Arcana Famiglia Final Episode

And what do you know? No choice was made. Typical ending, but like I said, it was nearly impossible to choose Nova or Liberta over the other (unless you had some personal preference). Honestly, I’m rather glad this one’s done…it was becoming somewhat frustrating to watch. I was hoping they’d at least step it up in the Arcana Duello, but they ended up making the battles end in one move for the most part. It was an interesting concept, I guess…it just didn’t quite go in the direction I would have preferred. It’s too bad…the world needs more psychic powers. Anyway, without much else to say, I just wanted to finish by pointing one thing out.

Random inconsistency note: in the above scene, Sumire is actually fighting with Nova at the time, so she couldn’t possibly be standing next to Mondo. You could say that Nova and Sumire’s fight occurs at a different time than Dante and Liberta’s fight, but this doesn’t quite hold either. For one, immediately after Liberta’s battle, Felicita’s thoughts are interrupted by a sword strike’s sound from Nova. Also, in an earlier scene in Liberta’s battle, Mondo is shown sitting alone without Sumire. So…yeah…good job.

Arcana Famiglia Episode 11

Oh wait…there’s only one episode left. I wasn’t even paying attention. But hey…it’s finally time for the Arcana Duello we’ve been expecting for so long. This episode was just mostly Nova and Liberta getting over their issues and demonstrating that they’re fully capable of using their abilities now. Liberta still seems absurdly more powerful than Nova, though.

So many predictions that can be made for the last episode. It’s a tough call for me. If the Duello will truly decide who Felicita chooses, then Nova will have to fight Liberta…I would say that Liberta has the edge, but it’s such an obvious advantage that I wonder if Nova will just be able to out-smart him. I’m also entertaining the idea that Felicita ends up choosing both in the end (two people give more power than one, right?…right?). Either way, at least she’ll have to choose something (as opposed to the friend zone ending of most harems).

Arcana Famiglia Episode 10

Memories lost and Mondo nearly dies to bring them back…and in the end, activating the Wheel of Fortune did nothing. I guess the point was to show the Lovers card that Felicita was willing to do it, so that it would approach her. Actually, a lot of my questions were answered this week. First being the only about Mondo’s card being chatty. Looks like the other cards can talk, but just keep to themselves unless their contractor is worthy.

Also, the thing about the contract. Liberta, Nova, and Felicita seem to be the only ones who didn’t actually make a contract with their Arcana. So now Liberta’s some sort of relative to the family? They kinda brushed it off with the “everyone is part of the family” thing, but I wonder if it will come back later. Anyways, looks like Felicita has to choose either Nova or Libera in order to use her Lovers Arcana to its full extent. I’m surprised the Arcana was so willing to help her use the Wheel of Fortune (how convenient). Guess she’s been recognized by it. Hope we find out next week (I feel like there is a major plot arc we’re forgetting…what was it?).

Arcana Famiglia Episode 9

Wow…things got pretty serious pretty fast. This episode was almost like information overload. Instead of focusing on the duello (cough), they’ve introduced this entirely different thing for the focus of the remaining episodes. It was so serious that they didn’t even do the punishment scene at the end like they do every week. Mondo brings up a couple of interesting ideas…food for thought. First, he’s the first one shown actually talking with his Arcana…is it because the World is sentient or are all the other Arcana just holding back?

Secondly, what could Mondo’s power be? Presumably, he has to be able to govern the other Arcana, so it has to be something stronger than even Liberta’s Fool power. How exactly do you become stronger than that? That aside, by the looks of it, Felicita will lose all of her memories when she tries to save Mondo next week. With how grave it sounded, I can only assume she loses all memories (not just recent ones or something). So maybe the rest of the series is recovering them or maybe only next episode? I was almost hoping she was a homunculus too, but that was just wishful thinking.

Arcana Famiglia Episode 8

Whoa…Luca, Debito, and Pace are all products of Jolly’s experiments…that guy’s quite the scientist (alchemist?). I didn’t realize his experiments extended so far…is Elmo supposed to be like those three as well? Did he try to implant a contract into Elmo? He’s been confirmed as a homunculus this week, but I feel like Jolly would give him powers of some sort.

