Tamayura Hitotose Episode 8

The aftermath of the Road of Aspiration festival. This week’s episode looks more into Shihomi Riho, who Fu looks up to as a photographer. Fu mentions a time in the past when she found a photo album that truly amazed her, marking her first encounter with Shihomi. Meanwhile, everyone goes to the photo studio to find Komachi, who has also taken up photography to impress Kou.

Everyone goes to see Shihomi, who is staying at the Hobiro restaurant with Yakusa Chimo, who is a cook. As everyone else starts to leave, Fu shows Shihomi her own pictures, and after some conversation, Shihomi invites Fu to come with her and Chimo to visit a friend of theirs.

As they make their way on the train, Fu starts to worry that Shihomi may be thinking of giving up as a photographer, but pushes the thought aside. When they arrive, they meet Misano, who works at a restaurant called Casablanca, and Fu is introduced.

As Chimo and Misano talk about giving up their dreams of being illustrators, Fu starts to worry more about Shihomi. Shihomi senses Fu’s worries, and reassures her that she will not give up on photography yet.

Very nice to be seeing other characters and their stories. Fu was pretty cute in this episode, but more Maon was needed! Still, good stuff as usual. There’s going to be a second post later today, so look forward to that! Unfortunately, my contract doesn’t allow me to say any more about it.

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 7

It’s time for “The Road of Aspiration,” a festival that’s the focus of this week’s episode. Fu is looking forward to it, but it starts to rain on the day of the festival. The girls still have fun together despite the rain, meeting new people and the like. Kaoru gets a bit upset because of the rain, but the rain stops and everyone takes Fu to see the road, which she had missed before in past years.

Not sure what to say about this episode. More of the usual, which isn’t a bad thing. Good music, calming atmosphere, relaxing scenes. I’m thinking about trying something new with my posts, but you’ll be able to tell when it happens. Can’t make any promises, though…I’m limited by the ideas my brain can churn out. Also, more Maon! That is all.

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 6

Just FYI…I’ve started timing anime (if you don’t know what that is…well, it’s basically syncing subtitles with vocals), which is why I’m a bit distracted lately. However, I’ll still keep my posts going, so let’s keep the rhythm with more Fu (and Maon…and you know, those other people).

At the beginning of this episode, we’re treated to a scene where Fu and Maon meet. Fu ends up overhearing Maon read aloud a story she wrote and drew. Maon also meets Kaoru and Norie, who are goofing off nearby.

uhh...about that...
Skip a few years. Maon runs into Norie again (whom she still doesn’t know very well). The two walk together and end up becoming friends (of course, we knew that would happen). Norie ends up recognizing the tune Maon whistles, but she can’t quite remember from where.

Another Maon-focused episode! Who can complain? It was pretty cute seeing Norie being able to “translate” Maon’s whistles. Plus…Maon as a kid was just a treat. Look forward to more!

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 5

Oh Maon...
The return of Chihiro! Chihiro manages to get off the train too early, so Fu’s mother goes out to pick her up. Meanwhile, Fu finds out about her mother’s motorcycle history. The next day, Fu introduces Chihiro to the other girls.

Basically, most of the episode involves the girls showing Chihiro around the town (she even meets Momoneko). Kaoru’s sister joins in and ends up making them all walk all the way back to wear Chihiro originally got off the train (which takes hours). When they finally reach their destination, Chihiro gives each of them a phone strap that she made.

Another nice episode. Even though she’s introduced as a crybaby, Chihiro doesn’t cry too much in this episode. I think this show does a great job of stepping away from the in-your-face comedy style of most slice of life shows. Look forward to more!

