Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Final Episode (12): So much justice!

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Too many pieces of this final episode felt far too rushed, as if the series was scrambling to wrap itself up. While I respect that it tried to get through everything, it made for a disappointing viewing experience. Did we even find out why the big bad was so obsessed with fighting Glenn? And after the entire series was over, the Akashic Records were never anything more than a name drop. I admit that this series was overall more interesting than I expected it to be. But as a whole, I don’t think it really amounted to much. Maybe I’m just missing too much information from this adaptation. Do I also get to gripe that there was no after-credits scene in this episode?

A wedding ceremony? That sounds like a pretty convenient event for Glenn to interrupt. I guess he skipped the duel because he needed to make a bigger entrance.

Don’t do that, Rumia! Unleash Leeroy!

That happened sooner than I expected. This episode went straight from “Sistine is having a wedding ceremony” to “now we’re at the wedding ceremony”. I guess having Glenn miss the duel was just a way to end the previous episode on a cliffhanger because Rumia starts this episode by confirming that Glenn left with a plan.

This feels a bit heavy-handed to me. Sistine tells Glenn that Leos is a completely different person right as they’re attacked by people high on Angel’s Dust. It’s practically screaming that the two are linked.

It’s really unfortunate that we’re just now being shown the link between Sara’s death and the current situation. It feels like it was something that could have been set up more as the arc progressed. Instead, Sara’s introduction to the series feels random, but it magically becomes related at the climax of the story.

So, is his plan to use the Angel’s Dust-driven citizens to kill powerful mages? The Angel’s Dust doesn’t feel relevant yet, so I’m kinda wondering what’s going on.

Isn’t this only the second time the Akashic Records have been mentioned in this series? We’re at the final episode…something doesn’t add up. And when all is said and done, it seems to be a glorified MacGuffin device.

Sistine gets in some good words here, I guess. This scene also seems to be the reason we were shown that training scene a few episodes back, the one where Glenn teaches Sistine about military magic. Now, we just need to avoid an unnecessary flashback to that scene and we’re good.

The big, impressive avatar of justice goes down in a single shot from Sistine…come on.

Sigh…yep, that’s pretty subtle, guys.

This mana deficiency thing ends up being pretty tame for how flustered Glenn was when Jatice pointed it out.

Helpful as always, Celica.

Final Score: 6/10 (Maybe 6.5?)

Suka Suka Episode 11: Maybe not

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Yup, I stand by what I said about this show last week. Nothing tragic to see here. I guess I feel a lot better about the explanations from this week’s episode. Maybe I finally know what’s going on in this series (don’t kill me, LN veterans). And yeah, I noticed the preview for next week’s episode which showed the scene from the beginning of this series. I guess now I know who the red-haired girl jumping out of the airship is…

This sounds like the kind of answer I would give.

I don’t know how to react to statements like this because I’m constantly reminded that Chtholly is losing her memories. Is she lovestruck or just getting worse?

I actually remembered who Eboncandle was because Willem specifically named him, but it was a shaky memory at best. This reminder from Willem is probably warranted.

So much for that plan…

What is the sound effect that’s playing in this scene? It sounds like it’s supposed to be Willem’s back breaking, but he seems fine after it happens.

She looks familiar. Also, Chtholly’s new hair change doesn’t seem to bode well.

For how dramatic that cave fall seemed to be, Willem and Chtholly managed to get out of it pretty easily. I was expecting some fighting. But more to the point, this is your fault, Willem. You shouldn’t have proposed to her before the final battle was finished!

This reveal seemed more casual than I expected. Let me see if I got this. The war that Willem participated in was against the visitors, led by Elq, who was defeated by Lillia. The visitors were attempting to eradicate humanity, and the humans turned into beasts after winning the war. Did I get that right? It would explain why everyone hates humans and “disfeatured” so much.

This feels like something that wouldn’t need to be stated in a world like this.

This is actually a good internal conversation to explore the question I had last week about Willem’s proposal. I was curious how much of Willem’s proposal was genuine and this hallucination brings up some fair points. In many ways, Chtholly acts as a proxy for the regrets Willem has from his previous life. It calls a lot into question.

Is this the game over?

Willem can still take on a beast by himself?

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 11: What am I missing?

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This episode was just frustrating to watch. There were a couple of interesting revelations, but I didn’t come out of that episode with a very good impression. I think a lot of it has to do with a general “is that all there is to it?” response to everything that gets revealed. Anyway, next week’s episode is the ending, and it seems like we have a determined plan for the main characters. Let’s see how it goes.

