Arcana Famiglia Episode 9

Wow…things got pretty serious pretty fast. This episode was almost like information overload. Instead of focusing on the duello (cough), they’ve introduced this entirely different thing for the focus of the remaining episodes. It was so serious that they didn’t even do the punishment scene at the end like they do every week. Mondo brings up a couple of interesting ideas…food for thought. First, he’s the first one shown actually talking with his Arcana…is it because the World is sentient or are all the other Arcana just holding back?

Secondly, what could Mondo’s power be? Presumably, he has to be able to govern the other Arcana, so it has to be something stronger than even Liberta’s Fool power. How exactly do you become stronger than that? That aside, by the looks of it, Felicita will lose all of her memories when she tries to save Mondo next week. With how grave it sounded, I can only assume she loses all memories (not just recent ones or something). So maybe the rest of the series is recovering them or maybe only next episode? I was almost hoping she was a homunculus too, but that was just wishful thinking.

2 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia Episode 9”

  1. the reference make me want to play the game again…other than that the world arcana probably give the ability to govern other arcana and what’s not probably such as negating other but incapable of using the other arcana the other probably are sentient just lack the reason to talk…out of many only 4 have succeed in contracting the card the card sure is picky on who’s it’s owner going to be…


    1. maybe…just wondering if there’s more to the power since Mondo activated it in the flashback and we never saw it…

      probably true…maybe they’re just shy


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