Kill la Kill Episode 24 (Final): Honestly, I was expecting drills

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Ah, right. I forgot about Senketsu. I agree that he makes a better sacrifice than the plot-armored Ryuuko. The combination of all of the Goku Uniforms also works as a throwback to the Gurren Lagann that most people compare with this show. I dunno…I can live with it. Also, I’ve been ignoring the Mako/Ira thing all this time and it looks like I was right to assume it wouldn’t amount to much.

Not a bad ending in my eyes. Probably one of the better ones of this season. I’m glad they destroyed Senketsu at the end after he basically became a god mod of Life Fibers. Destroying something so powerful at the end gives the plot a sense of resolution by lowering the chances of a sequel. I appreciate that kind of ending.

Kill la Kill Episode 23: Almost there…

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So it was the two-episode battle after all. I was a little worried that they might waste more time with a second full side-by-side transformation at the end of the episode, but we were spared that. The Original Life Fiber went down pretty easy with the power of friendship. I would like to point out, though, that given how much this show has remained similar in style to Gurren Lagann, we may have to expect a similar sacrifice for the final episode. My personal guess is Ryuuko because she’s the one most linked to the Life Fibers on the team, but she does have protagonist plot armor.

Now the final battle against Ragyo awaits. I had the mistaken impression that she was linked to the Original Life Fiber and that she would die with it. That’s why I was more expecting Nui to be the one wearing the ultimate Kamui instead. They did devote some time to restoring Nui’s arms, though, so I guess she would be playing a part in the final battle. Otherwise, what would be the point?

Kill la Kill Episode 22: Time for the final battle

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Wow, Mako is actually participating in the last fight? Doesn’t that kinda break the point of her character? Anyway, I guess the epic tag team is finally happening between the two main characters. A bunch of touchy-feely moments before the battle begins hints at a sacrifice to me.

The big encounter with Ragyo (for the…third time?) starts next week. The only question now is whether there will two episodes devoted to the battle or one episode devoted to battle and an episode of epilogue. Long, drawn-out battle or cheesy epilogue? My guess is the drawn-out battle because there will probably need to be extra time devoted to the uniform that Nui is crafting. Who’s supposed to be wearing that anyway? Nui?

Kill la Kill Episode 21: Back to normal

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Okay, Ryuuko’s finally herself again. Can we get to the final battle already? Interesting that we managed to see a rare moment of concern from Nui. I’ve been pretty tired of her smug attitude all this time. Anyway, turning Ryuuko back basically went how I expected…just turned out to be a lot more drawn out that I was thinking. But don’t worry. The power of friendship is here to save the day.

Now that everyone’s back to their senses (hopefully there won’t be any more random mind control), we can get on with fighting this “Original Life Fiber” or whatever. Is Satsuki even planning on joining this battle or will she be the one fighting Nui? Junketsu is destroyed, right?

Kill la Kill Episode 20: Mind control again?

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Really? That’s how they’re going to bring Ryuuko back to normal? By first having Ragyo mess with her mind again? Oh well, at least Satsuki gets a chance to look good before the final battle against Ragyo and Nui. She’s lost basically every battle up to now. Also, the whole thing with Nui being fused with Life Fibers as well…admittedly, I should have predicted that, but it didn’t provide much shock value.

Nothing too crazy next week. The two sisters fight each other and Ryuuko will be brought back to normal. The only point of ambiguity I can see is whether Satsuki or Senketsu will force Ryuuko back. I personally think Satsuki deserves to get her moment, but we’ll see.

Kill la Kill Episode 19: The war rages…

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Ryuuko seems to be adjusting to this new information pretty well. Either that or she’s still partly under the influence of Ragyo. Either way, it shouldn’t last that long. We’re in the final stretch, it seems. Poor Gamagoori trying to be relevant…never stood a chance. Also, I’ve seen a lot of people shipping him and Mako for a while. Guess it’s going to happen. I don’t really care for it, though.

In my eyes, this is about the part where things start getting straightforward. It looks like Satsuki will break herself out of her cell and Senketsu will be able to talk Ryuuko back to normal behavior next week. Then the two need to reunite and team up. That leaves quite a few episodes remaining for final battles. We’ll see how things turn out.

Kill la Kill Episode 18: Well, that ended quickly

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Oh hey look…a twist. I actually saw that one coming when Satsuki mentioned the dead sister. Now it’s pretty much set in stone that Satsuki and Ryuuko will team up together to defeat Ragyo. If they keep things this way, it could be more interesting. I have always thought that the fact that Satsuki had Junketsu was unfitting. She’d be a better character if she were the one that completely rejected fighting with Life Fibers. Sadly, I doubt this will be the case. She’ll probably gain Junketsu back and use its full power, similar to Ryuuko.

That being said, just how much more can Ryuuko really power up? Maybe the last part is just the recovery of her heart or something in order to get the dream team together for the last fight. They did say in the preview that Ryuuko is unconscious, likely from the loss of her heart. Maybe they still have the body because Ragyo only wants the heart or something. The speculation goes on. From the preview, it looks like Ragyo will be imposing a sort of new world order with the COVERS controlling everything. Resistance group consisting of the former Elite Four and the remaining Nudist Beach members will probably be recovering Ryuuko and Satsuki.

Kill la Kill Episode 17: Time for war

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Satsuki said she’s fighting against the Life Fibers, right? That means the dream pair are going to start working together? Quick…when did I predict this? I know I saw this coming. I’m not sure how shocking this was because I got this moment spoiled before watching this episode (I blame Twitter). But I did mention last week that I sensed rebellion in Satsuki, so I’m gonna say I wouldn’t have been all that surprised. It’s a nice twist. I think Satsuki and Ryuuko work better as allies since they both possess the Kamui.

Anyway, next week the battle begins. It looks like being stabbed through the heart isn’t quite enough to kill Kiryuin Ragyo, so I guess they’ll have to continue fighting her. I’m curious whether Nui joins in to fight against Satsuki or with her. Knowing her, she could really go either way. I guess she makes an okay ally too.

Kill la Kill Episode 16: Well, that’s one way to set up the second half

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Secrets are revealed! Well, I appreciate the attempt at science, but it feels like they put themselves in a bit of a tricky situation. In order to explain humanity’s developed brain, they claimed that the Life Fibers fed off of electrical currents. This makes sense because they would develop the nervous system to get better currents. But why exactly does Senketsu draw Ryuuko’s blood? That seems unrelated. Unless they have a separate explanation for that, it seems rather contradictory. On another note, Kill la Kill gets the Best Way to Handle a Recap Episode (Other Than Just Not Having One) Award. Yay….

I can only see resistance from Satsuki for some reason. The new opening still features Satsuki and Ryuuko fighting, but why is it that most scenes make it look like Satsuki will eventually betray her mother? Is she really an enemy? Also there’s that whole conflict between Ryuuko and Tsumugu, but that’ll probably blow over next week. I’m sure Senketsu will step in or something. That’s the least of my worries.

Kill la Kill Episode 15: Wait…that wasn’t the final battle?

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I can’t believe they went there with Sanageyama and the crab guy. I don’t even want to talk about it. This episode was pretty frustrating to me. Senketsu made a huge deal out of how risky it was to transform without the glove, but Ryuuko just gets the glove back after one attack. All that bellyaching for nothing.

So now what? Does the resistance pretty much consist of Ryuuko, the teacher, and the commando now? Are they now going to lay low and prepare for a final attack? Presumably, things can’t go back to how they were before the whole arena thing. Also, what is Harime Nui’s role in the ending? A secondary boss? A three-person final battle? Side character?