I guess they made it a point to show that Zero and Thirteen diverge on the incantation for this spell. Since Zero is the creator of magic, I’m assuming that she changes the spell based on her knowledge of the underlying nature of magic.

I literally have no idea what’s going on with this magic battle. Thankfully, there’s some convenient mouth blood to tell me who’s winning.

Here’s what I don’t understand. If Zero rejects all magic in Wenias, how does “spreading the knowledge” again allow the Sorcerers of Zero to regain their magic? Don’t they already have that knowledge? Also, Albus is unintentionally proposing that the Sorcerers of Zero should be the sole authority deciding who gets magic and how it will be used. Maybe she’s just trying to trick the Sorcerers of Zero into following her plan, but it seems like a questionable idea at face value.

I get that Mercenary isn’t supposed to be that smart, but this reveal doesn’t feel like much…

Eh…I’m willing to grant you this cheap laugh. Fine.

I’m a bit conflicted about this scene. On the one hand, I think it’s a great revelation that Zero purposely put mistakes into her grimoire in an attempt to control its power. On the other hand, I didn’t really need to see a flashback of the first scene in this episode just to point out the fact that the incantations were different. That was pretty noticeable the first time I saw it.

Well, that was easy.

Is this just a convenient way of giving the Sorcerers of Zero a way to find Albus as she attempts to set up the giant magic circle? Why does Albus even hold out the map if she doesn’t need it? The other possibility is that she’s now lost without the map, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.

This might be a weird question, but where the heck did the Sorcerers of Zero in this scene go? They were surrounding Holdem and Albus before they were restrained by vines. They never appear again for the remainder of the episode.

I wasn’t going to say anything when the gem camera was first introduced, but this scene has forced my hand. Before Albus tests the camera with her hand, she is clearly angled away from Thirteen, but he is still somehow the only person on the projection.

Huh…I wasn’t expecting Thirteen to show remorse.

Also, you know what might be fun? What if the novice witch who started the plague was Albus?

What does this prove? Even if Thirteen annuls Albus’s contract, every other contract remains. Even if the Sorcerers of Zero are currently hunting Albus, I’m sure she still feels devoted to them. It’s not like she would eradicate them all by killing Thirteen.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 10: Multiplying Shindos

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I stand by what I said last week, but this episode was still interesting to watch. I guess my main issue with it was that it’s hard to understand why everything happened without some knowledge of the anisotropic. My puny human analysis seems too weak. I have the same bias as last week…even after Yaha-kui justified his intervention in this universe, I still can’t agree with him. I would have been on board if he just wanted to take Shindo to the anisotropic for his personal curiosity, but he’s pushing the collective advancement of humanity. That makes him feel more like an unnecessary antagonist in this story.

Uhh…what’s going on? Did I step into the wrong show?

It took me about 3 minutes of watching the pretty colors before I came to the conclusion that this text is a conversation between anisotropic beings.

Is “Wa” supposed to be Tsukai? She sounds like a terrible researcher to interfere in the test protocol.

The pink sparkles from the previous scenes suggest that Tsukai has been living through organisms on this planet for billions of years. Was Tsukai the first human life she inhabited?

It’s really hard to frame my understanding of this scene because I’m not sure how aware Tsukai is of her anisotropic nature and the nature this world. Is she playing the part of a human? She might be pretending in order to avoid disrupting the experiment. Maybe she erased her memories or something. It’s hard to tell.

Given that the previous scene showed Tsukai’s father searching the entire town, I would say that this “overprotective father behavior” is justified.

When the anisotropic realized that this cocoon was different than the rest, why didn’t they try creating a new cocoon with the same initial parameters? I’ve been watching Sakurada Reset, so I can’t remember if this series has set up deterministic universe.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, but it turns out the “right answer” is the answer to the standard “what is the meaning of life?” question. Of course, this particular scenario is specifying that it wants to know the meaning of “human life” instead of life in general.

This is actually a pretty fair point. I can’t really say I can give a clear answer. On the one hand, Tsukai’s judgment is fair that a human who is removed of human restricts will likely think in a way that is not human. On the other hand, I would think that a human’s thinking in an anisotropic world would still be unique enough to be interesting. And if Yaha-kui only wants to converse with a single human, I’m not sure I see the harm.

Yeah, it wasn’t too hard to see this coming.

It’s an imposter!

How much danger was Tsukai really in if she’s strong enough to heal Shindo after he is fatally struck by the attack?

