No Guns Life Episode 9: A new job

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Wurzel appears

Well, I guess this week’s episode gets right into the next story. Presumably, the focus will be on Tetsurou as he tries to get Juuzou to accept him as an apprentice of sorts. It looked like the episode was attempting to show how evil Beruehren is as well. It was kind of a weird episode for me overall, since it seemed like it was trying to start something up, but there were multiple stories happening at the same time.

Cunningham reports to the executives

I like the idea of summarizing the previous episodes by telling the story from the antagonists’ point of view, but this Wurzel executive group seems unnecessarily cryptic. It’s like the series is going to great lengths to make them look extra evil. Anyway, it’s a strange way to handle the aftermath of the previous episode, but I give it props for messing with perspective.

The robots have their orders

This is starting to look like a drug company’s cover-up. Is that what the Extended are supposed to represent here?

Juuzou reluctantly joins

Mary’s interactions with Juuzou in this episode are pretty entertaining. I’d like to see Juuzou start training Tetsurou somehow, so he no longer has to rely so much on Harmony.

Mary talks about her brother

To be honest, my first reaction to Mary’s story about her brother was that he was going to turn out to be Juuzou. It technically could still be the case, but I think it’s a lot less likely if they’re supposedly related.

Colt offers Tetsurou a job

Colt feels like a weird character to me. He seems like the kind of person who has fallen on hard time, so I guess I need to be sympathetic towards him. However, I can’t see him as being anyone more than the blabbermouth who reveals Tetsurou’s powers to the enemy.

Juuzou is offered a new job

When I saw the ending of the episode, I was wondering if I should conclude that Colt was secretly Saryshagan. However, it looks like the guy offering the job is covering his face up, so I guess Colt’s just placed himself in danger again. Does this mean Tetsurou got himself mixed up in something sketchy again?

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