Dies Irae Episode 6: The big boss

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Well…this just reached a whole new level of ridiculousness. While I give the episode credit for creating an entertaining final battle (though that might have been mostly hilarity), it definitely felt like a crazy whirlwind of scenes. My standard complaint about uninspiring fight scenes still applies.

This introduction scene felt obligatory because Shirou’s constant references to “deja vu” would have been even more frustrating and nonsensical without it. But the entire scene felt too “extra”. Was there really no natural way to introduce this information within the events of the story? The way Shirou’s talking to the camera makes it pretty obvious that he’s talking to the viewers.

Ren’s scenes were even more nonsense. He went from a randomly screaming coward to a full-on weapon charging into Heydrich. I really have no idea how his powers work anymore.

Sorry, Marie. You got half an episode of development. I really don’t care…

This line sounds very mysterious and all, but becomes pointless when the very next line says the thing that doesn’t “need” to be said. You might as well have said “there is no need to say unless you need to explain to the audience”.

I know this is a screenshot, but the actual scene was just this still shot with moving water under the ship. Was it really so hard to make the light beams move? And if it was done on purpose, why move the water?


Inuyashiki Episode 6: Internet never changes

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but something about this episode didn’t really sit well with me. Having Hiro’s mother commit suicide makes sense as a way to force Hiro off the edge. But his current development really screams for a redemption, and I’m wondering if it’s being pushed too hard.

The whole 2chan thing felt really heavy-handed too. A message of “don’t be too cavalier with what you say online” is fine, but the episode felt like it was going out of its way to justify Hiro’s killings. Hiro does murder a bunch of reporters harassing his father, but it felt like the episode spent more time on the troll hunting part as if it was really pushing its message.

I mean, is passing Hiro’s address to the media such a horrible thing? I know it’s an age where we don’t trust the media and all, but I imagine they must be competent enough to find where a person lives with a name.

And while I find Inuyashiki’s scenes entertaining, I’m starting to wonder if he’s been relegated too much to comedic support. This phone scene also bugged me because Inuyashiki talks with Andou without accepting the call. That’s just not how phones work.

Also, how incompetent is the police that they all managed to miss that Hiro flew away?

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 18: Break time

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I guess this week’s episode was cooling down from the Jack interlude and preparing for the final fight. I guess the only exciting part of this episode was the Astolfo reveal, but the internet has already systematically made sure I knew about that already. There’s also the continuation of the Sieg struggle, which I’m not sure was necessary.

I can’t really be bothered to look back through the episodes leading up to this point, but was it ever suggested that Astolfo wasn’t fighting with a real Noble Phantasm? This reveal seemed really random and I was pretty convinced that it was just put here to randomly give Astolfo a purpose. Wonder if I missed something…

I didn’t have problems with Sieg’s doubts from last week, but they felt overblown in this week’s episode. I guess I was expecting him to investigate these things more subtly, but he has a full-blown conversation with Saber of Red of all people. Talk about unproductive.

Yeah, this whole sibling thing was set up, but I wasn’t really interested in it. When I saw the shadow fall over Caules in this scene, I was honestly wondering if the Hanging Gardens had suddenly appeared outside of the castle. That would have been pretty funny…

Did Sieg realize that Ruler’s into him? I sure hope that’s what this line meant.

Juuni Taisen Episode 7: Technically still dead

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I wonder if it’s because I’m getting used to this series, but I really wasn’t a fan of the background story in this episode again. I think a large part of it was the fact that I couldn’t tell the difference between Dragon and Snake until a decent way through the flashback. Eventually, I figured out that Dragon is the one that can fly (which I guess makes sense for a dragon).

Now that I think about it, this death flag kinda pointed out which brother was Snake…

I guess a lot of the discussion of alliances and teamwork from the background didn’t really feel…useful. It felt like there might be something going on. The episode introduced the fact that Dragon and Snake clans were historically allies and yet only one brother could win the Juuni Taisen. It made me wonder if Dragon was secretly responsible for Snake’s death. But at the end of the day, it really amounted to nothing.

They really can’t resist using this trope, can they? I’m somewhat curious about how Ox is planning to get himself out of Snake’s grasp. The simple answer is that he’s burning Snake’s arm off of Tiger so she can subsequently save him. We’ll see. We know Dragon’s going to die next anyway…

Fall 2017 Grab Bag Week 6: Sangatsu no Lion, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, and Mahou Tsukai no Yome

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Eventually, I’ll have a standard format for this kind of post.