I’m surprised that Yaha-kui is going through with showing Nanomis-hein to everyone. If it can change the very parameters of the universe, that seems dangerous. Maybe you have to be able to use it correctly to get to that level of manipulation. That would surely explain why the functions of the previous devices seemed limited. Yaha-kui could be intentionally misleading humanity. Maybe we’re headed towards an ending where Shinawa figures out how to use Nanomis-hein against Yaha-kui.

Re:Creators Episode 11: Stop bully

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Wow, this episode felt like a lot of information. While I was a little disappointed in the predictability of Sota’s backstory, it’s nice to see it out on the table. The conversation Sota has with Rui in the first half of the episode was a great motivation for the reveal. I’m almost willing to say that Sota’s secrecy was worth it. Either way, we’ve hit the halfway point and it seems like we’ve come so far. I’m really curious to see where the series goes from here. It feels like we could easily have a final episode next week, so I’m looking forward to see what else is in store.

Given what happened to Selesia in last week’s episode, it’s a bit of a dick move to open the episode with Meteora. I know it immediately cuts to Selesia, but I still wanted to point it out.

Yeah, those seem like two relatively equal events.

I’m not sure if we’re going to get a full explanation, so I’ll give it a shot. Since everyone initially accepted the design after seeing the picture on social media, Selesia was able to gain the abilities depicted in the image. The reason the power went away was probably because there wasn’t enough of a story built around the power for the readers to accept it as part of the story.

There’s something about Matsubara’s line here and the specific terminology that’s used to describe the influence of the readers that makes me feel a bit excluded. It makes it sound like the reader truly has to see the life in a story in order to give life to a Creation like Selesia. I’ve never been one to think that way about a story. But then again, maybe it’s enough just to see the humanity of the fictional character and identify the traits that map to yourself. I can do that.

Huh…I hadn’t noticed because Rui didn’t have much of a role before this episode, but he’s actually perfect to have this pep talk with Sota. Most mecha anime protagonists start as whiny brats who are then thrust into the heat of war. As someone who has made it through this process, Rui would know Sota’s feelings better than anyone else.

It’s a bit strange that Rui thinks this way, but still prefers his own world. You could say that the very act of coming to this world has opened that same ability for himself. Now, he’s no longer constrained by the god of his world. But maybe that’s not case. I guess Rui will eventually have to return to his story and save his world. That path is already set. He could choose to forsake it, but it goes against his character, which is also set. There might be an interesting discussion about will in here somewhere.

An earlier screen showed a monitor with the words “Auto Drive” on it. Does Rui really need Sota to grab the phone for him if he’s not driving the Gigas Machina? Is this scene put here just to make a joke about mecha pilot bodysuits?

Woohoo! Finally!

First dates…

Seriously? Did we really need this? It’s bad enough that they’re able to get to these rafters without trouble. This random forced tension just feels strange. It’s almost like they’re trying to tease the suicide in Shimazaki’s future.

I’m sure it wouldn’t have fit Sota’s character, but I would have found his hesitation much more believable if he had instigated the online witch hunt against Shimazaki’s work. Of course, I can understand why he would still feel guilty for not being able to help his friend, but I guess I don’t see that as a crippling level of guilt. I guess my mind is a bit strange because I would see Shimazaki’s success as motivation to do better myself.

Attack on Titan Episode 37: Time for another season?

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Well, I give this season credit for not ending on a cliffhanger. I was honestly expecting it. Anyway, this episode ended up being a decent resolution for the arc, with the combination of Eren’s new ability and Hannes’s death. Overall, I felt like this season did a good job of putting the focus on some of the side characters. It sounds like a third season is coming, so that should be fun.

Ymir seems pretty willing to help despite this statement.

This is the second time we’ve had a scene like this, immediately cutting into a person being eaten by a Titan. I still haven’t decided whether it shows how devastating Titans are or how incompetent humans are.

Uhh…that’s a pretty cool song playing in the background.

At this point, Eren’s inability to transform when he needs it isn’t surprising anymore.

Yeah, he was getting a bit too much character development. It’s too bad, though. I was hoping Hannes might get some redemption.

This is probably the closest thing we’ll get to romance in this series.

A new power has been unlocked.

I was thinking the same thing, Reiner. Eren’s way too emotionally unstable for a power like that.

I’m not sure I understand why Ymir ends up going back for Reiner and Bertholdt, but it might have something to do with the stuff Historia said about living for herself. I wonder if Ymir accepts that Historia doesn’t need anymore protection or something.

