Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne Episode 5: Everyone has a past

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Reina remembers her family

I guess this is the stuff they skipped from the light novel. Last week’s episode teased Reina’s character story, but it turns out that every character gets a chance to share. While it’s nicely compact and all, I do wonder how much of Mile’s story is missing here. I also would have appreciated if the tone of the episode had shifted with the tone of each story. But that aside, we certainly have a colorful cast of rogues.

Reina loses her father

I’m surprised that the character with the most suffering gets to go first. Well, I suppose Reina has decent reasons for being less forgiving than her companions.

Reina burns her foes

This might just be me, but I felt like Reina’s story could have benefit from some spacing. It’s sad to see her lose her second family, but I think it’s much more effective if reinforcements didn’t arrive right after their deaths. Let her wander a little first. That being said, I liked seeing this explanation for the flashback in the previous episode. I wasn’t expecting this level of darkness in a series like this.

Pauline's mother hatches a plan

So, Pauline gets it from her mother. That’s my takeaway from her story.

Mile wakes up as a noble

The isekai awakening seems so much less intrusive as a delayed flashback. My main comment on Mile’s past is that the episode seems to go to a disturbing length to force the Cinderella parody on her.

Mile doesn't know how to react

I guess this is the weekly reminder that Mile has the best faces. Also, it’s a pretty small scene, but I think my favorite part of the episode is the depiction of Reina’s inner fire. It’s shown flaring up when she unlocks her magical abilities, but it dims when she finally tells her friends. It’s a cool thing to add.

Mile pretends to be a goddess

Mile really knows how to keep a low profile. Part of me wonders whether her friends from the academy will return in the future. It seems strange that they just disappear from her life.

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