Overlord Episode 11: Preparations for battle

[HorribleSubs] OverLord - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.26_[2015.09.16_06.34.07]

Wow…can we never have Momonga act this somber again? It really doesn’t suit his character (it might suit his human personality, but it doesn’t fit his appearance). Anyway, the only interesting point from this week’s episode is the fact that the enemy somehow managed to gain a world-level item to take over Shalltear. Just how much is that supposed to suggest that the enemy is someone from Yggdrasil? It seems likely to me.

It looks like there are still two episodes left. Will this battle really take two episodes or will the true culprit be revealed after a long battle with Shalltear? That would appropriately cliffhanger into the final episode, I suppose. Is there even a possibility that the reveal will show that the true culprit was a former ally of Momonga’s? Judging by his constant agonizing over his past and former comrades, I can certainly see it happening…but I haven’t decided whether it makes sense for that to happen. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll be really upset if they cop out with some random dude that just happened to find a world-level item.

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