Ro-Kyu-Bu Final Episode

Sigh…the end of loli basketball. Anyways, if you remember from last week, the girls were starting to make their comeback in the big game. In this week’s episode, they start off by tying the score. They manage to gain the momentum with an epic reverse shot from Hinata. However, Manaka scolds Miyu for taking the girls so lightly, and she starts to play more seriously. She makes a shot despite having a height disadvantage on Tomoka, showing off her ability to compensate for her height. However, Tomoka then turns around and does the same thing (Miyu had a higher jump), having practiced with Subaru so much that she can also compensate for her height. Eventually, everyone’s stamina starts to run low, but then we see some scenes of each of them remembering what basketball means to them and they manage to hold on. However, Saki misses the final shot, and unfortunately, the girls lose. At first, Saki blames herself for the loss, but Maho manages to convince her otherwise. The other team is also affected by the game, because of the whole playing for fun thing (yeah…kinda cheesy). The girls think that Subaru is a bit down at their morning practice, so they try to cheer him up, but he assures them that he wasn’t depressed, just deep in thought thinking about their future and whatnot. The series ends with scenes of Subaru hanging out with each girl individually leading to a dinner with all of the main characters together. Well, it’s been a good run. Now I have even more stuff I have to right real reviews for.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 11

Alright, if you remember from last week, Maho ran out of the gym when she found out that they can’t compete in tournaments because they didn’t have enough members and more importantly, because she found out that Tomoka and Subaru knew this. The other girls decide to let Maho be alone and continue with the practice. After playing a bit with the other team, Saki runs off to find Maho. Saki berates Maho for her attitude, and the two end up having a duel to see who is better. The other girls end up joining in as well. In the end, everyone has a good time and all are forgiven. With that done, everyone starts getting prepared for the upcoming match (with a lovely sauna scene with Subaru and Aoi courtesy of Manaka). After a nice touching scene between Aoi and Subaru the next morning, Aoi joins in with the coaching of the girls (about time). Finally the day of the big game arrives. Things start off rough, with the other team scoring an easy first shot. Maho starts getting frustrated about the other team’s captain, and loses focus. Subaru changes Saki to point guard and the girls start to make a comeback due to Saki’s analytical skills. Alright, I think we all know what’s gonna happen next episode (pretty sure it’s the last one).

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 10

Sigh…this show. This week, we start with Maho getting really excited about practice because of the championship coming up. However, Tomoka is not quite as excited as everyone else. Subaru later reveals that Tomoka is the only one that knows that the championship is only for ten people, rather than just five. Later, some of Subaru’s high school friends tell him about a game they have set up for the girls against a team from Suzuridani Girls School, who played in the nationals. They also coerce Aoi into helping out with the girls’ training camp (totally knew that was gonna happen eventually). However, on the way to the training camp, Mihoshi suddenly falls ill, and is taken to the hospital. The rest of the group continue on to the training camp by foot. They reach the school, and the adviser insults Mihoshi for not being there, which angers everyone. She then takes everyone to an area where they will be staying…well, camping. As they are setting up their tent, a girl approaches them and introduces herself as Nobidome Manaka, the temporary coach of the other team and sister of the cold adviser from earlier. Aoi remembers her from a match that she and Subaru watched, but she is taking a break from playing do to an injury. Subaru receives a call from his mother saying that Mihoshi is okay, but needs an operation. While bathing, Manaka offers to help Aoi with Subaru. Meanwhile, Subaru scares a girl wandering around while doing pushups. He returns to the tent to find Tomoka, and the two go out together to look at the stars. The next day, the gang all go to watch the other team practice, and Subaru is surprised to find the girl from the night before on the other team (pretty sure none of us were surprised by it, though). The girl arrogantly bashes the girls, also revealing that they can’t compete in any official matches because they don’t have ten people on the team, which causes Maho to rush out when she finds out that Subaru and Tomoka knew this. Drama…that is all

