Summer 2018 Grab Bag Week 12: Hataraku Saibou

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I actually quite liked this week’s episode, and it wasn’t completely because the episode starts with a lighthearted premise only to get super serious. I thought that Red Blood Cell’s character growth was demonstrated well by giving her a rookie to teach.

I’m a little bit skeptical about the newbie, since she’s introduced with so little time left in the series. It seems like there’s not much time for her to really do much with the time remaining, especially since there’s a catastrophe going on. Still, her role of putting the spotlight on how much Red Blood Cell has changed is pretty effective.

While it’s true that Red Blood Cell continues to struggle with directions, her various encounters have led her to learn a lot about her fellow cells. I like the way that’s demonstrated in this episode, as she’s shown being fully comfortable with every cell she encounters while the newbie is weirded out.

I have no idea how to unpack the concept of a red blood cell covered in blood. Just…how?

And then everything goes wrong. This series has already proven that it doesn’t kill cells (that aren’t germs), so I don’t really feel any worry about the red blood cells. I’m curious to see how a show like this ends. Probably just “life goes on”, right?


Planet With Final Episode (12): The clog saves the day again

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This is the first finale I’m covering for this season, and it was pretty solid. The battle with the dragon felt really intense while still incorporating the silliness of pushing the dragon to defeat it. The final forgiveness was also handled in an interesting way, with Ginko surprisingly doing most of the work (she deserves it). I really enjoyed watching this series overall, and I’m a bit sad to see it go. Nice one.

This is about as ridiculous of a plan as I would expect from this series.

I definitely had the wrong impression of the dream scene with Souya. I thought it was finally his turn to experience the illusion of the sealing process, but it was a desperate attempt to dreg up some negative feelings. From the context of the episode, that makes a lot more sense than a sealing, but part of me would have liked to see more of Souya’s fantasy.

Let’s be honest. We all saw this coming.

Having Ginko carry the final conversation with the dragon is a nice touch. Her character finally gets a moment to contribute, and her conflicted feelings make a lot of sense. It’s great to see her attempting to make sense of them.

I’m not going to lie. The People of Paradise felt like a weird deus ex machina when I really thought about it. After the dragon falls away, they manage to incorporate him into themselves without any trouble, and they show up to save Souya and the other when everything is over.

We did it?

Final Score: 9/10 Excellent pacing, a nice blend of serious and comical, and an absolute blast to watch.

Happy Sugar Life Episode 11: Putting the plan together

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I strangely found this episode entertaining despite how crazy it gets. Though, that’s not really saying much given how this show has been. Still, I thought that Asahi’s mental breakdown was interesting, and Satou’s relationship with her aunt was handled well. We got a pretty good sense of what’s really going on with Satou’s aunt, but I personally would have liked to see it explained more.

I like the idea that Asahi drifts closer to his father after he snaps and finally decides to do whatever it takes to save Shio. It’s a bit silly that he let Taiyou go without any sort of insurance. I guess it makes sense given that he’s new to the torturing business.

There’s a really weird irony in the fact that Satou despises her aunt so much, but has no one else she can trust to help her escape with Shio. From the conversation, I feel like I can reasonably grasp how Satou’s aunt operates. Her injuries come from her apparent willingness to let her sexual partners treat her however they like. However, she’s still dominant enough to lure them in. I wonder how that works.

Just a small thing, but you probably shouldn’t insult or belittle the person you’re trying to get to help you.

I’m really curious to see where these preparations go in the final episode. The gasoline seems to indicate that the fire was always part of Satou’s plan, but it clearly has to go wrong somewhere.

I know that this is a tragic scene where Taiyou gets caught up with possibly the worst adult woman he could possibly have found given his phobia. I just…really loved how it was set up. I remembered that the apartment with Shio was one much higher up in the complex, so I knew that Taiyou had gotten the address of Satou’s aunt. So, watching him betray Asahi only to have it come back against him in the most cruel way was just amazing to watch unfold.

Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 12: Shocking truth!

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If this is truly the end of the TV release, then it was a really cruel cliffhanger to end on. This episode felt a bit strange to me, because it seemed like the tension and focus was pointed at the wrong things. Gray’s big reveal seemed like it should have been the important takeaway from the episode, but the episode itself seems to shift all of its attention to Danny (someone I really don’t like).

I actually think it’s hilarious that Rachel’s begging here makes her seem more normal. She sounds like a standard teenage girl who has embarrassed herself somehow.

