Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne Episode 10: Party time

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A new model appears

It’s weird seeing the series slow down after it skipped through so much content. This week’s episode features a brief throwback to Mile’s academy days, but it’s otherwise another team bonding mission. Admittedly, I think the misunderstandings in this episode were fun, especially when Mile has a literal god as her sounding board. I just get the sense that the series has made it a point to get us here when it could have just stayed slice of life at a leisurely pace.

Reina gets a surprise party

Well, I’ll give this flashback credit for being on-topic. These stories always make me feel bad for the friends that Mile left behind when she ran away.

Reina imagines Mile's reaction to the surprise party

I think it’s surprisingly sweet of Reina to feel jealous of Mile’s academy friends.

Mile wonders how she could have wronged her friends

It’s hilarious that Mile hesitates to spy on her friends while they’re on their quest, but she’s totally fine with spying on their private lives. I was okay with the cookie stealing, but measuring Reina’s chest is a bit suspect.

Mile reveals her tastes

It’s really not hard to figure out where this entire episode is going with the plot threads it sets up, but I will always give this series props for churning out great faces. This episode was a gold mine for reaction face screenshots, so it gets my thumbs up.

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