Kill la Kill Episode 21: Back to normal

[Commie] Kill la Kill - 21 [204BEC34].mkv_snapshot_19.24_[2014.03.09_12.17.20]

Okay, Ryuuko’s finally herself again. Can we get to the final battle already? Interesting that we managed to see a rare moment of concern from Nui. I’ve been pretty tired of her smug attitude all this time. Anyway, turning Ryuuko back basically went how I expected…just turned out to be a lot more drawn out that I was thinking. But don’t worry. The power of friendship is here to save the day.

Now that everyone’s back to their senses (hopefully there won’t be any more random mind control), we can get on with fighting this “Original Life Fiber” or whatever. Is Satsuki even planning on joining this battle or will she be the one fighting Nui? Junketsu is destroyed, right?