Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 10: New and exciting countries

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This week’s episode didn’t seem to bad in comparison to previous ones, but the series definitely continues to leave me with a lot of questions. I think most pressing of those questions is where the show is headed now. The ending of this week’s episode felt like the kind of thing you’d expect in an episode 3 epilogue. We have two episodes left and we’re basically just out of the tutorial area.

The fact that thymia is harder to control while inebriated is a fun piece of information, but I’m not sure why we’re being told this now.

Sigh…of course this guy’s alive.

I guess the idea of this scene is to portray a lighter relationship with the people of the new country, but it still seems a bit too silly to have Suou introduce himself nude. It was a level of goofiness that I wasn’t really expecting from this show.

Someone should tell Shokugeki no Soma that a different show is ripping off Nakiri Erina.

This conversation frustrated me more than I had hoped. Chakuro asks about the kokalo, Ema agrees to tell him about it and about the secrets of the Mud Whale that she promised to reveal, and the conversation ends with Ema only telling Chakuro what the kokalo is. Give me something, Ema.


Fate/Apocrypha Episode 22: Pretty hype

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I’m really not anywhere near knowledgeable when it comes to animation, but I would say that the animation in this episode made the fights kinda hard to follow for me. I think there are good scenes to be found in the fight, but I felt like too much was covered with explosions and crumbling debris (even if I understand that it provides hype).

It’s kind of a shame that we didn’t see much of Karna before this point because he seemed like a pretty interesting Servant overall. The reveal at the end that he’s colloquially considered to be a Hero of Charity was a nice surprise. It explains why he’s so willing to save his former Master and why he was so adamant about fulfilling his promise to Siegfried.

I mean…I’m kinda with Ruler on this one. This is the oldest villain promise in the book. “Join me and together we shall rule the world.” Why the heck does Semiramis believe this?

So with regards to the fight itself, I want to give a specific example of a scene I liked but had trouble seeing. With this attack in particular, Karna throws his flame-shrouded lance at Sieg. Sieg manages to sidestep it and slice the flames away with Balmung. To me, this is a really cool sequence, but I feel like it gets lost under all of the flashy attacks.

I really should have expected that Shakespeare would be the final boss.

Juuni Taisen Episode 11: The decision is made

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Maybe I’m nuts, but I actually had a pretty good time watching this week’s episode. The inevitable resolution of the game was just ridiculous enough that I was having a lot of fun. I also thought that the explanation of Rat’s power was interesting. I’m curious about the next episode, though, since this week’s episode seems to have wrapped up the fight. Is it just going to be a demonstration of Rat’s wish?

I was honestly ready to fly into a rage when I saw this line. Of course Ox remembers Tiger, the random girl who he didn’t even realize was a warrior. They went through the trouble of having Tiger state that there was no way he’d remember, so why wouldn’t he remember?

Ox’s explanations might get a bit dense, but I actually found them quite interesting. It fits his character description as the systematic warrior who’s a genius of battle. I just hope there’s more to this statement he made about each warrior having a distinct advantage that bent the rules of the fight. If we learn more about the organizers next week, it could come back into play. I’d be disappointed if it was just a throwaway.

I laughed a little too hard at this scene. I’m very familiar with the story of the rat winning the zodiac race by riding on the ox’s head. I’ve said before that I saw a lot of what happens in this series as trolling, and this scene feels like a pretty blatant example to me. It completely shows its hand by stating exactly what it’s referencing. In any other situation, I’d say it’s just bad dialogue, but this seems to fit.

The way that Rat’s power is revealed is also nice. Rather than giving a simple explanation, he first demonstrates it by using it to attempt to escape the winner’s interview. Then, he’s basically forced to give away how the power works.

My only real question is what every other warrior was feeling when they noted that Rat was familiar. Is it just an unexplained side effect of his power? Surely, it’s only Rat that experiences the hundred scenarios. His power’s clearly supernatural, though, so I suppose it’s easy to explain away.

Fall 2017 Grab Bag Week 10: Sangatsu no Lion, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, and Mahou Tsukai no Yome

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Insert clever opening here.

3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 31

I often wonder if I say stuff like this too much, but the bridge scene at the end of this week’s episode was one of the scenes that I was most looking forward to seeing in the anime adaptation. It’s an excellent display of how far Rei has come from the child who naturally avoided everyone around him. He’s able to understand Hina enough to guess where she’d be in a completely different environment.

