Darling in the FranXX Episode 15: Reconciliation

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I was pretty annoyed after last week’s episode, but I felt a lot better about this week’s episode. I liked that the episode dropped some interesting hints about the world, even if some of those “hints” were a little bit more blatant than that. In addition, I did like how Zero Two’s scenes played out.

I’m not sure how much this was suggested before this episode, but I find it interesting that the 9’s seem to be pretty similar to Zero Two. It makes sense given that she was previously on their team, but I’m curious about the seemingly thematic teams.

I really liked this line. The suspected link between klaxosaurs and humans is pretty obvious, so this question from Goro is a pretty passive hint.

This scene also showed some surprising subtlety. Rather than giving a long-winded explanation, this “standard” line about honor makes it pretty clear that this guy’s being ordered to sacrifice himself.

Wow, Goro…earning major points for being such a bro.

I know there are more important things happening right now, but can anyone explain to me how Ichigo is piloting her Franxx alone right now? Wasn’t there an earlier episode that showed her struggling to do that? Is this supposed to be some kind of hidden character progress?

This scene…just frustrated me. I think the human shape in the core is interesting, but I really hated how much attention was drawn to it. When the characters mention that it looks human, it just felt like the series wanted to make sure everyone watching noticed.

I’m still not a fan of the “blood ingestion” being enough to mess with Hiro, but I really liked Zero Two’s memories here. The scene did a great job of emphasizing how much she struggled to hold on to her memories of Hiro.


Hinamatsuri Episode 3: Money problems

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I’m continually surprised by how much fun I have watching this show. The show has a reserved goofiness to it that makes it feel less like it’s forcing gags to happen.

Having Anzu remain homeless is such a weird thing. It feels like one of those developments that you’d expect to be heavily overplayed, but it ends up working out when you consider her adamant pride. I think it might say something about Nitta too, as a normal protagonist would just take Anzu in.

It’s super random, but I like Hitomi as a bartender. It’s a fun contrast to her straightlaced personality in school. Plus, her interactions with drunk adults are hilarious.

I was going to say something about the fairly generic nature of Hina’s clumsiness in this episode, but it was surprisingly funny. In particular, I really liked the way the episode ended. Cutting to the ED song before showing Nitta’s reaction completely caught me off-guard. It’s one of those situations where it’s pretty clear how he’ll react.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 3: Cat problems

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Well, I wasn’t expecting to see an episode narrated by Nyanko Big, but it was still pretty entertaining. I liked how the episode framed events around the cat naturally while also using him to introduce some background stories for the main characters.

I liked how the scene in the cafe played out. The elderly couple got introduced as regulars pretty seamlessly as part of Nyanko Big’s narration. I did get the sense that younger couple was shrugged off a bit after the 8-second thing, but I guess I can understand what they were there to accomplish.

Even when the show reaches the park, it still gives Nyanko Big a reason to be there. At the point in the story, I figured his role was done.

This unintentional insult from Hinako was pretty funny. I didn’t expect that kind of comment to come from her.

My only real concern with the episode was that I felt like it pushed the “8 second” thing a little too hard. I thought the timer was funny, but I wasn’t a fan of seeing Nyanko Big draw attention to it every time by repeating himself. In contrast, the scene with the indirect kiss between Tada and Teresa was more of what I liked to see. No big fuss is made about it, and Nyanko Big leaves with a suggestive comment to point towards the scene’s meaning.

Steins;Gate 0 Episode 2: Advanced coping

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This series continues to be pretty intriguing, even if the science bits are a bit frustrating to watch. I’m a little alarmed that the series seems to be trying to inflict as much suffering as possible on Okabe, but I’m really curious to see where it goes.

This entire exchange really didn’t feel like much to me. Sure, the scientist was being annoying by flatly rejecting the concept of storing memories as data, but it should be pretty simple to explain the mechanism behind the process if it really works. I’m really not a fan of giving Okabe the nickname “Einstein” just because he appealed to the possibilities of science. I agree with Okabe’s sentiment, but it just didn’t feel relevant here.

I also quite like the idea of watching Maho and Okabe bond over their relationship with Kurisu (and the sense of loss they both feel). I’m glad they didn’t go into some weird phase where Okabe pretends to know as much as Kurisu did. The truth comes out pretty quickly.

