Arcana Famiglia Episode 5

Switching over to Nova, it’s interesting that he was originally sent to the Arcana Famiglia in an attempt to take their control over Regalo away from them. I guess he takes a fairly typical response to it by closing himself off to others. But now the love triangle is set (not quite the reverse harem that may have been expected).

And of course there’s also this business of whatever Jolly is trying to hide in his lab. Is it an experiment of some sort or does he actually have a plan to unleash against the family? It looks like we’ll find out next week…the preview shows him locking up Nova, Felicita, and Liberta. Seriously, wasn’t there supposed to be a tournament going on?

8 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia Episode 5”

  1. a battle scene… the thug(cannon fodder) sure move slow as hell and felicita have a nice dodge and kick and aim with her knife too nova. on the other hand is incredibly fast or the opponent didn’t focus to the point of him getting that close to them too bad he used the back of his blade….

    and really nova did the right thing using his arcana power to put his parent to “sleep”….

    and jolly is either an all powerful bystander ally or a traitor that plan to take over the family….


    1. So, I wonder about that “sleep” business. What do you think? Do think Nova actually put them into a sleep state or did he kill them? >.>


      1. well let’s take a look at my view the arcana is death in my opinion that is pretty much saying death instead of sleep state….

        the battle is a little bit slow isn’t it? it is better than sword art online but too short in my opinion… what do you think?

        and limone pie is it good!?!?


        1. true, but I find it weird how they said sleep…maybe I’m reading too much into it

          they need to stop going around and saving people…more battles with psychic powers

          beats me…you’ll have to ask the italian guy


          1. agreed the tournament is not starting at all though…. but if that happen should be interesting how are they going to use fool arcana power i mean reality warping is hard to beat but without it he wouldn’t be able to match the rest of the arcana user…

            maybe they are trying too finish the character development in first than focus completely on the battle…

            when i know an italian i shall ask him/her… though italian seem to have good food like lasagna and lemon pie….


          2. well, he has to do something about that limiter first

            I don’t really see all that much development, though…meh…

            ask feal…he’s italian


          3. how does the limiter work should be interesting to know…
            fool arcana it number it zero but it also can represent the last of the major arcana so befitting for it to be the strongest of them all…

            though there is no to little development on the girl it still is interesting to. see though the town it is amazingly bland and normal in my opinion….

            well even if your not italian i doubt you never tried a lasagna before….


          4. yeah, fool is always the wild card, so it’s usually cool

            true…but it was lasagna made by an asian, so….yeah…


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