Tamayura Hitotose Episode 3

Finally managed to find this show in 720p so now it looks decent (visually, I mean). Anyways, after having a nice outdoor meal at Fuu’s house, Maon and Norie start to walk home, but find that they are being followed. The girl introduces herself as Komachi, who claims to be monitoring Norie. Upon further discussion, it becomes evident that Komachi is doing this because she likes Kou, Fuu’s younger brother. She seems to feel threatened by Norie, who often spouts about Kou’s cuteness. The girls go to learn a recipe from Fuu’s grandmother and Komachi shows up as well. She proposes a contest against Norie to make the best sweets. Komachi ends up getting help from Fuu’s grandmother (since she’s the clear underdog). In the end, Komachi realizes that Norie has no “evil intentions” and starts to respect her. Kou ends up liking both dishes equally, resulting in a tie (kind of predictable, but still cute). Still enjoying this show (also found it interesting that Maon expresses herself with whistles). I think they do a good of emphasizing the photography of Fuu without making it overbearing…it just kinda flows.

3 thoughts on “Tamayura Hitotose Episode 3”

  1. The upscale isn’t bad, but does not necessarily affecting watching it to me. Maon whistles quite a bit as seen in the OVA. Shame she rarely talks =_=


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