I have no idea what this epilogue is saying. We’ve been watching the Scouts as they examined Wall Rose and declared that it wasn’t breached. However, this line doesn’t really mention that, making it sound like the authorities made up the story about Wall Rose being secure without any confirmation because of the overpopulation crisis.

You were the chosen one after all! Somehow Erwin knew the whole time!

I honestly wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction. I guess it raises a question of when we decide that a human is no longer human.

Final Score: 7/10

Sakurada Reset Episode 11: Making friends

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While this episode posed an idea that I found interesting, it was largely nothing. I get that this was the point, but I guess I don’t like Misora’s character enough to follow an episode like this. I’m not really saying it’s a waste of time because it showed how Misora thinks, but there really isn’t much to say about it overall.

I really should put more effort into keeping track of the timeline for this series, but I was completely lost in this episode. I remember the scene that triggered this episode, but I can’t remember where it is in relation to the other episodes. I think we’ll have to see how everything turns out in the end, but I think the jumpy timeline is the most frustrating part of this series. I still haven’t seen a major benefit to it yet.

This line is brutal.

She’s learning!

In Misora’s defense, I feel this way about most people. But getting away from the scene itself, I’m not a fan of this translation. I don’t understand how you can “have like” for something.

It took me a second to understand this conversation. It’s a bit distracting to use cats in an example meant to illustrate the power of words, but the person proposing the scenario is someone who is most accustomed to conversing with cats. I think it says something about the way I think that my first reaction is “words have no effect on a cat because it wouldn’t understand them”.

I admit I don’t know enough about people to fully evaluate this conversation. My understanding is that Misora’s solution is targeted towards providing immediate comfort that could backfire without follow-up. That’s why she mentions that the cat could be facing the same hardships the next day without similar “hope”. Nono attempts to give a persistent form of comfort by providing empathy instead of hope. The idea is that the cat could take comfort in knowing that someone out there is going through the same thing if it suffers the same hardships the next day.

I’m not sure I totally agree, but it’s something I don’t normally consider. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I wonder if it’s similar to the “give a man fish/teach a man to fish” adage. It falls apart a bit in the second part, but you could argue that teaching is a manifestation of empathizing with a person enough to understand the root problem instead of the immediate need.

Misora went through that entire conversation just to be stuck in the acquaintance zone…

If the plan has a fancy name, then it has to succeed!


Are you trying to make me empathize with Misora? Well, it’s working. I can think of countless conversations that I’ve had that were similar to this one.

I see the internet research that Misora’s been doing is paying off.

That’s an unhealthy level of worship for Kei’s abilities.

I’m surprised that Misora never noticed that she was being followed, but I guess it makes sense given how much she was overthinking her home visit at Kei’s place. I still don’t understand how Minami sent the fake text, though.

Little Witch Academia Episode 23: Renewed hope?

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This episode had more worried for a bit. I was disappointed with Chariot’s story in the beginning of the episode, but I liked Diana’s conversation with Akko near the end. I guess I was expecting a bit more from Chariot’s background than what we got, so it felt like wasted potential. That being said, I’m still curious to see where the series will go with the final Word. Based on the quote from the Shiny Chariot card that Diana gives to Akko, I wonder if the final Word has to do with trusting someone else. Maybe Akko needs to entrust the final Word to Diana in order to make it work. That could be a fun way to end things.

Diana’s on the case! Since Diana knows that Ursula left to find Akko, her actions make a lot of sense. I always appreciate scenes like this.

This seems familiar.

This explanation of Chariot’s backstory is overall pretty disappointing so far. First off, Croix’s dissent is literally boiled down to jealousy about the Shiny Rod. The earlier reveals suggested there was more to Croix than that, but it seems like that’s all we get.

More importantly, I feel like there could have been more interesting ways to explain Chariot’s use of Dream Fuel Spirit. At the end of the day, Croix is just the ultimate villain of the series, tricking Chariot into using unsafe magic. I was thinking that the nature of her shows might force her to resort to using an alternate means of fueling her magic, since she couldn’t carry a Sorcerer’s Stone around with her. Alternatively, there could have just been a darker side to Chariot in the past…that would have worked too.

This entire scene suggests that Chariot only used the Dream Fuel Spirit on one show. I get why that might weigh on her conscience, but that seems like an honest mistake.

I’m not sure I’m willing to buy into this “more magic means more entertainment” idea. It feels like a general lack of resource management and creativity from Chariot. I suppose it’s stated that she isn’t a great witch, so that might make sense. I wonder if this scene is trying to suggest that Akko succeeds in that respect, using what little magic she can muster to provide entertainment.

