Overlord Episode 12: All calculated

[HorribleSubs] OverLord - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.26_[2015.09.23_06.43.15]

This final battle shaped up to be pretty interesting, at least. However, this battle displays why I don’t play MMOs…how many buffs did Momonga have to cast at the start of the battle before engaging Shalltear? That being said, I suppose this is the only time in the series where we haven’t seen Momonga completely destroy his opponent with ease. Personally, it’s the first time I’ve even considered his MP to be a limiting resource…it seemed irrelevant before. That being said, it doesn’t really bode well for the show if the only enemy capable of challenging Momonga is one of his own, right?

I guess next week, we’ll get to see what Momonga’s plan was all along. I’m assuming that what he says at the end of this week’s episode about Shalltear’s aggressive battling being her own undoing means that he needs her to be out of MP for the plan to work or something. Either that or it’s one of those silly skills that gets powerful the more you get hurt…something like that. Based on that outburst, though, it looks like Shalltear will be defeated at the start of next week’s episode. Does that mean the rest of the episode is devoted to finding the person responsible for the brainwash and talking with him/her?

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