Didn’t Danny want to kill Rachel to steal her eyes? Is this some extension of his character where he now wants to see Rachel’s eyes react to Zack figuring out her secret?

Watching Zack brute force through the puzzles was pretty entertaining.

The reveal that Gray apparently set up this entire murder house was way too casual. I mean, I guess it makes sense that Rachel’s faith is being tested by him.

So far, nothing in Rachel’s past seems particularly weird. Sure, she’s implicated in her parents’ murders, but Zack shouldn’t have a problem with that. So, Zack is clearly reacting to something else in the news report that’s been hidden from us, but I don’t really have a good guess as to what would cause him to recoil.

Random Impressions Summer 2018 (Week 11): Shingeki no Kyojin S3

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This season’s still been going pretty strong even with much fewer Titans. Eren seemed to have a nice moment of self-reflection in this episode, and the resolution of Rod Reiss went in a way I liked. Historia’s also doing a solid job of proving herself now that she’s tossed aside her helpless side. But seriously, the CG version of Rod Reiss’s Titan is the stuff of nightmares.

I get that people are jerks, but I find it a little bit hard to believe that the people of this world can’t take a break for just one day. At worst, it seems like a minor inconvenience, so I don’t see it as a reason to denounce the new queen. I understand that the series needs a reason to stir up some drama around Historia, but I found this reason a little harder to believe.

Additionally, Historia states herself that people won’t be so easily accepting of a new ruler. Does the unrest even need to happen? In my mind, this line is enough, but I guess the idea is to make Historia look even more woefully unqualified.

I’m cool with this introspection from Eren. It’s about time he realized that everyone is killing themselves for him. He could easily turn towards a self-destructive path from here, but it seems like he’s found resolve from it (which is nice).

It’s a cool plan, but how exactly does Eren survive the blast? Gunpowder doesn’t explode in one direction, after all. I’d understand if Eren could clamp the mouth shut, but that doesn’t happen.

I like the idea of having Historia cut down her father, both for the emphasis on family and for giving the people a reason to accept her as queen.

Steins;Gate 0 Episode 22: Back to basics

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I’m pretty happy with the way this episode turned out. I was a little disappointed at how the AI angle ultimately took a back seat to the time travel in this series. I think that the time travel part is important, but there was a lot more that could have been explored with Amadeus as an “almost” person. Her conversation with Rintarou in this episode is great, but it felt a little incomplete.

This is a quality scene. I have no further comment.

This plan is pretty interesting, but I’m not sure I fully understand it. The leap from the Russians destroying the computer to needing to stop them from interacting with Amadeus didn’t quite line up for me. I guess it’s just the idea that the Russians could only have learned about time travel from Amadeus, but it doesn’t feel like a solid idea.

RINE is here to save the day! I’m not sure I get why D-RINE is more secure than D-Mail, though. Wasn’t the issue spawned by the fact that they needed to hack SERN to power the microwave? I can see how a RINE message might be harder to decrypt, but SERN should still notice, right?

This is an interesting conversation. I would argue that the world we live in similarly has rules that limit it, but I can see what Amadeus says about purpose and cutting waste. It would be fun to explore, but alas it’s not that kind of show.

I strangely like the cruel irony in the fact that Rintarou must once again sacrifice Kurisu in order to save Mayuri. It’s a great call back to the original series with a twist.

This smile is painful to see. Stop making Kurisu suffer!

Angolmois – Genkou Kassenki Episode 11: That kinda fell apart

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Okay, this week’s episode was much more of a bloodbath than I expected. I understand that we’re near the end, but the episode itself really felt like it was trying to cram in as many deaths as possible. As a result, the pacing of the episode ended up feeling weird, and many of the characters seemed to shafted as a result.

When I saw the Magistrate constantly sending people away from the south gate, I was pretty sure he was intentionally trying to sacrifice himself. I saw this scene and thought that he was clearly trying to save Jinzaburou. It would have been nice to see more of that, but he doesn’t really get the time.

In the end, his death wasn’t the worst it could be, but it gets a bit lost in the chaos. Tatsu’s death right before his kind of messes with things, since she didn’t have any impact as a character overall.

I really wish I could believe Onitakemaru’s change of heart. Based on what we saw in the previous episode, I can only conclude that he returned to help because he had no chance of making it past the Mongol reinforcements. That reason itself isn’t a bad thing if he proves himself more after he comes back, but we don’t really get anything more.