She knows!

Ouch, Diana is coming up pretty big in this scene. I found it impressive enough that she didn’t flip out at Ursula taking her magic as a child. This line is just adding even more.

Diana’s probably the best character to find Akko in this situation.

I like how the scene blows past this revelation. It adds to the story, but there’s no reason to dwell on it.

I’m enjoying this conversation between Diana and Akko. Diana’s position is almost like a future state for Akko. She can see the paths that Akko and essentially gives her preference.

You could say that Diana believes in Akko’s heart that believes in her.

I can’t see this ending well.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 11: Failure

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Yeesh…this week’s episode was really pushing Leos as this terrible antagonist. I wonder if it was pushed a little too hard. The combination of the reference to Angel Dust in this episode and the focus on the bags under Leos’s eyes makes me wonder if the drug and Leos’s behavior are supposed to be linked. If not, Leos seems like a pretty boring bad guy who wants to secure a noble position by marrying Sistine. Either way, I guess next week is the finale. Given the strange ending of this week’s episode, I wonder how Glenn will make it back to save Sistine. Plus, don’t the Researchers of Divine Wisdom need to do something to Rumia before this arc ends?

I get that this is a petty battle between Glenn and Leos, but I would expect a good teacher to emphasize what the students can do to contribute to victory.

That’s a silly illusion, Sistine. There’s no way Glenn would buy such a fancy ring.

This is some seriously high-level strategy…

It feels like Riel would be capable of winning this entire battle herself.

Classic Glenn. This battle reminds me of a quote a friend of mine used to say: “Always cheat. Always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.”

Guys, I already don’t like this guy. You don’t need to continue to convince me. Leos is starting to sound childish.

Riel looks very comfortable down ther- err…I mean, there’s some conversation going on about Sistine and Glenn right now. I’m definitely paying attention! Also, that transition showing the tour guide dude from the last arc and Leos wasn’t the most subtle thing in the world.

If you think about it, Leos is the one who’s truly attempting to marry into money.

She knows!

Glenn goes through these possible explanations for his actions, and I’m surprised he doesn’t try to link Sistine’s dream with his own dream to become a mage of justice. That seems like the simplest explanation. Maybe he refuses to admit that his dream is still alive.

I’m surprised that Glenn loses this fight. I wonder if it’s supposed to be a refutation of his earlier statement that Leos is purely focused on research.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

Phew…I was worried that they were actually doing a real preview.

Suka Suka Episode 10: Everything is solved

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Well, this certainly seemed like an uplifting episode. I definitely didn’t see any flags that would suggest that tragedy may be approaching! We just got some nice confessions for this love story! What could possibly go wrong? The big reveal of the episode wasn’t too surprising. I guess I should give the series credit for not explicitly stating it and instead giving really painfully conclusive evidence. Either way, it looks like next week is going to bring everyone into battle. I recall Grick saying something about it being unlikely that another beast would attack them because they had fought a territorial one recently. I guess not…

I guess it makes sense that they wouldn’t assume that Willem is a human. This screenshot seems like it would be pretty useful outside of this context.

We’re back to this, I see.

Based on what I’ve said in earlier episodes, do I even want to know the answer to this question? Also, I’d be more critical of Rhan’s impression of Willem, but they’ve made it a point to show us that Rhan has been researching the beasts.

While this is a fun joke and all, it’s later revealed that Rhan and Nopht aren’t following Willem. Why is this even relevant?

I was initially wondering why this argument was happening, but I guess most people in this series are used to being in the floating islands. Therefore, it would make sense for Grick to be this confident in his experience with underground exploration. I guess the question still stands, though, since Willem quickly tricks the commanding officer into listening to Grick.

She looks familiar. Also, nice name.

Are you starting to realize something about Chtholly, Willem?

This can’t be good.

Wait, really? That was easy. I can’t believe he just found the sword in storage. Was the scene right before this one meant to mislead us into thinking that Lapidemsibilus was still underground?

What could this mean? If I had any doubts that beasts were formerly humans, they’re gone now…

Come again?

I’m really curious about Willem’s mental state here. I’m inclined to believe he’s being genuine when he says this stuff about wanting to live for Chtholly. He just realized something pretty big, so it’s possible that he also realizes that he can get through it with Chtholly’s help. However, I’m wondering if that’s a bit too convoluted…this could just be a knee-jerk reaction to an unstable mental state.