The discussion surrounding Nikaidou’s game is also an interesting question of what really counts as “fair”. I tend to come off as competitive, but I don’t think I’m someone who could be described as willing to exploit anything to win. But I think it’s somewhat fair to say that Nikaidou’s physical condition is a weakness that is brought into the game as a factor.

I think Rei’s criticism of his opponent are probably saying that there’s a difference between a physical weakness that can’t truly be eliminated and a mental weakness (in gameplay) that can be removed with the proper mindset. I think it’s a fun discussion of where you draw the line because you could similarly argue that some minds aren’t suited towards that “correct” thinking. What are your thoughts on that?

I do like, though, that it’s ultimately Nikaidou’s words that pull Rei out of his rage.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Episode 10

I might just be crazy, but this episode seemed to tie more into the other episodes than normal. It felt less isolated because it seemed to reference the music piece pretty heavily. Also, the “cat” that the girls find is probably related to the statues we’ve been seeing.

I do like the comparison made at the end between the sunset and the music that the girls heard. Since sound and light both have wave properties, it’s pretty interesting to use the word “rhythm” to talk about light as well.

I feel like the ending of the episode kinda loses me a bit, though. I’ll reserve judgment until I see where it’s going, but it seems to be straying a bit far into the supernatural to have the radio transmit the new creature’s thoughts.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome Episode 10

I don’t have too much to say about this episode. I think it’s nice to see more of Elias’s past to hopefully explain why most characters try to warn Chise about him. I also think it’s pretty important to show just how “fresh” Elias actually is to counter the aura he has of the wise mage.

There’s something funny about this line being delivered while the speaker is holding a saw.

I also quite like this particular insight into the magic world. The idea that curses and blessings are similar in essence kinda mirrors the idea that good and evil often depend on perspective. As such, whether something is a curse or blessing depends on how you look at it.

Houseki no Kuni Episode 10: That’s a new one

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I’m glad we got such an entertaining fight now that Phos is finally battle ready. For me, this episode was just great to look at and did a great job of exploring the relationship between Diamond and Bort. The chase scene also felt oddly horror-like while I was watching it. It was definitely something I wasn’t expecting.

I was a bit curious about this line. Is this the first time that the categorization of Lunarians has been brought up? It seems weirdly late, but it’s an interesting piece of the world.

I definitely liked how this scene displayed the level to which Diamond envied and idolized Bort. We usually see Diamond as the sweet, innocent character, but these lines do a good job of a showing the resentment that can’t be completely hidden.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to see a special significance in the giant Lunarian that appears in this episode, but I sure enjoyed the extended fight. Bort’s initial fight reminded me a lot of the cinematic giant boss fights I’ve seen in video games, which was nice to see. And Diamond’s fight just clever overall, with the use of broken diamond pieces used out of necessity and such.

This cliffhanger’s just mean, though. After what we just saw Diamond do, it would be pretty for the Lunarians to succeed in their abduction.

This jellyfish scene was just hilarious.

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 9: Unleashing the daimon

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I really do want to like this show, but I feel like it won’t stop giving me reasons to be annoyed every week. I’m still pretty upset that the Skylos soldiers seem incompetent, allowing a thymia-less guy to give an entire speech without attacking. Maybe I should be more lenient since it was shown that the soldiers are children, though.

The fight in this week was a lot more jumpy than it has been in previous weeks, but I really did like the tag team fighting style that Ouni and Nibi used. It’s honestly the reason the fights bothered me. I wanted to see more of that.

This guy is seriously frustrating as a villain. It really seems like he’s just there to give speeches. Anyway, Nibi’s death really didn’t feel like much because it was pretty heavily telegraphed. I just thought that his “final conversation” with Ouni wasn’t so long.

I’m not sure why this conversation went the way it did, but I guess it works out…

Suou seems a little bit too happy to see these guys. Did he just assume that everyone would die? The infiltration party was definitely a lot larger than the return party.

Dies Irae Episode 9: Finding the father

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At this point, my overall opinion of every episode hasn’t really changed. It feels too much like it’s trying to force people who are watching to make connections that aren’t really there because information is missing.