While this is clearly a death flag, I find it interesting that we don’t actually see Onitakemaru die in this episode. It feels like an anomaly in an episode where everyone else is dying, so I’m inclined to believe that Onitakemaru betrays everyone. I’ve suspected that he was a traitor from the beginning, so maybe I’m just biased.

Seriously, who is this guy and why is he getting a backstory now?

I guess an episode with so much death would need to end by crushing all hope. Still, everyone knows that an anime character who falls into water is immune to death.

Summer 2018 Grab Bag Week 11: Hataraku Saibou

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This week’s episode felt a lot better than last week’s episode. I still had some problems with it, but I was glad to see that the story seemed much less like a rehash. The episode also had some funny stuff about how the cells approach the idea of a higher intelligence that I thought was pretty entertaining.

We certainly have to accept that this world’s global warming is man-made, right?

I’m not entirely sure I get this particular scene. Red Blood Cell seems excessively surprised that White Blood Cell is dissolving a dead bacterium. Has she just never seen that before? Even if that’s the case, what exactly does the scene accomplish? I guess it could just be random lightheartedness.

I like how this episode uses the platelets.

As random as it is, the fact that the captain tries to do a rain dance is surprisingly funny. At the end of the day, this is a human body, so there is actually an intelligence governing it. The events that the cells see as random or unexplained have pretty simple explanations which we would know. There’s probably something about the parallel to our world here somewhere, but this is not really the post for the discussion.

My main issue with the episode was the inclusion of Bacillus Cereus. I understand that this is a story about the immune system, and it’s hard for White Blood Cell to do anything for a heat stroke without an antigen. However, the whole thing just seems so random. It’s as though the story is trying to distract from the bigger issue with a smaller one.

Planet With Episode 11: Space battles!

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I always enjoy watching this series and this week’s episode is no different. I’m a little sad that we don’t get to see some of the interactions that occur in the five years that have passed, but this episode did a great job of setting up its final fight while remaining lighthearted. I also really liked that the series is still taking the time to add small scenes to explain even more of past events.

How does this show manage to make a random fluff scene funny? I don’t know if this is a comment on the tendency of news reporters to favor sensationalism, but it’s great. Yeah, that guy looks really upset.

It’s nice that Souya and Nozomi have such a strong relationship now, but I wish the show would tell us if they’re going out. Though, I acknowledge that it would be tough to do so without being cheesy if they aren’t going out.

Souya’s college life looks like it would have been fun to watch.

This recurring theme of Souya as the last representative in his race is nice. He alone acts to forgive the dragon for Sirius, and he later builds on this by asking for forgiveness from Ginko on behalf of Sirius.

I don’t know what else to say…this scene is just funny.

This fight wasn’t too bad because the original human heroes get a chance to contribute, but I sure hope there’s more to it. There was barely any time devoted to it in this episode. Still, I refuse to believe that a show like this would spend the entire episode explaining how dangerous the dragon is just to have it go down in one punch. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

I liked the small detail of representing the People of Paradise as an “older brother” in multiple ways. I also think that the whole concept of justice and how it contrasts with love was really interesting. It’s a decent point, and it really makes me want to think on it more.

Happy Sugar Life Episode 10: More confessions

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Well, I think this series is still doing a pretty good job. This episode did a pretty good job of covering the gaps in the story’s past, and gave Shio an interesting role in the show herself. I say interesting mostly because I didn’t expect her to become Satou’s accomplice. This is a crazy ride.

I liked the way the show drew parallels between Satou and Shio’s mother while showing Shio’s past. It really does a good job of showing how similar Satou is to Shio’s mother, as we’ve seen Satou similarly show multiple versions of herself that are wildly different. The similarities also explain why Shio becomes scared and goes off on Satou later.

Truck-kun, please…

While I was watching Shio’s flashbacks, I had a curious thought that maybe Shio’s jar was the one that breaks, rather than her mother’s jar. It would have made for an interesting twist, and Shio could have ended up running from her mother as a result. That being said, I’m fine with the way things turn out, and I like the ambiguous jar crack in this scene.

The fact that a child like Shio can come up with the idea that she didn’t truly love her mother is…oddly impressive. I can’t tell whether to pass it off as an immature thought or truly believe it.

So much for keeping Shio normal…

Hey, Asahi. What are you planning to do with that bat there? Should we get the popcorn?