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 9

Party at Maho’s place! This week, the girls plus Subaru and Mihoshi are off to Maho’s mansion for some fun. As the girls are getting ready, we meet Hinata’s sister Kagetsu, who tries to talk Hinata out of going, but fails miserably. While everyone is having fun at the beach, Aoi is missing out due to a summer cold. The fun ramps up a bit when Saki proposes a game wherein whoever catches Subaru can have him do anything they want. The girls are failing to catch Subaru, but Miho suggests they try to surround him while he’s in the water, which works much better. Tomoka is able to grab Subaru, but her bikini slips, which prompts Miho to knock Subaru out. When they all break for lunch, an octopus that they bring along latches on to Airi (trying real hard not to call tentacle rape -.-). More embarrassment ensues. While the gang is eating, Kagetsu shows up to bring Hinata home. She gets angry at Subaru and accuses him of being a pervert (which is probably not far from the mark), but Hinata makes her apologize. Later, the nurse, Touko, who brought Kagetsu to the beach, tells Subaru that a few years ago Hinata collapsed outside her house because Kagetsu had fallen asleep when she was supposed to let Hinata into the house. Kagetsu blames herself for Hinata becoming frail because of this incident. To help her out, Subaru suggests that Kagetsu join them in their special training, which eventually leads to a marathon between Hinata and Kagetsu. Kagetsu agrees not to bother Hinata if Hinata wins and Hinata agrees not to push herself is she loses. Kagetsu manages to get a substantial lead, but Hinata is able to catch up while Kagetsu is lost in thought. In the end, they both cross the finish line at about the same time. After a touching scene, the two come to an understanding and Kagetsu backs off. The episode ends with everyone enjoying the hot springs (and Subaru getting attacked again when Hinata wanders into the men’s bath).

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, which Aoi showing up at the girl’s practice to find Subaru. Mihoshi shows up to explain to Aoi that she asked him to coach the girls. Aoi notices Airi as she’s dragging Subaru off, and later reveals that she’s jealous of her height. Later, Aoi is trying to give Subaru some notes for the upcoming tests and finds out that he has gone over to Maho’s teach Airi how to swim again. She shows up at Maho’s mansion and kicks Subaru into the pool. Aoi tries to get Subaru to leave, but Subaru refuses, explaining what coaching means to him and asking her to leave them. However, Aoi challenges them to a game…in swimsuits (lol). The elementary school girls take an early lead, but Aoi turns it around when he figures out Subaru’s coaching style. Aoi points out to the girls that the only way to match her is with height, which depresses Airi. Airi finally decides to help and tries to guard Aoi. Aoi taunts Airi before making her shot and Airi brings out the courage to block it. Aoi concedes after that shot and allows Subaru to continue coaching. Finally test day comes and while Subaru’s taking his tests, Airi successfully swims across the pool at her school. The episode ends with Aoi and Subaru watching a video of this and with Subaru returning some notes that Aoi gave him.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 7

How the heck is this girl in elementary school?

I dunno why I waited so long to do this one…I should have just downloaded Shikkaku’s when it first came out. But anyway, that’s beside the point. On with the show. This week’s episode starts off with Subaru taking Tomoka shoe shopping (sigh…shoe shopping). Subaru spots some of his friends from his high school and pulls Tomoka off to the side to hide. Later Subaru is talking with his high school friends and they ask him about his odd behavior lately, asking if he has a girlfriend. Of course, he denies this accusation, which causes them to guess that he is actually interested in the high school girl Aoi Ogiyama (who’s sitting right next to him). They both deny this, but the rest of the group suggests that Aoi tutors Subaru for the upcoming exams, which they both agree to do. At practice, Subaru notices that Airi is a bit off her game, so he asks her if she’s feeling well. She assures him that she’s okay and rushes off. Subaru stops her and tries to comfort her by telling her she’s important to him, but the girls take this the wrong way (or maybe the right way?) and assume that he is confessing to her. Airi eventually reveals that she is worried about swimming lessons that are coming up because she can’t swim, so Subaru is volunteered to teach her. However, this endeavor conflicts with his prior arrangement with Aoi, so he asks her if he can cancel with her (wtf are you doing, man?). She responds by kicking him…hard.

Anyways, Subaru shows up at Maho’s house to find that she is actually loaded. Maho comes up with a plan to trick Airi into jumping into the pool which works, but Subaru jumps in to save her. Subaru talks with Airi, who tells him that the reason she can’t swim is because she once fell out of a boat. She fears that she is dragging everyone down, not only with swimming but also with basketball, but Subaru is able to reassure her. The next day, Aoi follows Subaru after school and discovers that he goes to the elementary school. The episode ends with her showing up at the practice room (oh the suspense). No idea why this summary ended up being so long. Anyways, was this worth the wait? I can’t actually tell. That being said, I didn’t think it was bad. Wonder how Subaru’s legit love interest will react to all of this.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 6

