Overlord Final Episode (13): The legend continues?

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I’m surprised that Momonga ended up killing Shalltear and resurrecting her. Was that his plan the whole time? If so, that means that he really wasn’t holding back in the fight. Another question that I had from the episode is the usage of the numerous high-level items in the battle. My assumption from the games I’ve played is that the weapons are still available, but the cash shop items that Momonga mentioned are gone forever. Just how much of Nazarick’s resources were burned in that battle?

Unfortunately, I would say that this series didn’t really work as a whole. The entire series dragged on with fairly little action and Momonga just ran around the world created by the game he loved showing off how overpowered he was. That’s really all I got on this series…

Overlord Episode 12: All calculated

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This final battle shaped up to be pretty interesting, at least. However, this battle displays why I don’t play MMOs…how many buffs did Momonga have to cast at the start of the battle before engaging Shalltear? That being said, I suppose this is the only time in the series where we haven’t seen Momonga completely destroy his opponent with ease. Personally, it’s the first time I’ve even considered his MP to be a limiting resource…it seemed irrelevant before. That being said, it doesn’t really bode well for the show if the only enemy capable of challenging Momonga is one of his own, right?

I guess next week, we’ll get to see what Momonga’s plan was all along. I’m assuming that what he says at the end of this week’s episode about Shalltear’s aggressive battling being her own undoing means that he needs her to be out of MP for the plan to work or something. Either that or it’s one of those silly skills that gets powerful the more you get hurt…something like that. Based on that outburst, though, it looks like Shalltear will be defeated at the start of next week’s episode. Does that mean the rest of the episode is devoted to finding the person responsible for the brainwash and talking with him/her?

Overlord Episode 11: Preparations for battle

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Wow…can we never have Momonga act this somber again? It really doesn’t suit his character (it might suit his human personality, but it doesn’t fit his appearance). Anyway, the only interesting point from this week’s episode is the fact that the enemy somehow managed to gain a world-level item to take over Shalltear. Just how much is that supposed to suggest that the enemy is someone from Yggdrasil? It seems likely to me.

It looks like there are still two episodes left. Will this battle really take two episodes or will the true culprit be revealed after a long battle with Shalltear? That would appropriately cliffhanger into the final episode, I suppose. Is there even a possibility that the reveal will show that the true culprit was a former ally of Momonga’s? Judging by his constant agonizing over his past and former comrades, I can certainly see it happening…but I haven’t decided whether it makes sense for that to happen. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll be really upset if they cop out with some random dude that just happened to find a world-level item.

Overlord Episode 10: That’s one way to do it

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Well, this week’s episode finally explains the scene in the opening sequence with Shalltear fighting Momonga with the dragon armor…I had been assuming it was a betrayal (or just a look-alike) this whole time. But it turns out the only way the world can produce an enemy strong enough to challenge Momonga is to use one of his own again him. If it had to be anyone, I guess Shalltear isn’t a bad choice…this week’s episode was making me dislike her character more and more anyway. Not only was her crazed voice getting annoying, but her fighting style and lack of strategy in general in combat is painful to watch.

I’m assuming Shalltear will be the enemy throughout the rest of the series (three more episodes left). It makes the most sense timing-wise, but given how much this show has been able to fill episodes with basically dead air, I probably wouldn’t be too surprised if this was resolved next week and Momonga went out to do some other random thing in the remaining time. That being said, I can’t imagine the battle to reclaim Shalltear being too difficult…sure Momonga doesn’t want to destroy one of his allies, but he should be overwhelming enough, especially with the help of Nazarick, to handle this, right?

Overlord Episode 9: Well that was easy

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I was hoping for more revelation from Momonga in this week’s episode. I understand that he was learning a bit from the fight, but it wasn’t like they were big-picture world-related pieces of information. Maybe the only thing (and I don’t know how much of a big deal this is) would be that he learned about items that didn’t exist in Yggdrasil, which seems fairly trivial to me. I guess the main point of the episode was to show off how strong Narberal actually was.

