Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 3

We start off this episode with more of Miyako’s antics to try and get Yamato to fall in love with her. When they fail miserably, Cookie asks her why she’s always so devoted to Yamato. Miyako explains that she was bullied very often as a kid and that Yamato was the one that finally stood up for her. However, when Cookie talks with Yamato, he reveals that he feels guilty that he ignored Miyako getting bullied for so long. Miyako overhears this, though, and it only causes her to love Yamato even more. We go over to Yukie, who is bathing and talking with Matsukaze (which I’m assuming is just her talking with herself). She flashes back to her first day at the academy, where she runs into Yamato. Through all of this, she somehow reaches the conclusion that she needs to marry Yamato (because he saw her panties when they met). Realizing that she needs to convince Yamato to love her as well, she resolves to become more like Momoyo. We start to learn more about Yukie, who has resolved to make a hundred friends, but has trouble with this because of how shy she is. This episode had some really nice character development in it, and I really like these two characters. Originally, I had thought to drop this show and keep following Horizon, but now it’s starting to look like the opposite might happen if Horizon doesn’t step up its game. That being said, as a professional, I must say: I do not condone the watching of uncensored versions of this show…I would never do anything like that myself (averts gaze).


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