After the events of the last episode, Takenaka starts training with the girls. Saki realizes that Subaru is the reason for this change and asks him about it. Subaru explains the events of the previous night to her. Saki later confronts Takenaka with this info and forces him to apologize to Maho. After practice, Subaru suggests that they make okonomiyaki, which triggers a perfectionist cook in Saki. Tomoka reveals that Saki’s father owns an okonomiyaki shop, which is why she becomes so…enthusiastic (cough obsessive). After dinner, Takenaka and Hinata disappear (interesting). The rest of the group head to the village shrine to look for them, with Maho carrying excessive numbers of flashlights to compensate for her fear of the dark. As they’re walking, they randomly find Hinata’s panties on the ground (which Subaru picks up, of course). They eventually find Takenaka teaching Hinata about proper shooting technique using a makeshift basketball hoop. Later that night, Takenaka finds the panties that Subaru picked up (Subaru left them lying around while he was bathing) and runs off with them (lol). After everyone is asleep, Subaru wakes up Takenaka to begin a secret mission: return the panties. As they are trying to put them in Hinata’s bag, Maho shouts Subaru’s name in her sleep, which causes him to bump the shelf with all the futons, which fall over on him. Takenaka runs off (epic lol) as the girls turn the lights back on. They don’t see Subaru under the futons, so he hides in Tomoka’s bed (which she allows…lol). He’s able to escape and returns to his room. There, Takenaka tells him that the basketball tournament doesn’t allow substitutions during the game except for injuries. Also, he asks Subaru not to drop Hinata. Subaru doesn’t want to drop any of them, so Takenaka chooses to leave the team (little predictable). Because Subaru isn’t allowed to be at the tournament, he names Takenaka as the coach. However, Mihoshi forces him to hide in a vaulting box on the sideline. The girls win, but Subaru’s box is put back into the gym’s store room. The girls come in, which relieves Subaru, but then they start to change (O.o). As Subaru watches helplessly, one of the girls notices him and Airi comes over to reveal him. Sigh…this episode…that is all.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 5

Why is it that a loli looks even cuter in chibi form? Anyways, this episode, the girls start a training camp with Subaru for the class basketball tournament. However, Takenaka is also in the same class as the girls, so he would be on their team. The girls tell Subaru that Takenaka decided to play soccer instead. However, Takenaka shows up at their training camp, revealing that Mihoshi “accidentally” signed him up for basketball. Even though he is on their team, Takenaka refuses to practice with the girls (of course) because he does not want to play on the same team as Maho. Subaru tries to figure out what’s going on between the two, and recruits Tomoka to help him come up with ways to get them to make up (much to Tomoka’s embarrassment). All of their attempts fail, so Subaru decides to talk with Takenaka alone. Takenaka explains that in all his years knowing Maho, she has always been able to learn new things quickly. Whenever he tried to become as good at her at something, she would just become bored with it. He resents her taking up basketball because he doesn’t want her to get bored with it the way she does with most things. However, as the two get back, they notice that Maho has been secretly training by herself at night. I’m kind of curious about how Takenaka’s gonna work on the team with the girls. Also, Saki’s reaction to Subaru’s secret meetings with Tomoka was just priceless.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 4

So when we last left off, the girls were having some trouble against the boys team in the big game. Subaru switches up the tactics a bit, but they don’t seem all that effective. Finally, he just leaves everything up to Tomoka, and the girls are able to equalize again. In true anime style, Tomoka makes a pass at the last second to Maho, who scores the winning point. The girls celebrate later, but when the topic of Subaru’s continued involvement with the girls comes up, Subaru refuses to keep coaching, saying that the girls deserve someone better (surprise surprise). However, Mihoshi suggests a challenge: if Tomoka can make 50 free throws in a row, then Subaru starts coaching the girls again. Tomoka accepts this challenge and starts to come over to Subaru’s house every day to try, keeping it a secret from the other girls. Meanwhile, Subaru’s high school friends invite him to play some basketball as well. While playing, his friends realize that his personality has changed since coaching the girls. Finally, Tomoka makes the 50 free throws and Subaru happily starts coaching  again. So, the stuff between Tomoka and Subaru might be a little too obvious. Also, the chat room scenes between the girls are super cute…….not gonna lie. Loli power! That is all…

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 3

It’s loli time! Anyways, this week the big game against the boys team starts. We see a more devious side to Hinata and Airi’s problem with her height is worked around in a comical way (there’s no way that should work). Anyway, more awkward moments between Subaru and Tomoka (seriously…that dude needs help). Finally, the game with the boys team starts, and the girls are doing pretty well. But like any anime, they have to start struggling as the game goes on. The episode ends with the score being tied and about 5 minutes on the clock. Dun dun dun