimura focus this week. The main focus of Yukimura’s training this week is the task of making lunch for Maria, which Kodaka passes off.

Meanwhile, Kodaka suggests using a message board, which prompts a hilarious revelation that Sena was once called a troll on a message board (epic). Instead, Rika suggests the use of cell phones for contact, and they all exchange email addresses, with the exception of Sena, who doesn’t have a cell phone.

Yozora, being Yozora, proceeds to torture Sena about her lack of cell phone. That night, Kodaka gets a call from Sena, who is clearly having trouble using a phone. She (very cryptically) asks for Kodaka’s cell phone’s make and model (we have no idea why).

The next day, Sena arrives at the clubroom with a cell phone exactly the same as Kodaka’s (whaaa? I’m so shocked!!). After exchanging addresses with Kodaka, Yozora very politely allows Kodaka to give Sena her own address (with no evil intentions, of course). The episode ends with Sena strangely getting a string of spam messages.

Seeing Yozora and Kodaka’s reaction to the digital world was absolutely hilarious (INFRARED??). Kodaka…continuing to keep it in his pants, despite Rika’s epic emails…so much respect. Sena used some classic tsundere lines this week, which did not make me drool at all (I promise!!). Yozora’s reaction at the end was pretty cute too. Submit to your feelings! Anyways, funny and enjoyable as always (so hilarious). Look forward to next week!

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6

Karaoke! Everyone makes plans to get together for karaoke, with Yozora embarrassing Sena in the process as usual. The next day when they all arrive, Yozora and Sena end up getting separate rooms, but Kodaka ends up paying for a room for Rika, Kobato, and Yukimura.

While everyone else is singing in a room together, Yozora and Sena end up singing the same song, despite being in separate rooms. Afterwards, it’s revealed that the two were competing the whole time using a ranking system that the karaoke machines had. The episode ends with Sena telling Kodaka that her father wishes to meet him, which noticeably upsets Yozora.

A fun little episode. It was pretty cool to hear everyone sing…they were all pretty good. Which one was your favorite? I wanted to hear Kobato sing 😦 Still, no real complaints with this episode. Kodaka continues to keep it in his pants despite waking up with Kobato in his bed…respect.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 5

This week’s episode starts off with Kodaka telling Kobato about Maria, with Kobato noticeably jealous of how he treats her. Later, Sena’s playing games as usual, and Rita offers to let her try a beta for a virtual reality game that she has received, with the rest of the club joining in as well.

The gang ends up playing a bit together, eventually reaching a boss. Naturally, Yozora tricks Sena into attacking and she gets killed. Sena pays her back by distracting her from the game and letting her get killed as well.

Maria also falls asleep, but when Kodaka is left alone against the boss, she comes back. Despite this, everyone is killed, and then it is revealed that it was actually Kobato controlling Maria’s character.

Sena takes an immediate liking to Kobato (of course). Maria then wakes up and starts to cling to Kodaka, which causes Kobato to get mad. Yozora allows Kobato to join the club, and the inevitable argument between Kobato and Maria begins.

This show continues to be a healthy source of both comedy and cuteness. With Kobato’s entrance, all of the characters are finally in the club, so now I think it’s time for the randomness to start. Lots of great screenshots this week, but unfortunately, not all of them make it onto the post. Next week, it looks like some karaoke…should be fun.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off with Kodaka entering the clubroom to find a girl dressed like a nun sleeping on the couch (so, pretty standard). Yozora introduces the girl as Maria Takayama, the moderator for the Neighbors Club (so she’s actually a teacher at age 10). She explains that Yozora tricked her into being the moderator for the club and tries to force them out, but Yozora tricks her again into staying as their moderator (lol epic).

Kodaka then brings up his concern that he’s being followed by someone to Yozora and Sena (who of course don’t take him seriously). They offer to help him out, but they only see the jealous and fearful stares of the other students. Later, Kodaka runs into the stalker, who introduces himself as Kusunoki Yukimura (yes…that’s actually a guy).

Yukimura explains that he’s been following Kodaka because he’s being bullied and wants to learn from Kodaka. As Yukimura explains how he’s being bullied, it becomes apparent that what’s actually happening is that the other boys are avoiding him because of how feminine he looks. Yozora uses this as an opportunity to trick Yukimura into joining the Neighbors Club.

The next day, Kodaka happens to walk past the science room as an explosions goes off inside. He finds a girl unconscious on the ground and takes her to the infirmary. She later finds him and introduces herself as Shiguma Rika. Later at the clubroom (where Yukimura is training his manliness by wearing a maid outfit), Sena further introduces Rika as a genius inventor who stays in the science room all day. Rika then appears, wanting to join the club.

Rika’s first course of action is to read aloud a mecha magazine she brought with her (and make it sound surprisingly dirty). Rika gets pretty flirty with Kodaka and the other members of the club (minus Maria) are visibly upset.

Finally, all of the characters are introduced (I think). Except for Kobato, they are also all assimilated into the club. I’m definitely interested to see how Kobato is gonna factor into all of this, but it’s nice to have met all of the characters. Rika’s the only one who outwardly expresses her affection for Kodaka, which is pretty entertaining. Maria hasn’t shown her interest for Kodaka yet, but I’m guessing Kobato will affect that since they’re both kids.