World Trigger Episode 36: Flashbacks

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As advertised last week, this week’s episode shows Osamu’s history joining Border. To be honest, it’s not all that interesting…while it shows the details of Chika’s brother’s disappearance, it doesn’t really show anything that we couldn’t infer from the comments already made about it in the series. There are no real extra clues about where he is. I guess the episode is just a cool down, so what else can we do?

It looks like next week’s episode will introduce a new mission of sorts for Osamu and his team. Will the fact that his mother is in his hospital room be relevant? Honestly, my first reaction when seeing the preview was that Karasawa would come by saying that they “had high hopes” for Osamu or something…maybe that they were grooming him for something. But I’d say it might be more likely that they’re planning a rescue operation for the agents captured in the invasion. I guess we’ll see next time.

World Trigger Episode 35: Mission complete?

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Finally, we have the conclusion of this invasion arc. Sadly, while Osamu seems to have survived, Replica is lost in his place. I honestly would have preferred they take Osamu…I kinda liked Replica’s remarks. What I don’t really understand is why they left Hyuse behind…apparently it was planned from the start. Do they have some sort of forecast ability too? How did they know he would become their enemy? Is Hyuse going to eventually join Border? I did predict something similar to that before, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

It looks like next week’s episode will just be some epilogue after this arc. I’m guessing it’s mostly repairs and Osamu’s flashbacks or something. Is there also going to be a rescue operation arc for the Border agents that ended up getting captured (and maybe Replica too)? Where do things go from here?

World Trigger Episode 34: Getting close to the end

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Wait…all this time, they could have just turned off their Trigger? I’m assuming this has something to do with all of the Humanoid Neighbors using Black Triggers that specifically target Trion, so it’s just a coincidence that this worked. Either way, that seems to be a common theme for this week’s episode. That aside, it looks like Yuuma was able to eliminate another one of the Humanoid Neighbors, so they’re making some progress. I will say this, though: there was a part in this week’s episode where it’s revealed that Jin has pretty much orchestrated most of these matchups to inconvenience the enemy, which I thought was pretty cool.

It looks like next week’s episode will be the final battle of this invasion arc, featuring the last moments of the Jin’s predicted future. Based on the preview, it looks like some last-minute reinforcements might be popping up to save Osamu at the crossroads. Am I supposed to recognize them or have they never appeared yet? I feel like this invasion arc has been going on so long that I’ve forgotten what else happens in this show.

World Trigger Episode 33: Forgot about that guy

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So Karasuma’s big Trans-am activation ends up being pretty much a flop. With all of the characters getting their moments in this invasion arc, I had almost forgotten about Miwa and his conversation with Jin. Honestly, I had him confused with Kazama and thought he had already bailed out. Not too much else to say about this episode. One side note, though, I agree with Karasuma’s analysis of Miwa’s Lead Bullet, but would like to add one thing. Because of the utility nature of the weapon (and lack of destructive force), it can only be used in combination with another Trigger to compensate.

Anyway, it looks like next week’s episode will shift focus back to Yuuma. With all of the fighting that has been happening so far, only two of the Humanoid Neighbors have been eliminated so far…it feels like it should be more. Maybe Yuuma can finally bump the number to three.

World Trigger Episode 32: One down

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So finally one of the invading Neighbors is taken out (finally we’re making some progress). Given that Mira was betraying Enedora and taking his Trigger, I was honestly expecting that he might decide to join Border and get his revenge, but she ended up finishing him off. I guess it makes sense because there’d be a whole in the fact that the horns were revealed to have been corrupting his mind…Border would have had to remove them somehow, which seems like too much of a stretch.

It looks like the next opponent that will be getting attention is Hyrein, shown in the preview challenged by Karasuma in some sort of bankai mode. However, given the title of next week’s episode, I suppose it’s most likely that Karasuma ends up losing. He’s only trying to stall, so it makes sense. Plus, the sword Trigger seems mismatched against Hyrein’s Trigger, so how is Karasuma planning to land a blow?

