Re:Creators Episode 18: Everyone is assembled!

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There was definitely a lot of stuff going on in this episode, but I think it’s pretty easy to boil it down. Pretty much everyone has turned on Altair. And with Charon’s entrance, I think we’ve covered pretty much every character that needs to be introduced in this battle (except a potential new design from Sota).

I still think Suruga is overestimating her fans. She states that using Meteora to bring back Blitz’s daughter was easier than expected, but I honestly think it wouldn’t have been too hard to bring her back within the context of her story. That being said, this definitely explains Meteora’s comment to Suruga about the story.

Hikayu’s redesign was definitely the strangest one in my eyes. I was expecting her to gain some random powers, but she was basically ported into a completely different game type. Still, I enjoyed her moments a lot more than I expected. Her entrance was hilarious, and it was pretty great that she was the one who eventually defeated Sho.

Sota and Magane’s discussion is probably my favorite piece of this episode. Sota shows a distinctly different approach from his previous conversation with Magane, indicating that he’s actually changed. And rather than stubbornly attacking Magane, he tries to understand her stance to properly reject it.

Now I’m just curious to what extent Magane ended up helping him. I still don’t have a great grasp of how her power works, so I’m not entirely sure what Sota can do now. Can he create without needing approval from the audience?

The spoiler piece was unexpectedly funny for how tense this battle is supposed to be.

It’s also great that even the creation can’t believe the creator’s story. That’s gotta be rough.

I don’t really want to sound like I’m complaining about Alicetaria’s section of the episode, but I kinda wish her betrayal had more of an impact in the battle itself. Charon seems to have stolen the spotlight there. I suppose there’s still plenty of time for her to contribute.

Given how easily Sho’s issues with Yuuya seem to have been resolved in this episode, I’m surprised that Charon’s reveal is such a big deal. Just how impactful is this supposed to be? My only thought is that it’s a fun display of how Yuuya and Selesia approached their stories. Yuuya willingly accepted information from his creator while Selesia chose not to hear anything from the light novel version of her story. Maybe it’s finally coming back to bite her.

Knight’s & Magic Episode 7: More combat

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This week’s episode was just a joy to watch. I still feel like I’m missing a lot of context in this series, but both of the fights in the episode were really cool. If I had to name a favorite in this episode, I would probably choose the Guair. I felt like I couldn’t see past the gimmicks in the other suits, and Dietrich’s fight was pure swordplay…much more appealing.

The result of the mock battle wasn’t super surprising either…they made it pretty clear last week that the lab was a good support system for Ernesti’s crazy inventions.

This scene is my main question for this episode. I’m not sure if this was explained earlier in the series, but I don’t remember much being said about mana regeneration in this world. Was this something new that Ernesti developed in this suit or has it just never been a significant factor? Also, Ernesti’s suit seems to be getting closer and closer to a Gundam…

I was initially skeptical about the battle between the former king and his grandson. It didn’t make sense to me that Ernesti would create the same Silhouette Knight for both of them. But after the fight, it was pretty clear that the two were very similar. I guess it works out.

And I guess this episode was introducing a new foe of some sort. Is this girl supposed to be related to the beasts? She seems important enough to be a character.

Also, it really sucks to be Addy…

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 7: The final battle approaches

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Overall, this episode didn’t really feel like much, but it built up a lot near the end. I’m pretty annoyed at the beginning of the episode for fizzling a very obviously overblown cliffhanger instantly. The end of the episode seems to be moving towards a large-scale battle, though, which is something I always like to see. I’m curious whether this battle is related to the battle from the beginning of the series, but Siegfried, Jack, and Mordred are missing.

I guess the episode was meant to show Sieg resolving himself and rejoining the fight, but his scenes felt more like distractions than anything else. I suppose it was better than the time wasted on Shakespeare’s speech…

I’m not sure what to make of this flashback(?) scene. Was that a burning Fuyuki? Some memory from Shirou?

You’re one to talk about “cowardice”, Assassin. Didn’t you open that battle with poison fog? I guess I can’t complain since the Assassin of Red just summoned a floating fortress.

I’ll be really surprised if we don’t lose some Servants in this upcoming battle. Hopefully, we’re in for some epic fighting next week. Though, I admit I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a decent number of flashbacks and memory sequences to flesh out some characters before they die.

Re:Creators Episode 17: Plans everywhere

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Whew…we finally got an episode. This week’s episode seems to answer the question I’ve been asking since the Chamber Festival plan was created. Why would Altair even play along with this plan? Based on the episode, I guess the answer is that she expected it to happen and already planned to defeat them anyway.

There are a lot of good moments in this episode, so I want to take a second to address the action first. For the most part, I thought the abilities displayed in the episode looked pretty cool, but I thought the fighting itself was lacking. Alicetaria pretty much played cat and mouse with Rui and Selesia was constantly slashing and shooting at a shield of swords. That being said, the scene where Alicetaria uses her lightning to stop Rui’s blasts was pretty awesome.

