Junketsu no Maria Final Episode (12): Resolution

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Not really an entertaining last episode in my eyes…after practically ignoring the people supporting Maria for most of the show, Michael just decides that he wants to let her go at the very end. It also looks like my guess from last week was correct: the fact that all of the monologues talk about the legend of the witch Maria meant that she really did lose her powers and fell into obscurity.

Also, I still don’t understand what Bernard contributed to the story. He was just on the verge of figuring himself out and then dies at the very end when Michael reveals himself. But that aside, another show is completed. I’d say that I was interested in what was happening at first, but for the most part, I felt like I was just following this show because I didn’t have many other options. Time to get ready for the new season, I guess.

Junketsu no Maria Episode 11: Power of love!

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I’m not sure what to say…other than this week’s episode was pretty cheesy with Maria regaining her magic after she and Joseph declare their love for each other. I guess it’s about time, though…it was painfully obvious for a while now. Personally, I agree with the reaction that the owls are showing right there…

Next week should finish everything with a final confrontation with Michael. It’s hard to say whether Maria loses her magic or not…I think it’s annoying if she does, but the monologues about Maria at the start of the episodes have been making it sound like she eventually falls into obscurity. I guess we’ll also finally find out whether it’s an older Anne or just Martha saying those things at the start.

Junketsu no Maria Episode 10: Edwina acts

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Well, that battle between Viv and Michael ended up being anticlimactic…she didn’t really stand much of a chance. I’m curious about Maria’s suffering this week, though…she seemed to be getting pretty upset at the fact that people were repaying her seemingly benevolent actions with such rejection. I wonder if that will come into play in the final episodes or if it was just a way to kill some time this week.

Anyway, next week Joseph faces off against Galfa for his lady…err, I mean for justice? It looks like Maria will also interfere with the battle once again…though will she be doing it through Edwina or will her powers return? Also, where is Bernard in all of this? Last week, it seemed like he was actually going to do something, but he wasn’t exactly present in this week’s episode.

Junketsu no Maria Episode 9: Epiphany

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Well, that was kind of odd watching Bernard go through a sudden crisis. I suppose that type of realization was pretty hard to come by in that time period, so I’ll try not to be critical. The only complaint I really had was that the trigger seemed to be so small. Normally, that sort of doubt has to already be happening gradually. I’d say this entire episode could probably be summed up with “well, that escalated quickly”.

Maybe the most interesting piece of the episode was that Viv was actually willing to challenge Michael for Maria’s sake. That battle seems to be the only meaningful piece in the preview, so I’m curious about the outcome. Also, is Bernard supposed to be the one that eventually frees Maria? Or maybe their “conversation” had some effect on the attendant?

Junketsu no Maria Episode 8: Rejection

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This week’s episode brings up another interesting point with Maria’s rejection by the village. Isn’t it so easy to place blame when you have something tangible to reject? The grandmother was quick to accept a god’s grace because Maria wasn’t available to help her once, but conveniently doesn’t consider where that priest was all of the other times she needed medicine. In fact, it could be easily argued that a god sent Maria to help her before. If something can’t be perceived, there’s no way to tell for sure whether it had an effect on your recover, right?

The argument is similar with the war. The British side blames Maria for throwing a fight that they were apparently winning because it’s easier to blame her than to blame a god or to accept the fact that a god favored the other side. Kind of a fun thing to think about. Anyway, next week’s preview sounds like some philosophical monologue…not exactly helpful.

Junketsu no Maria Episode 7: More war

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I still question why Michael would send someone like Ezekiel who acts so human to impose his will. I’m going to be really upset if the series ends with him saying something like “I planned this all along”. Another interesting point of this week’s episode is Galfa’s apparent relationship with Bernard…it seems Bernard intends to use him against Maria. I’m curious about his motives, though…does Galfa blame Maria for his arm?

I’m assuming the significance of the last scene in this episode is that the grandmother is dead. She’s not a bad character to kill off given that she didn’t have much effect on the story and that her death could cause things to move (though I’m not entirely sure how…I’m assuming Ann decides to do something).

Junketsu no Maria Episode 6: Conflict of interest?

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Isn’t it a bit too early in the show for Michael to be giving Maria an ultimatum (or at least passing it through Ezekiel)? That aside, though, Ezekiel’s behavior is way too human to be appropriate for an angel. Michael’s behavior seems more “correct”. Given that an angel is a servant of God that performs his will, I wouldn’t expect one to have free will and independent thoughts. It kinda defeats the purpose.

Is next week switching focus to a different witch? That’s what the preview seems to indicate. But we still have to find out Maria’s choice, right? Presumably she plans to intervene having heard Ann’s request, but there’s still the slight possibility of a fake-out (very small chance, but it would certainly make Ezekiel’s life easier). Random side note: I’m questioning Bernard’s existence…what role is he playing?

Junketsu no Maria Episode 5: Duel

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I’m not actually too sure what I was supposed to get from this week’s episode. It seemed like a simple case of an affair…I guess the only question I would have is why the church is the one to decide that a duel is sufficient to settle the matter. There’s also the matter of why the church didn’t care about the deathblow that the knight was trying to make, but was pretty quick to stop Galfa from beating the knight with his sword (after having already taken his own beating).

There’s also a bit of irony in the fact that the church tried to stop the fight to save the knight, which would eventually condemn him if my memory about the Christian god and his view on suicide are correct. Maybe the duel’s point was to make Maria start questioning herself? Or maybe just to get Joseph and Maria closer to each other? They look like they’ll be spending some more quality time together next week. It really is starting to look like Maria will abandon her powers for love…

Junketsu no Maria Episode 4: Ezekiel is turning?

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I guess there’s no World Trigger episode this week…that makes things annoying for me. Back to this show…it’s hard not to latch on to the line said by the grandmother this week, something about having to keep an open mind in such a complicated world even if one believes in a god. I believe that it’s where Western society is currently headed, which is always reassuring. I wonder if I should put any weight on the fact that the elder in this show is the one to say it, whereas elders in current society are usually not so open-minded.

The actions of Ezekiel and Michael are hard for me to approach. On the one hand, I agree that people shouldn’t be allowed to impose their will upon others. But there’s a sort of hypocrisy that comes from trying to correct that under the guise of benevolence from an almighty god. Anyway, next week is switching focus to the soldiers? I wonder if I’ll be able to maintain interest in this show.

Junketsu no Maria Episode 3: Eh why not?

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This show’s premise is worrisome, but it has my curiosity for now. Given the conditions put on Maria, this show is probably either the story of the unholy witch that repents or the non-believer of sorts who finds her place in the world of believers. I guess I’m curious about which side is chosen and how well the arguments are made. Currently I’d say the arguments on both sides are fairly weak, but I might just be overly critical of the skeptic’s position.

It’s hard to be objective about what’s being presented in this show, but I find it interesting enough to keep watching. Hopefully, I haven’t crossed too far into the “anti-Christian” side with this post. In reality, I’m just very curious about why people think the way they do and Christianity is a convenient embodiment of that concept that I experience very often. Anyway, the preview for this episode doesn’t really give me all that many hints for next week…but I guess I’ll stick with this show for now.