Arcana Famiglia Episode 6

Episode this week seemed semi-serious in comparison to the other ones. Not sure what happened in the final scene, though, when the three realize that Jolly knew what happened on the ship. I get that Dante was trying to test them and their powers, but was he doing it for his own sake or for the family? Because if he was doing it without telling anyone, Jolly becomes even more suspicious, but otherwise, Dante just told Jolly and the three realize that it was all a test or something. Anyway, we finally get to see Nova’s power, which knocks people unconscious (reminds me of Tear from Tales of the Abyss if anyone gets the reference). Answers my question about what happened to his parents from last week.

Also, apparently Liberta knows how to activate his power? When did he figure that out? I suppose the more important question is whether he’s now able to do this whenever he needs or whether it was just because of the tense moment that he was able to do it. And will Felicita be figuring this out after watching both Nova and Liberta? All that aside, it looks like next week will be back to what we’ve seen in the previous episodes…random stuff (Luca-focused, I guess).

12 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia Episode 6”

  1. i was wrong about nova but really i didn’t expect sleep to be the power of the arcana death…. wonder if it suppose to mean death is only a sleep and not an absolute end….but i’m guessing you play tales of the abyss too tear reference and all….

    on other note superb battle animation though when liberta vs dante they use the same movement twice… and liberta power of reality warping is now shown just said something and it will happen… the three didn’t do that bad considering they manage to knock some out using close quarter combat….
    hmm if this is just random training should be interesting to watch the tournament where nobody is holding back… and jolly is dangerous if you see the repentance….


    1. well, I guess having death mean actual death kinda defeats the purpose of symbolism…and yeah, I like making tales references

      hah…I never really pay attention to those battle animation things, but I couldn’t complain


      1. true but then again it would break symbolism if it mean real death which is in my opinion is better then again if that was his real power(instant killing) he would get weaken by the plot since he is too strong…

        but what about in this case where 70% of the time is about battle?
        hmm you like to make references like in sao (reference of .hack)so wouldn’t be surprise if you make more reference…since you don’t want to talk about the battle i will just ask your prediction on what jolly is hiding and what is his motive considering he seem to be clouded in mysteries…

        hmm from what i can tell if humankind have the same personality like you then humanity might actually be seen in a positive light mainly because if that happen we won’t whine in case anything bad happen and considering the laid back attitude there will be no war…then again the world will turn into a dark place…


        1. yeah, there had to be some drawback to his power, so just instant death wouldnt work

          I make references where I can, but I don’t know that much to make them all the time.

          I guess I think Jolly is hiding some experiment…I dunno, I’m more inclined to believe that he’s just doing his own thing, but I can’t be certain.

          uhh…I dunno whether I just got complimented or insulted O.o


          1. arcana as i have seen so far tend to be incredibly powerful how will the tournament happen should be interesting…considering that we have seen thus far include reality warping,instant knockout or death,mind reading,unlimited strenght ,and invincibility….

            well you are going to whether a lot of references or just 1 but make no mistake you will make one….

            what is in this world that is certain marthaurion….but they do need antagonist though or the story will not be as interesting as it should be jolly sadly have a high chances of becoming one….

            it was compliment? and praise? by no mean i meant to insult you marthaurion….i think….


          2. hmm if i’m like jolly capable of making special “potion”i shall drug you into liking him…. possibly change your personality into something completely “different”…..

            hmm yeah nothing to say about this episode at least we know the battle scene is sometime fluid and good and the arcana power is nice as well….

            which arcana would you make a contract with marthaurion?


          3. hmm i see why not fool reality warping?reality warping fit you better in my opinion you can finally finish your dream of world domination

            hmm right any chance marthaurion0 is your youtube name?


          4. fair enough i agree with you….

            hmm just see one of your video on how to finish a rubic cube because i can’t finish one and it been 1 year….


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