BTOOOM! First Impressions

So next up on the list, we’ve got this show centering around Sakamoto Ryouta, a video game player trapped in his favorite game. But is it quite so simple? I wonder if he’s trapped in a separate game specifically for actual people or whether he’s trapped in the actual game itself. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it makes sense for him to be trapped in a second game, but we can’t know for sure. Also, I guess it’s safe to assume the girl Ryouta meets at the end of the episode is a real person and not some game generation (although her memories could always be fake), but is she his in-game wife from before or someone else entirely?

Music-wise, the opening alright…a decent rock-ish theme. Nothing special. The ending is more on the slow side, and sounds alright too…maybe a little better. Does anyone else find this main character to be exceptionally dim? The switch and the timer on his bombs? Yeah, he’s disoriented from waking up in this world and being thrown into battle, but he can’t possibly be that dumb if he’s ranked #10 in the world, right? Come on.

Anyway, the next episode seems to focus on the girl’s back story. I assume the game’s purpose is some sort of experiment or something. But seriously…who would actually play a game revolving around throwing bombs at each other? That doesn’t really sound all that interesting. It’s like focusing a game on one-shot kills.