I’m quite curious about this scene where Kurisu considers the possibility of time travel rather than flatly rejecting it like her living counterpart. Okabe eventually accepts that Amadeus is replicating Kurisu perfectly without really addressing this scene, which makes me really suspicious. The simple explanation is that Kurisu experiences something big enough to change her worldview before meeting Okabe, but we’ll have to see. Alternatively, I’m just forgetting something from the original.

I’m surprised that Okabe sees this as a form of consolation. Being constantly reminded of Kurisu feels like a pretty bad way to get over her.

There’s something really comical about the fact that this advanced AI system has its own app.

Dorei-ku the Animation First Impressions (1): That was odd

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I was drawn to this show because the premise seemed like it could be interesting, but I wasn’t really having a good time watching the first episode. A system that allows one person to control another seems to get at the kinds of moral questions I like. But at the end of the day, this show reminds me a lot of Kakegurui with some forced component to the punishments. We’re probably just in for watching a bunch of really crappy people get their comeuppance. I dunno…this series might be a little too messed up for me.

Seems a bit odd to me to lead with this kind of symbolism stuff.

Not too hard to see where this is going.

This scene actually came as a huge shock after the opening scene of this episode. It does make sense from a technological standpoint that these devices work in pairs, but it really makes me question the popularity of them. Seriously, why would you believe someone enough to stick this thing in your mouth? It doesn’t even look comfortable.

I also question this effect. I guess you could argue that the device hooks your brain to it while it’s active, but that explanation feels incomplete. I find it hard to believe that this could happen silently. You’d at least feel some euphoria, right?

This might be the weirdest scenario devised to bring two characters together that I’ve ever seen. This guy was just looking for a smart person to have his back? I mean…there have to be better ways.

Golden Kamuy Episode 2: I’m still trying to decide how seriously to take this show

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I’m still having fun watching this series. This week’s episode felt like a bit of a strange mix of lighthearted scenes and harsh scenes, but it kinda worked for me. I thought the lighter scenes illustrated good interactions between the main characters, so I’m starting to feel more invested in them.

These two characters are great together.

Adding extra competing elements seems like it would make things more dramatic. I don’t have a problem with it.

The food preparation conversation was really interesting. I liked the information it gave about the Ainu traditions. Plus, I have my typical soft spot for cooking scenes.

So…what exactly happened with the first prisoner? When he was shot, the episode made sure to emphasize that Asirpa’s drawing was ruined by the blood splatter, but it never returns to that. I guess I’m supposed to assume that they eventually go back to carve up the dead body like they did last week. However, it seems like a strange things to skip without mentioning when a scene was put in specifically to mess up the sketch.

Where the heck did this random narrator voice come from? It feels so unnecessary.

Honestly, I expected the 7th Division to immediately find this guy at the end of the episode to kill him.

Caligula First Impressions (2): Everything is a lie

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I’m still not completely sure what to make of this show. I like the concept behind it, but I thought a couple of the developments in this episode were strange. I think the episode did a decent job of introducing the world a bit more despite the confusion of the major characters, so I’m still curious to see where it goes.

If Ritsu’s running across the street, he should be running parallel to the crosswalk. Yet he somehow falls perpendicular to it. Also, he’s somehow standing on the sidewalk when he stands up.

Shougo questions why Ritsu is only able to partially understand what’s going on in the world by asking why he was only half awakened. Doesn’t that kinda speak for itself?

I did like how the episode categorized the types of people in this world. The people like Ritsu have somehow figured out that there’s something wrong with the world. In addition to them, there are apparently the people who are still blind, the people who are part of the system who show up as screen blurs, and the people who are part of the system who attack in response to a song. I’m sure these groups will all get fancy names some time soon.

So, I liked watching Ritsu’s thought process as he tried to process what he was seeing to draw a conclusion about the true nature of the world. I thought it was a bit frustrating that his working theory of a pandemic is completely trivialized when he’s just told that the world is fake.

Also, I’m going to need to decide what I’m going to do about the Greek letter if I’m going to keep watching this show.

Darling in the FranXX Episode 14: So close to getting some answers

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Honestly, this week’s episode felt like a cop-out after what we saw in the previous episode. I’m sympathetic in that I can understand the reasoning behind the actions of both Ichigo and Zero Two, but I’m still somewhat annoyed that the episode dances around Hiro’s past with Zero Two rather than letting the two of them figure it out. That’s why I call it a cop-out.

Hmm, I must have misunderstood last week’s episode. This line from Zero Two makes me think that she also didn’t realize that Hiro was the boy she met when she was younger. I guess the memory wipe was effective after all.

