Arcana Famiglia Final Episode

And what do you know? No choice was made. Typical ending, but like I said, it was nearly impossible to choose Nova or Liberta over the other (unless you had some personal preference). Honestly, I’m rather glad this one’s done…it was becoming somewhat frustrating to watch. I was hoping they’d at least step it up in the Arcana Duello, but they ended up making the battles end in one move for the most part. It was an interesting concept, I guess…it just didn’t quite go in the direction I would have preferred. It’s too bad…the world needs more psychic powers. Anyway, without much else to say, I just wanted to finish by pointing one thing out.

Random inconsistency note: in the above scene, Sumire is actually fighting with Nova at the time, so she couldn’t possibly be standing next to Mondo. You could say that Nova and Sumire’s fight occurs at a different time than Dante and Liberta’s fight, but this doesn’t quite hold either. For one, immediately after Liberta’s battle, Felicita’s thoughts are interrupted by a sword strike’s sound from Nova. Also, in an earlier scene in Liberta’s battle, Mondo is shown sitting alone without Sumire. So…yeah…good job.

2 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia Final Episode”

  1. HAHA. I never noticed the inconsistency but I was just annoyed that Sumire gets to fight as well.. What was she doing? Trying to be ‘papa’ as well?

    the ending was pretty expected and the very rushed Duello was far worse than what I expected. I can’t even believe that Pace, Luca and Debito were already out of the Duello right at the first 5mins of the episode. O.O


    1. yeah…I found that kinda odd too…guess it was just there for Nova

      I was pretty annoyed that those three got knocked out so fast…


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