I really don’t have much to say about the Mirokuji fight. I still think it’s not an interesting fight to have in a show that pits different genres against each other. If you compare the face-off to the fight between Alicetaria and Rui, they’re just completely different in terms of atmosphere. Though, I will say that the “attacking through glass” thing was cool.

Alicetaria is probably my favorite surprise from this episode. We already saw part of her planning, but I wasn’t expecting her to fight alongside Altair while putting it into action. She looks like she’s building up to a big betrayal moment, which I look forward to seeing. But even aside from that, this episode had Alicetaria looking much more expressive and dynamic as a character, as opposed to her previous self.

And then, of course, I want to talk about the big Blitz Talker scene in this episode. While there’s some pretty standard stuff about brushing off the efforts of the successful in that scene, I liked that Suruga was straight about her motivations, without any of the fluffier speech that the other authors (and Sota) used. She knows what she wants to accomplish and she’s truly aware that she’s the god of Blitz’s world.

I’m also not too confused about the fact that Suruga revived Blitz’s daughter. I’ve interacted with enough people to know that fans have no problem with the idea of bringing a dead character back to life in anime, so it’s not like it would be hard to get fan acceptance.

Knight’s & Magic Episode 6: More suits

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A lot of pieces in this episode felt off, but I think I was okay with a couple of the main points. This episode seemed to really push Ernesti’s motivations. He’s afraid that he won’t be able to accomplish his goal of creating his dream machine before he runs out of time. I don’t particularly have a problem with this, but I have to say that the nightmare sequences were a bit strange, especially the second time.

I also get the sense that the Silhouette Knight Laboratory and the Order of the Silver Phoenix will work out okay in this series. The Laboratory has shown itself to be capable of translating Ernesti’s designs into more practical models, while Ernesti continues to break the mold with his new Silhouette Knights. I know it was shown as a rivalry, but they clearly compliment each other.

Let’s get into some of the stuff that didn’t really make sense. First off, we had this random innovation with the “simpler” powered suit. Was I supposed to know enough to understand why a miniaturized Magius Engine would make it easier for a suit to be piloted? That seemed to come out of nowhere and Ernesti’s explanation didn’t seem to help.

The “lock and key” system for the Silhouette Knights also came as a bit of a surprise. I understand that it logically followed from the recent theft incident, but it once again came out of nowhere. The key seemed like a pretty big innovation that tied together with past events, but Ernesti literally pulls it out of thin air and we’re just supposed to accept that.

But anyway…we got a new suit. Next week, let’s see it in action.

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 6: Back to the Servants

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Alright, looks like we’re back to Mordred…I suppose it’s hard to be the main character in a seven vs. seven deathmatch. I’m gonna stop commenting on fight animation in this series because I feel like I say the same things every week. I think there’s plenty more to say in this episode anyway.

Let’s start with Mordred. From her perspective, I think her past wasn’t particularly interesting. She’s really easy to boil down to “Daddy didn’t notice me”. On the other hand, Arturia’s motivations might be a bit more interesting. We’ve seen her vulnerabilities in other Fate series, so her reaction to a father-worshipping son is probably justified. Also, I’m not even gonna try with genders.

I didn’t mind this, though…

I can’t say I have an issue with sacrificing Gordes either.

This scene was just hilarious. Making Fran hate electricity is just a really nice touch.

I can’t tell whether they’re being serious with this character. She’s literally Dr. Octopus right now. But all of that aside, the cliffhanger at the end of the episode feels a bit cheap. I get the sense that her brother (the glasses guy) will show up to save her and potentially die himself. His comment about summoning Fran with a Command Spell if he gets in trouble seems very much like a death flag. Surely, they wouldn’t just make Fran disappear so early, right?

Knight’s & Magic Episode 5: Enemy hands

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I think this week’s episode was more enjoyable overall because it had a lot more fighting in it. As much as I criticize this series, I have to say that the mecha fights look pretty good even when comparing to human fights in anime. It feels like I’m sitting back and actually watching two robots fight, not a jumbled mass of motion.

Now, on to criticism. I seriously have no idea what’s going on with the narration in this episode. In this particular scene, you would have be completely blind to need the narrator’s description of the scene. And at the end of the episode, an entire battle against a horde of demon beasts is completely skipped in favor of narration that effectively says “the main characters won”. It’s really frustrating.

Another point in the episode that rubbed me the wrong way was Ernesti’s introduction to the fight. While I perfectly buy that he’d be able to wipe out the enemies by himself, it seemed really odd that the enemies around the castle were completely still while he was attacking them. It’s shown later in the episode that the power suits are hard to see, but I feel like they should have been fighting someone else or running away.

I take minor issue with Kid’s win in this episode. I’m willing to accept it as comedic relief, but I think Kid deserved a chance to shine rather than a pure dumb luck win. They’ve established in previous episodes that he’s pretty capable from his training with Ernesti. But I admit this is a pretty small thing.

It’s a bit funny that the bandits effectively helped Ernesti with his goal by giving the king a reason to make him responsible for new Silhouette Knight development. Granted it’s not an ideal situation, but isn’t Ernesti pretty much getting what he wants?