This week’s episode ends with some potential strife back at Nazarick, but given that it’s Shalltear, who was blindly obsessed with Momonga similar to Albedo, I can only imagine that it will be something silly that’s resolved quickly at the beginning of next week’s episode. Given the fact that only four episodes remain in this series, I can only imagine that the next “excursion” or whatever will be the last one…

Overlord Episode 8: Well, at least stuff is happening

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And so it continues. I was a little surprised that those newbie adventurers were killed and tossed aside so easily, but I guess they weren’t exactly the most important characters in the world. Other than that, Momonga slices up some skeletons this week…pacing is still really slow. Random question, though: why bring the hamster to the fight if it’s just going to hide in a tree and watch the whole time? Does the hamster actually do anything useful?

I was hoping this week’s episode would reveal some sort of end point for this series, but given that this whole situation will likely end next week, I’m guessing that rescuing Nphirea is not going to be the final event in this series. I’m assuming the fight with Clementine is going to reveal something about this world to Momonga and he might find something to actually investigate with his time.

Overlord Episode 7: More nothing…

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Once again, nothing major happens in this week’s episode. The only event of real note is that Nphirea finds out that Momonga and Ains are the same person, which isn’t exactly a huge revelation. Isn’t it a bit disappointing that a series that has such intense OP and ED songs feels so much like filler? Well, theoretically things will start to pick up next week since this Clementine character has finally revealed herself to Nphirea and will likely capture him at the start of next week’s episode.

Given that this series is only 13 episodes, what kind of ending is it going to have? With the current pacing, it looks like there will be very little happening by the time we reach the end. Does that mean that there will be another season to fill in the rest? If that’s the case, it would probably mean that there will be a break next season before the show picks up again…which means the ending of this season will likely be a cliffhanger. Alternatively, the show could ramp up really hard in the last few episodes…but I can’t imagine how that would look.

Overlord Episode 6: Is something going to happen?

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Another slow episode this week…all it really does is demonstrate Momonga’s abilities in his knight form. He’s basically indistinguishable from his mage form since both forms are so overwhelmingly powerful. That being said, I guess this week’s episode somewhat clears my suspicions of Nphirea…it makes little sense for him to have some dark and hidden motive for hiring Momonga considering the way he’s acting around the group. Other than that, though, I’d say we don’t gain too much extra knowledge this week…

Meanwhile, we still have this Clementine character in the background searching around for Nphirea. I thought that might become relevant this week, but I guess the team needed some time to bond. Maybe she’ll make her appearance next week? If so, will we finally see limits on Momonga’s power or will she just be another quick win?

Overlord Episode 5: Start slow, huh?

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It looks like this show is starting to take a similar route as The New Gate, with Momonga now trying to blend in with the local adventurers’ guild as a new recruit. Anyway, this week’s episode ended up being pretty uneventful. I guess it’s a lot of setup for an upcoming conflict. I’m actually curious what exactly Momonga has set into motion just by giving away that health potion at the inn. I’m also wondering whether this pharmacist is just curious about Momonga after seeing the potion or actually has some malicious intent hidden away.

Random side note: there was one particular scene in the episode that had me confused. Momonga went specifically chose not to antagonize the potion girl because he saw her iron plate, but had no problem taking out the guys trying to harass him…were they just copper plates as well?

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I guess next week will pit Momonga against this new enemy, Clementine…given her behavior, I’m surprised she doesn’t already work for him. Anyway, just how much of his power is he willing to show to his new allies? Also, I’m a bit curious to see how his fighting style changes while wearing all of that armor. When it was first introduced, he used it as a way to wield a sword because he couldn’t do so as a mage. Does that mean he’ll become a front-liner instead of a standard caster? It would make sense given that he brought a magic caster to escort him…

Overlord Episode 4: Epic facepalm

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This week’s episode…well, it’s pretty similar to last week’s episode in that it’s another display of overwhelming force from Momonga. I’m assuming the point is to show how peerless he is in this new world. To put things in perspective, try to remember that he was fighting these angels with light-element spells as an undead sorcerer. Maybe that was the reason he was taking nonzero damage from that higher angel or something…

I guess this is the beginning of the plot to take over the world. While Momonga’s intentions are just to find “his people” (I’m still not convinced there are any more in this world), it seems his servants have taken a different interpretation. I’m also assuming he hears about this and thinks it’s an okay idea anyway. How is the story going to progress, though? Is Momonga just going to further assimilate into the world learning the politics and culture? Or will he actually just be finding more clues related to Yggdrasil?