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 4

Summer vacation is here! It feels pretty cold outside for me, though. What kind of anime would this be if the four girls didn’t go somewhere together for their summer vacation? More importantly, this week’s episode focuses on Maon (probably my favorite of the girls), as the girls are going to her place, an inn. There, they meet Maon’s parents (with Fu being quite nervous for some reason). Maon then shows them all around the island where she lives, eventually leading them to a place called the Virgo. Maon seems to hold some fond memories of this place, and it seems a bit related to her whistling. When they’re done there, they go to meet Fu and Kou’s grandfather, but run into Komachi. Fu’s grandfather interrupts Norie and Komachi’s trademark battle over Kou. Fu’s grandfather ends up having a personality fairly similar to Fu’s, and he shows them around a bit. Later, the girls return to the inn to have dinner, where they talk with Maon’s parents about their worries that the inn may be against her interests. Maon overhears this, telling them the story of the Virgo, where see saw a singer performing once. Maon’s parents then reveal that she’s had many different interests for her future, but that they support her with whatever she chooses.

Very nice episode focusing on Maon. If you notice, Maon rarely whistles in this episode, as she’s actually talking most of the time, which definitely was nice. We’re also introduced to her inn waitress side. Another enjoyable episode this week, and I continue to look forward to more.

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 3

Finally managed to find this show in 720p so now it looks decent (visually, I mean). Anyways, after having a nice outdoor meal at Fuu’s house, Maon and Norie start to walk home, but find that they are being followed. The girl introduces herself as Komachi, who claims to be monitoring Norie. Upon further discussion, it becomes evident that Komachi is doing this because she likes Kou, Fuu’s younger brother. She seems to feel threatened by Norie, who often spouts about Kou’s cuteness. The girls go to learn a recipe from Fuu’s grandmother and Komachi shows up as well. She proposes a contest against Norie to make the best sweets. Komachi ends up getting help from Fuu’s grandmother (since she’s the clear underdog). In the end, Komachi realizes that Norie has no “evil intentions” and starts to respect her. Kou ends up liking both dishes equally, resulting in a tie (kind of predictable, but still cute). Still enjoying this show (also found it interesting that Maon expresses herself with whistles). I think they do a good of emphasizing the photography of Fuu without making it overbearing…it just kinda flows.

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 2

More 480p…oh well. Anyways, a month has passed since Fuu moved to Takehara. We’re finally introduced to the main cast. Besides Fuu (who apparently has the nickname Potte for some reason), there’s Kaoru, the childhood friend that we met last episode, Norie, a more energetic girl, and the quiet girl, Maon. We’re also introduced to Fuu’s homeroom teacher, Dougou, an energetic coach-type guy who makes puns in pretty much every sentence (which I’m guessing are lost in translation). Anyways, the girls find out that Kaoru’s sister (and the rest of her family) won’t be home one night, so Fuu proposes a sleepover. However, Kaoru isn’t able to make it to the sleepover, being busy helping their teacher. Fuu decides that everyone should help Kaoru out and the others agree. They all eventually make it back to the sleepover. Kaoru’s sister ends up making a surprise appearance. When they tell her about Dougou dragging Kaoru to help him out, she muses that he may have done so to watch over Kaoru so she didn’t become lonely. I’ll say it again…this show is so relaxing. The music’s always light and the mood is never too extreme. It needs to be in better quality, though…

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 1

Eww…480p. Oh well, I hear good things about this show, so I’ll just give it a go. First off, the opening is pretty mellow, good for a relaxing slice-of-life style of show, which is what I think this show is. The girl who I assume is the main character likes to take pictures with her friends. Seems we have the standard set of four schoolgirls. However, the story starts off with the main character, Fuu, leaving her hometown and her friend Chihiro, who is quite the crybaby (seriously…she’s like always in tears). Fuu’s father is dead, but she seems to have accepted it by this point and uses his camera to take pictures. Fuu gets a letter from Kaoru, her friend from the place to which she’s moving.  Basically, this episode is about Fuu’s life before she moves away from her place and it ends with her arriving at her new home, greeted by Kaoru. Not really sad music, but it’s not like super energetic music. Just really light sort of music…makes the mood kind of carefree. This certainly seems like it will be a peaceful show…should be good for me. Still waiting to meet the other characters, though.