Guilty Crown Episode 2

Hey! Been looking forward to this one. We start off with everyone freaking out because of the damage Shu caused at the end of last week’s episode. Also, I need to point out that the opening looks amazing (song is pretty good too). Gai shows off his tactical prowess by out-predicting the enemy mecha. By the looks of it, the mecha in this show are controlled remotely, but the pilots are linked physically somehow to their machines (evidenced by the bailout of one of the pilots before her mecha is impaled). We’re also introduced to a strange character, Daryl Yan, who pilots a different model mecha. He has a more carefree attitude, but freaks out when offered a handshake (what’s up with that?). With everything calmed down, Inori wakes up, but is reprimanded by Gai for letting Shu use the Void Genome rather than him. Gai continues to explain that the Void Genome is one of three such genomes and it grants the King’s Power (yeah…). He explains that the sword that Shu manifested is a Void, specifically Inori’s Void, and that Shu must now fight alongside him.

Gai is informed that some residents have been taken captive and that Daryl is in play. Gai decides to start a rescue mission, despite the odds. Gai explains that the enemy they deal with are called Anti Bodies, an organization that has disproportionate power to declare anyone symptomatic and dispose of them. Shu and Inori infiltrate their headquarters, witnessing a brutal murder. Gai starts the operation, drawing the mecha (which I now realize are called Enclaves) away from Shu and Inori. When they are all drawn away, Gai targets the HQ with a ridiculous amount of missiles, causing the Anti Bodies to halt their attack. Gai then reveals himself as the leader of the Undertakers. While all eyes are on Gai, Shu and Inori move into action. Based on what I can see, Shu steals Daryl’s ability and uses it to deflect the attacks made at Gai, and the enemy destroys itself. The episode ends with Inori transferring into Shu’s class. I’m still enjoying this series, but I still have to emphasize how close it is to Code Geass…King’s Power, even that survival of the fittest bit by Gai. Nonetheless, neither Gai nor Shu is really like Lelouch, so hopefully this show goes in another direction. I’m still looking forward to watching it.

7 thoughts on “Guilty Crown Episode 2”

  1. ” emphasize how close it is to Code Geass…King’s Power”

    My mind is still wrapped around that. The name is just to similar as well. Still say Shun’s character needs time to develop, but we have a long way to go before he does so.

    PS: Tsumugi belongs to me 😀


  2. After seeing these two episodes, I don’t really like Guilty Crown. Seems too like Code Geass with lesser characters and a story line that isn’t executed as well.


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