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 5: Finding life

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This week’s episode felt pretty mellow in comparison to last week’s episode, but it introduced some interesting elements. I’m guessing we needed to cool down a bit after Siegfried’s death. And on that note, I’ll start with Sieg. The stuff about his name was pretty simple. He probably only took half of Siegfried’s name because he thinks of himself as half a person or something.

I was a little curious about Sieg’s view of the other homunculi, though. If he was just like the other homunculi and still managed to escape his captivity, why doesn’t he wish it on the others? It’s true that there’s no Siegfried around to give any of the others a new heart. I guess the explanation could be as simple as that. He might not want to wish the suffering he experienced before his “death” on the other homunculi. But why does he make it sound like they’re incapable of acting as he did?

Introducing Assassin of Black as a third faction in this war makes things interesting. I think it makes the series get closer to the normal Fate stories if the alliances are a bit more shaky. Also, is she supposed to be Jack the Ripper? It seems like an appropriate identity for Assassin, and it would mean that she’s the next target for the series.

We also get some background on Ruler this week. I apologize for my misconception in episode 2. This explanation clears that up nicely. The mistake in her summoning was her lack of body, not the fact that she was summoned in the first place.

Is this a Ruler-specific power or is this just a mundane prediction? Is Jeanne able to see the future?

Also, Astolfo managed to get off pretty easy.

Re:Creators Episode 16: Preparing for the final fight

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This week’s episode ended up being pretty chill as we reach the final moments before the big battle. I’m really curious about how the Birdcage business is going to play out because we still seem to have a lot of time left in the series. The somewhat carefree mood of this episode combined with that makes me wonder if we’re in for some pain in the next episode. We know this is a series that’s not afraid to kill a major character after all.

But hey…with the breaks that this series has been taking with episode releases, maybe we’re just in for an extended slugfest of a finale. We’ve been given a lot of setup in the past few episodes. The new characters on Altair’s side need to interact with the main characters. Alicetaria still has to reveal her secret plan involving Magane. And if everyone potentially has new powers, there could be quite a lot to see.

I wasn’t sure about Selesia’s driving scene at the beginning of the episode, but it made a lot more sense when Vogelchevalier appeared near the end. I guess it’s also a throwback to the first episode of the series, which is a nice thing to do right before you head into a “final” battle. Still, I have to wonder if Rui would have been more appropriate, but I suppose he’s already had his leisurely drive with Sota.

I’m a bit curious about this scene with Meteora and Suruga. Suruga is Blitz Talker’s creator, so she probably has to handicap him in some way in the final battle. But something about this scene makes me wonder why Meteora felt the need to ask whether she was truly okay. Was this just innocuous?

I don’t really have a problem with drunk Kikuchihara, but it feels a bit cheap to have the characters comment on how hard her job is when we don’t really have much of an indication as the audience. I get that organizing an event of this scale would be difficult, but we could at least get some sense that she’s doing everything herself.

I had to include this scene. It’s just too real, man…

Is the secret weapon just the character that Sota’s creating? Surely, it can’t be that important, so maybe there’s something more going on. This seems like a bit of a cruel tease…

Knight’s & Magic Episode 4: The dreaded presentation

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I found this episode less frustrating than previous episodes, but it still has its share of issues. Honestly, the scenes surrounding Ernesti’s meeting with the marquis seemed fine. The marquis clearly wanted to trick Ernesti into revealing a hidden scheme and Ernesti basically blinded him with pure passion. When the marquis offers to take over Ernesti’s work and present it to the king, Ernesti’s reaction also kinda makes sense. As a former programmer, I don’t expect he would mind talking about his work, but multiple formal presentations of the same product are excessive. The marquis was basically offering to do some of the business stuff for him, allowing Ernesti to continue working.

This episode also seems to get at the reason behind the slow improvements in Silhouette Knight design when Addy mentions that Ernesti’s talent is thinking of Silhouette Knights outside the realm of human anatomy. Human anatomy can be frustratingly inefficient at times and it changes slowly, so it would be difficult to make rapid improvements with such constraints.

The Order of the Bronze Fang was probably the most awkward part of this episode in my eyes. They’ve been showcased before in this series, but they still felt unnecessary in this episode. When the shaker worms attack, I could only suspect that the marquis or the suspicious father of Addy and Kid was behind it. It’s really hard for me to believe that the trip to meet the marquis and the shaker worm attack were unrelated. Add in the fact that the ending of the episode is some sort of precursor for war and I just can’t make any sense of these bandits.

Plus, why do these men need to bring out every single person who has worked on the new units in order to arrange a meeting with the marquis? Why not just talk to someone in charge?

Ernesti’s ramblings seem interesting, but I’m curious how far they can carry the series. The events at the end of this episode make me wonder if everything is headed towards an ending where the series says “now that you’ve made the new machines, Ernesti, let’s just throw them into standard combat for the rest of the season”. It just seems like a bit of a waste.