Marie’s focus on her personality change in this episode at least made me feel like I wasn’t the only one who found that change odd. Now, I just hope that Reinhard actually had a hand in changing her because it would make a lot more sense than saying Ren managed to do it with their minimal interactions.

This fight seemed like a fight that really shouldn’t have gone on as long as it did. If Leonhart has already bragged to us that her flames can ignore Ren’s sword, why is he able to defend himself at all? Am I just supposed to accept that Ren’s argument forced Leonhart into so much of a frenzy that she became unable to attack correctly?

So, am I supposed to get from this that Rea is a descendant of Johann? They look similar and the priest mentioned that Rea doesn’t know the truth of her lineage in this conversation.

I guess this isn’t totally random because we saw Reinhard send this character out a while back, but I’d still say it’s pretty random.

These subtitles are a slight improvement from the German in the previous episode, but I still don’t understand why they don’t just get translated into English.

Inuyashiki Episode 9: Practically a meme

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Well, this episode was certainly a heck of an experience. This series is certainly escalating. For me, this was kind of a mixed bag, but I feel like I’m weighing it heavily based on what I think is to come.

Okay, we get that the asteroid is a big deal already. I’m starting to think that this is just building to an ending where Hiro destroys the asteroid in order to redeem himself after the slaughter he’s caused. And while I don’t believe that this confidence in America should be justified, I absolutely believe that there are people who think this.

Yeah, I get that shock is a thing, but this is a pretty calm reaction to seeing a guy with his brains splattered on the ground. The blood is pretty clearly visible.

I really can’t tell whether this “trick” from Hiro is good or bad. It seems a bit trivial for him to restrict himself to killing through a smartphone when there’s no reason to do it. However, maybe tricking people is intended for some reason. If it’s there, I didn’t see it.

I will give the episode credit for this. Even if it was a couple of lines, the English lines in this scene sounded like actual English, which is more than I expected. Still, this woman loses points for having her cell phone connected enough to play an online video as the plane was taking off.

Please tell me that it’s intentional that the episode with a plane crashing into a city is episode 9 out of 11. Also, the plane from this perspective looks strangely large for a plane.

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 21: The great war rages on

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This week’s episode was more entertaining than a lot of the previous ones have been, but I wonder if it’s just because more stuff was happening. I still think the episode runs into issues with figuring out where it wants to put its focus. And while the highlight of the episode may have been the fight between Achilles and Chiron, I felt like that fight relied a bit too much on sound over visuals to make its point.

Am I really supposed to feel for Achilles here? It’s not like he’s the only Servant to ever get a scene like this.

Look, I know we need to give Shakespeare a decent role in this final fight, but a new moon means that the moon is still there. I’d understand if it was some sort of loophole, but it doesn’t strike me as something that would be as obvious as Shakespeare seems to think.

There’s definitely a lot to like about this fight. The extent of the fight seemed to give it meaning and I really liked the way that Chiron fought, especially when he uses the scarf against Achilles. It makes it a bit more annoying that he lost, but I can understand the typical “student surpasses the teacher” message.

It seems a bit weird to cripple your enemy right after you ask him for a favor.

Okay then, Atalanta. Let’s get this over with?

Juuni Taisen Episode 10: Longest death

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Yeah, I’m still sticking with my story. You thought that deaths could only be anticlimactic? Well, we’re gonna drag Tiger’s death through an entire episode! And instead of showing the Rabbit backstory, this episode is pretty much an extension of the Tiger backstory. Personally, I thought the episode went on way longer than it should have.

With how much Ox got to speak in the flashback this week, I was sure that this episode was counting as his backstory. It’s still possible that this is the case, but I feel like we learned very little about him, especially with regards to his past.

I think I ended up seeing Ox’s speech as largely empty. There’s probably something in there about making sure you have the right motivation before you try to accomplish something, but it’s buried under quite a lot of repetition.

I will, however, give this episode credit for how it treated Tiger’s story. When I really thought about it, I realized that it didn’t really make sense for a drunkard who didn’t care about anything to join the Juuni Taisen. So, this episode kinda bridges that logical gap while also explaining her grudge with Ox.

In many ways, this episode sorta came off as forced romance, but I’m honestly not sure if it pushed it far enough to count. At the end of the day, it just seemed like Tiger really wanted her senpai to notice her. Also, I really felt like I was sitting there waiting for Tiger to get on with it and die at the end…