Arcana Famiglia Episode 4

I wonder…is this show supposed to be about Felicita or Liberta? They seem to put a lot more focus on Liberta…or is it just me? Well, they’ve revealed Liberta’s power…I was expecting something along those lines, but I wasn’t expecting an all-powerful god mod ability. Is it supposed to be similar to Eucliwood Hellscythe where he can’t even have idle conversation with his powers unlocked?

Something confuses me about this week’s episode. Liberta already had the powers when Dante arrived…I thought the powers came from a contract. Is he the only one like this or was everyone born with this ability? Either way, next week looks to be a focus on Nova…haven’t seen much of him lately.

8 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia Episode 4”

    1. I wonder exactly how literal that is. If it’s every single thing he says, that makes things pretty tough for him. Maybe he has to activate it while he’s saying it. Or maybe that’s what he’ll be able to do when he can control it.


      1. hmm maybe it is sealed to prevent everything he say come true? or he can control what came true what will not?


        1. it looks a lot like he’s going to break this seal, so I’m gonna guess that he’ll be able to control what comes true


          1. if he can reality warp without limit he really isn’t going to fight a lot considering he can 1 shot every enemy.


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