Arcana Famiglia Episode 7

Well, I guess it’s back to business as usual in this show. I know you’re probably tired of my complaints about how everything is going, but seriously? Come on…This is absurd. There wasn’t even any real development this week…just seemed like random filler. I suppose Sumire’s manipulations are pretty funny, but nothing really happened to be honest.

I suppose next week looks a little more promising with a small clip in the preview of Debito versus Jolly. A lot of the preview shows Debito without his eyepatch, so maybe we find out more about him and what happened to his eye. Heck…maybe he finds out what Jolly it up to and we’ll finally be able to stop speculating about it. I can’t say I’m not curious about what Jolly’s doing.

6 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia Episode 7”

  1. almost finish arcana famiglia and so far it been full of filler and the plot about the tournament only appear in episode 1…or maybe this filler is the plot…


      1. hmm well look at it this way once they are finish with this and all the character development maybe they will make another season where the tournament will then start…


          1. i don’t mind if the second season is about the tournament and not character development really we haven’t seen any good fight from the anime so another season about the tournament would been nice…


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