Arcana Famiglia Episode 10

Memories lost and Mondo nearly dies to bring them back…and in the end, activating the Wheel of Fortune did nothing. I guess the point was to show the Lovers card that Felicita was willing to do it, so that it would approach her. Actually, a lot of my questions were answered this week. First being the only about Mondo’s card being chatty. Looks like the other cards can talk, but just keep to themselves unless their contractor is worthy.

Also, the thing about the contract. Liberta, Nova, and Felicita seem to be the only ones who didn’t actually make a contract with their Arcana. So now Liberta’s some sort of relative to the family? They kinda brushed it off with the “everyone is part of the family” thing, but I wonder if it will come back later. Anyways, looks like Felicita has to choose either Nova or Libera in order to use her Lovers Arcana to its full extent. I’m surprised the Arcana was so willing to help her use the Wheel of Fortune (how convenient). Guess she’s been recognized by it. Hope we find out next week (I feel like there is a major plot arc we’re forgetting…what was it?).

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