Kill la Kill Episode 20: Mind control again?

[Commie] Kill la Kill - 20 [96F0B0C3].mkv_snapshot_22.13_[2014.03.02_17.07.04]

Really? That’s how they’re going to bring Ryuuko back to normal? By first having Ragyo mess with her mind again? Oh well, at least Satsuki gets a chance to look good before the final battle against Ragyo and Nui. She’s lost basically every battle up to now. Also, the whole thing with Nui being fused with Life Fibers as well…admittedly, I should have predicted that, but it didn’t provide much shock value.

Nothing too crazy next week. The two sisters fight each other and Ryuuko will be brought back to normal. The only point of ambiguity I can see is whether Satsuki or Senketsu will force Ryuuko back. I personally think Satsuki deserves to get her moment, but we’ll see.

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