3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 27

The first half of this episode was actually one of my favorite parts when I was reading the manga. It was a scene that demonstrates why I like Hayashida a lot as a character. He’s always acting as comic relief, but he sincerely cares about Rei, as demonstrated by the panic he shows the second Rei mentions bullying.

Hayashida’s reaction to Hina’s story was also really cool. Rather putting more undue pressure on the victim, he immediately reacts from the perspective he knows best, the proper behavior of a teacher.

But as much as I liked the first half in the manga, I really liked the second half of the episode in the anime. I had forgotten about this scene from the manga, and it felt a lot more meaningful the second time. I’m not saying I empathize completely with Akari’s situation, but I can undersatnd the pressures of being the eldest.

I also found Akari’s story interesting because of the way she trivialized the “platitudes” she said to Hina. I’ve always thought that a platitude that’s useless to me shouldn’t be said to others. But it was interesting that the sayings she identified as useless were the ones that Hina incorporated into a strong sense of justice. It’s something for me to think about on my own.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Episode 6

I was honestly convinced that things were going to go bad in this week’s episode. After all, it was an episode devoted to hopelessness, so I was expecting a bad ending. I guess it doesn’t fit the overall tone of the show…not that I’m complaining. I suppose the show really pushes the idea of making the best of a bad situation.

I really liked Yuu in this week’s episode because of how she was perpetuating the theme of hopelessness. It was funny to watch her get her hopes up only to have them shot down by Ishii in the base. I enjoyed watching her reactions.

This episode was kind of an interesting presentation of the idea of trying and failing over not trying at all. The episode ends with Ishii showing a sense of liberation, no longer weighed down by the dream of flying to a new place. It’s a simple theme, I suppose.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome Episode 6

I don’t have all too much to say about this episode because it was mostly cooling down from the previous two episodes. I like Titania and Oberon as characters, but I honestly don’t have much to say on the episode. I just think it’s cool that Oberon acts like a goof, but he still illuminates the strong and weak areas of the relationship between Chise and Elias.

Also, Titania’s facepalms in this episode were amazing.

Houseki no Kuni Episodes 5-6: Finally useful

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I regret skipping this series last week because both of these episodes were pretty interesting. Episode 5 was interesting for me because Phos had managed to survived being dissolved within a slug, but some new legs were enough to grant a new power. It was also neat to see everyone banding together to find Phos, even Bort who’s constantly throwing insults.

As I said before, I’m sad to see Ventricosus go, as she provided a lot of personality to the series. It’s also kinda cool that she didn’t just go. Because of the loss of Phos’s legs, it’s more like Ventricosus was written out of existence. Phos was the only one who could hear her, and now even the memories of their underwater conversation are mostly lost.

I really liked the scene where Phos washed up next to Cinnabar. I mean, of course it would be Cinnabar, but the sad state of Phos was pretty chilling. And the whole time, Phos was going on about trying to save Cinnabar.

But yeah…Phos gets some new legs and becomes the Flash. I feel bad for Yellow Diamond, who gets introduced in Episode 6, because the yellow streak is a lot more appropriate than Phos’s green streak.

I wonder if the stripes on Phos’s new legs were done on purpose. They made me think of the saying “earning your stripes”.

Episode 6 was pretty fun to watch because Phos’s excitement was pretty relatable. It was a nice portrayal of the nervousness and excitement you feel on your first day on the job, while everyone else is disinterested because they’ve been doing it forever.

The lighting changes in this scene just as Sensei’s tone changes…nice touch.

I think that the cool Amethyst twins make for a nice sidekick for Phos, but I’m confused about Bort’s backlash at the end of the episode. Sure, Phos was standing there, but did Bort really expect anything from Phos’s first battle? I guess Bort is generally pretty gruff, so that might just be a personality quirk. Heck, I honestly thought the Amethyst twins might be the first fatality in this series.

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 5: Explanations…sort of

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This week’s episode seemed mostly focused on finally building the world outside of the Mud Whale, most of the information we got felt pretty basic. I think I came out with a lot of confirmation of things I already suspected, but they came with many more questions. Most evident of all is how are these people going to fight off the Skylos forces? Ouni and Chakuro can only do so much.

The introduction of Falaina really escalated quickly. I wasn’t really expecting it to be resolved so quickly. I got the sense that the other two elders were moved by Chakuro’s words and Lykos’s actions, but it still seemed a bit random that they changed their minds.