World Trigger Episode 31: Replica can fight?

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So this week’s episode was kind of cool…Replica showed that he’s actually quite capable in his support role for combat by summoning one of the Trion soldiers he analyzed in an earlier episode. I’m curious whether Replica has his own Trion, though, or whether he is sharing Yuma’s (it looks like his own Trion). Meanwhile, the battle in the HQ was probably less interesting to me. In a nutshell, the HQ director gets to show off a little bit.

It looks like next week will introduce another one of the humanoid Neighbors to the fight. Also, it was kind of explained this week that Osamu’s crossroads does happen as he’s about the reach the Border HQ (since he has to reach it to be safe). Does that mean he will run into one more major threat right before he gets there?

World Trigger Episode 30: New threat appears

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Wait…so you can just share Trion? Why haven’t they been doing that up to now? Granted, it makes Chika a glorified battery, but at least it allows something productive to happen in the fights. Anyway, it looks like one of the bosses from Aftokrator has decided to make his appearance. His Trigger seems absurdly powerful, though…is it another national treasure like the staff? It seems like the best way to fight him is to overwhelm him at range, but because of the nature of the birds, he can reduce enemy numbers before that can happen. Someone has to beat him, though…who will it be this time?

So based on the preview, it looks like next week is where Osamu is supposed to be useful, fighting off the Rabits by himself to get the cubed Chika to HQ. Surprisingly enough, though, this is still 1020 seconds (17 minutes) before he is supposed to die, based on the ending of this week’s episode. So does that mean that the true danger doesn’t start for him until after he successfully delivers Chika to the base?

World Trigger Episode 29: Starts of battles

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Unfortunately, the first half of this week’s episode was a mini-recap…pretty annoying, but I guess it happens. It’s better than taking the full episode, right? Back to the actual action, it was pretty cool to see Yuuma in action again. I’d say the most interesting part is that he can reuse any skill he copies pretty much as much as he wants. It makes me wonder if he’ll be able to copy the skills of the humanoid Neighbors in the invasion to increase his skill pool.

It looks like next week will continue the battle between Yuuma and Viza…should be interesting. In other news, it looks like the threat to Osamu that Jin has been going on and on about will appear as well, the captain of the enemy forces. Also, is Jin’s battle over? He seemed to have handled his opponent fairly handily this week.

World Trigger Episode 28: Jin really sees everything, huh?

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This week’s episode ends up being another boring one. Most of the episode is focused on Reiji as he proceeds to stall against and get defeated by the two attacking Neighbors. I guess the episode does bring up the question of Jin’s Side Effect, though. It almost seems like he talked to everyone in Border before the invasion started…just how much can he see with his Side Effect? Isn’t that a bit too strong? The fact that he doesn’t know which variant of the future will happen doesn’t seem like much of a weakness so far.

So after being dormant for all of this time, Yuuma finally gets a chance to fight against the invading Neighbors again. He’s been pretty much chilling in the background for a while now. Based on the preview and the end of this week’s episode, it doesn’t look like there will be any specific reaction from the humanoid Neighbors, though. I guess Yuuma’s identity as a Neighbor himself won’t play into this invasion at all…

World Trigger Episode 27: One down?

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This week’s episode focuses on a fight against one of the horned humanoids. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m finding these invasion battles pretty boring too. Honestly, it looks like the only real things that happened this week were that Midorikawa gets a chance to redeem himself after losing to Yuuma earlier in the show and the fact that they might have been able to take down one of the horned opponents (progress, right?).

I guess next week’s episode will shift focus to another battle in the invasion now that this one is done. I really disliked the fact that there was a scene this week where two people were shown yelling at each other as they went into a final strike. It was too long and very painful to watch. Was this supposed to celebrate the announcement of the new Dragonball series or something?