Felicita chooses to believe in Jolly as a member of the family…I’m assuming that this means that he isn’t truly evil, just a bit nuts with the experimenting. I dunno…the preview for next week doesn’t seem to suggest that we’ll learn all that much more, but I could be wrong. There might be something about that tournament thing that was supposed to happen, though………sigh.

Arcana Famiglia Episode 7

Well, I guess it’s back to business as usual in this show. I know you’re probably tired of my complaints about how everything is going, but seriously? Come on…This is absurd. There wasn’t even any real development this week…just seemed like random filler. I suppose Sumire’s manipulations are pretty funny, but nothing really happened to be honest.

I suppose next week looks a little more promising with a small clip in the preview of Debito versus Jolly. A lot of the preview shows Debito without his eyepatch, so maybe we find out more about him and what happened to his eye. Heck…maybe he finds out what Jolly it up to and we’ll finally be able to stop speculating about it. I can’t say I’m not curious about what Jolly’s doing.

Arcana Famiglia Episode 6

Episode this week seemed semi-serious in comparison to the other ones. Not sure what happened in the final scene, though, when the three realize that Jolly knew what happened on the ship. I get that Dante was trying to test them and their powers, but was he doing it for his own sake or for the family? Because if he was doing it without telling anyone, Jolly becomes even more suspicious, but otherwise, Dante just told Jolly and the three realize that it was all a test or something. Anyway, we finally get to see Nova’s power, which knocks people unconscious (reminds me of Tear from Tales of the Abyss if anyone gets the reference). Answers my question about what happened to his parents from last week.

Also, apparently Liberta knows how to activate his power? When did he figure that out? I suppose the more important question is whether he’s now able to do this whenever he needs or whether it was just because of the tense moment that he was able to do it. And will Felicita be figuring this out after watching both Nova and Liberta? All that aside, it looks like next week will be back to what we’ve seen in the previous episodes…random stuff (Luca-focused, I guess).

Arcana Famiglia Episode 5

Switching over to Nova, it’s interesting that he was originally sent to the Arcana Famiglia in an attempt to take their control over Regalo away from them. I guess he takes a fairly typical response to it by closing himself off to others. But now the love triangle is set (not quite the reverse harem that may have been expected).

And of course there’s also this business of whatever Jolly is trying to hide in his lab. Is it an experiment of some sort or does he actually have a plan to unleash against the family? It looks like we’ll find out next week…the preview shows him locking up Nova, Felicita, and Liberta. Seriously, wasn’t there supposed to be a tournament going on?

Arcana Famiglia Episode 4

I wonder…is this show supposed to be about Felicita or Liberta? They seem to put a lot more focus on Liberta…or is it just me? Well, they’ve revealed Liberta’s power…I was expecting something along those lines, but I wasn’t expecting an all-powerful god mod ability. Is it supposed to be similar to Eucliwood Hellscythe where he can’t even have idle conversation with his powers unlocked?

Something confuses me about this week’s episode. Liberta already had the powers when Dante arrived…I thought the powers came from a contract. Is he the only one like this or was everyone born with this ability? Either way, next week looks to be a focus on Nova…haven’t seen much of him lately.

Arcana Famiglia Episode 3

Isn’t there supposed to be a competition going on or something? Sigh…I think I said before that a show revovling around the Arcana Duello would be interesting…and the show isn’t revolving around it. Instead, it’s the core three doing random things. Is it just establishing the characters (for example, Nova as the typical “cool guy”)?

Also, apparently Liberta’s power is so weird that he doesn’t even know what’s going on when it activates…what’s it supposed to do? It’s the Fool Arcana, so does he just do some random thing? Seems to vague…maybe he summons some sort of spirit that he can’t remember or something.

Doesn’t look like there’s anything really different next week. Then again, there is that bit where Liberta and Felicita are on the ship. Maybe they’re sailing towards the arena? Maybe some actual fighting will occur? I’m really curious about the psychic powers, but I’m not getting much.