Now that the cards are on the table, Falaina’s secret seemed like it was forceably restrained. As soon as we learned of the emotionless Skylos soldiers, it wasn’t hard to guess that the sinners might just be guilty of having emotions. I guess I was expecting more to that. It’s still possible, to be fair, as there could be a bigger reason for why Falaina failed to eat emotions.

I was more interested to hear that there were other nations out in the world. Most of my questions from this week revolved around why Falaina was so important to the emotionless nations. Why are they trying so hard to make sure that Falaina doesn’t fall into enemy hands? Is is because thymia is unique to places that have a nous? Or do the citizens of the Mud Whale have some extra ability?

There was something funny about the fact that Suou’s big speech was pretty much trivialized by the arrival of Ouni. I’m glad he’s back too, but give Suou his moment, man…

Dies Irae Episode 5: Something about a guillotine

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I suppose this episode was meant to be the reminder that this series is meant to be a VN, not just a constant stream of doom and gloom. Still, I have to give the episode credit. While it’s true that having Marie show up in Ren’s bed isn’t too inspiring, I thought she was pretty entertaining overall. I especially liked the scene where she started mirroring Kasumi’s actions.

I really don’t know what to make of Marie’s past. I suppose she was sufficiently creepy, but she seems like such a bizarre outlier that I find her hard to believe. Mercurius also seemed to have an odd fascination with her, which makes me wonder just how much influence he had in her creation. And I get that guillotines were big spectacles in the French Revolution, but these people seemed a little too crazed…

I guess Shirou’s back too? I guess I’m curious to see where he stands in the whole thing since he’s clearly not working with the Longinus Dreizehn Order. His fight with Ren in the beginning can’t be a coincidence, right?

Ren’s scene with the gun is cool and all, but his power really just increases whenever it wants.

So is this how this works? I know that Shirou’s getting thrown into the mix, but is every episode just another fight with one of the Order members?

Inuyashiki Episode 5: Busted

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I suppose this episode was meant to soften Hiro a bit after all that we’ve seen him do. Overall, I don’t particularly have a problem with it. I’m not sure if there’s more to Hiro’s past that has made him as ruthless as he is, but this week’s episode suggests that he could turn it around. On the Inuyashiki side of things, it was nice to see him finally get some validation from Ando.

In the case of Hiro, you could make the argument that it’s easier to make someone who cares about few things care more than it is to make someone who doesn’t care at all care. I’m assuming that’s the idea that this episode was trying to propose by showing how much Hiro would do to make his mother happy.

This dream sequence where Hiro is human again was pretty random, but I guess it shows that he was starting to see his new condition as a curse. I’m curious if that was a persistent thought or just something that was starting to happen with the events in this episode.

I also wonder how Hiro really got caught. This episode showed him becoming a bit more bold with his actions, especially with the money he was gathering, in order to help his mother. However, the events near the end seemed to heavily suggest that Ando turned him in. There was the comment about a witness coming forward and that dramatically slow shot where Ando walked past Hiro. That’s probably the obvious answer.

I’m looking forward to seeing where things go next. I suppose Hiro could take his mother and try to hide away somewhere, but I kinda want to see that Hiro vs. Inuyashiki fight that’s in the making.

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 18: Random interlude done

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I’m really struggling with this Jack story. It might have been better with a bit more information, but I couldn’t see it as much more than an excuse to split the party. I had way too much questions about why characters were behaving the way they were. The random scene at the end where Shakespeare basically says “and now back to the story” was pretty funny because of how true it was…

Atalanta’s the big culprit in this episode. The opening of the episode explained that her dream for the Grail comes from the fact that she was abandoned as a child, but it doesn’t explain why she completely turns on Jeanne. If Artemis treated her well, I don’t see why she would have so much resentment bottled up. Why was she so viscerally offended by the fact that Jeanne wanted to destroy the kids that made up Jack? The only explanation I could muster was that Jack brainwashed her, but Jack was willing to accept death in the end.

And on that note, why did the kids change their mind? From my perspective, I saw Atalanta and Jeanne arguing about what the right thing to do was, and suddenly a child walks forward ask if there’s any other way. Then, they just accept when Jeanne says “no”. That scene kinda cheapened the background to me, making me think that the only reason it was there was to force Atalanta to hate Jeanne.

Still, there was one part of the episode that I liked, which was surprisingly Sieg’s scene. The fact that he’s a homunculus that has only seen the benevolence of humans is used well when he’s shown the suffering of London in Jack’s past. His response makes sense when he questions why humans can act in this ways, because he’s rightfully surprised to see it. I just wish that there was more to Jeanne’s response. I kinda want to know why she accepts human cruelty so easily.