Yeah, this seems like an appropriate time to do this. I suppose we’re dismissing this because Mitsuru’s had his episode already?

Wait, I was joking when I said that Hiro became compatible with Zero Two after he licked her blood. I didn’t think it was actually a reasonable explanation.

Ichigo’s proposal seems extreme, but I’d say it makes sense given what she knows. From her perspective, Zero Two probably seems like a big liability. Plus, she got her team to agree, so it’s not like she’s acting on her own.

You know, I was expecting Hiro to lick Ichigo’s cut here to continue with the blood transfer shenanigans, but I guess that wasn’t the reason for the scene.

Well then…this might be a bit of an overreaction. I could make the case that Zero Two is inherently unstable, though. Recent events certainly haven’t helped with that.

I think we can all agree, though. It really sucks to be Goro.

Spring 2018 Quick Impressions: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi, Isekai Izakaya, Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

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Since I have once again taken on a lot of shows in this season, I’m going to go over a few of them in one post.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

This series seems to be in my wheelhouse. I tend to like stories revolving around different perspectives on folk tales, and this series has that kind of setup. The main character is basically discovering a fairly standard supernatural realm. It seems like the kind of show I would normally want to watch, but I’m somewhat skeptical so far.

Something about this show hasn’t quite clicked with me yet. I acknowledge that the first two episodes are still introducing the setting, but the tengu’s story didn’t really seem that interesting. It felt like it was just trying hard to cement the fact that Aoi doesn’t understand the world’s customs.

For the time being, I’m still waiting to see where the show is going. If it focuses too much on the oni king, I feel like I might just lose interest. I’m sure that there’s a massive misunderstanding driving this story, which really bugs me.

Isekai Izakaya

The premise of this series seems suspiciously close to that of Isekai Shokudou, featuring a restaurant that links to a different world. So far, the alternate world doesn’t seem like a blatant fantasy world, which makes me wonder if it’s just a historical world. The first episode seemed okay, but I was a bit bothered by how much the second episode reused themes from the first episode (like the uncontrolled eating of beans and the cold feel of the beer glass).

The show also seems to rely pretty heavily on words flashed across the screen to describe its food. So far, I find it pretty distracting. I get the feeling that there’s too much text on the screen to keep track.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

I really had no idea what to expect from this series, but I found it strangely charming. It has a pretty standard setup for a romantic comedy, but I’m liking a lot of the little things the show does in the background. The “surprise transfer student” development in the first episode was kinda strange, but I liked the photograph game in the second episode a lot. It was a great way to introduce the characters by forcing them to interact.

My favorite interaction so far has been the one between the photography club’s president, Hajime, and the class rep, Hasegawa. I enjoyed watching the class rep’s identity as Hina being suggested based on her reactions and subsequently confirmed by Alec’s reactions. The expressions were great and felt like a great way to tell the audience the truth of the situation.

I also thought this random couple in the staircase was funny. Anyway, this show seems fun so far even if I understand none of the photography-related information. I’m curious to see where it goes.

Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru First Impressions (2): Kept in the dark

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I never expected to see a line like this in an anime. I’m having a hard time watching this series. I feel like I don’t know enough about this world, and the story wants to march along despite that fact. And this series seems like the kind of show that benefits from really strong world building, so I’m quite confused.

Is there a point to this romance? I get that Gaius is in some kind of stable relationship, but these scenes feel like such a waste of time. They would make a lot more sense if Jiv is actually going to betray Gaius later or something. There’s a really weird scene in the battle at the end of the episode where the focus suddenly shifts to showing Jiv, so I get the sense that I’m supposed to be suspicious of her.

This scene really felt like the show’s way of insisting that it’s a sci-fi show rather than a fantasy show. You’re not fooling anyone.

Okay, I get the “brain vs. brawn” dichotomy of Gaius and Gigina already. What the heck is a chemical manipulation type?

This is not the conversation I expected to see…

I was actually okay with this scene. In an earlier scene Gaius mentions that he happened to train under a “great master”, so the combination of that conversation with this one is probably supposed to introduce the main characters a bit. It sounds like the two trained under this Diorg person, and that person’s job was passed on to them. I’m guessing it was the result of some kind of tragedy? They don’t seem too sad about it.

Given that the only thing we’ve seen in this series so far is the fight against the black dragon, this girl’s accusations seem pretty clear. So, the confusion of the main characters seems like unnecessary mystery that doesn’t add anything.