Mekakucity Actors Final Episode (12): Who was the protagonist again?

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Another series comes to an end. This show felt like it was 70% flashbacks because of the last few episodes. Shintarou started acting like a protagonist near the end with his “nick of time” entrance that defeated the snake, but he’s mostly absent throughout the rest of the series. Also, it’s unclear what happens to Haruka in the end…presumably he dies and allows Konoha to live on in his place, but it’s never really confirmed.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say this show probably makes a bit more sense if you watch it all at once, rather than weekly. I think many of the episodes rely on one another, so it’s just making it harder to try to space them out. Whatever…another one done. I’m not even entirely confident I was actually watching this show…

Mekakucity Actors Episode 11: Zombies!

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So we finally find out why Ayano died, a desperate attempt to stop the snake’s plan and save her father. Anyway, after a series of flashbacks, it looks like the gang is back together again. I’m not entirely sure why Takane was there in her real body, though…did Kano free her somehow? He brought her to see her real body in one of the previous episodes, right? That’s the only explanation I have…

There was also talk of a forgotten promise make by Shintaro. It looks like remembering it allowed him to find Ayano somehow? I suppose she’s returning to the cast for the final battle. It makes sense…her death was a pretty meh moment, considering the snake didn’t seem to care that much. Anyway, last boss next week, I guess.

Mekakucity Actors Episode 10: Flashbacks!

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This week focuses on Mary’s past. Apparently, she’s the granddaughter of the monster in all of the stories we’ve been seeing at the end of the episodes. I’m not sure what the “queen power” was that was given to her by her grandmother, but I wonder how it will come into play. Is it supposed to give her some sort of dominion over the other powers?

So is the snake from the other world supposed to be the main enemy in this series? Is he currently possessing Ayano’s father? I don’t even understand how they’re supposed to fight it. Anyway, the end of the episode shifted the focus back to Konoha, who might be the focus of next week’s episode. We’ll see…

Mekakucity Actors Episode 9: Snakes are the enemy, I guess

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All the talk about the story of the “monster” this week seems limited to the story that has been told at the end of each episode…I haven’t really been paying any attention to it, so I’ve probably been missing clues. Anyway, it looks like the entire story has been snake gathering, seemingly triggered by Ayano’s father, as predicted. They seem to be giving him an out by saying that it’s happening while he’s unconscious, but I guess we’ll have to see.

There still remains the question of how Ayano died. Right now, it’s looking like her father killed her because she learned too much, but there’s always the possibility that there’s more to the story. Also, I’m curious about Shuuya’s behavior too and what it indicates…he seems to know so much, but what exactly is his plan?

Mekakucity Actors Episode 8: A new ally?

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It looks like we were able to learn a little bit more about the origin of the psychic powers everyone has this week. Also, there’s a new guy starting to gain his own power. This show jumps around with different people’s stories so much that it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening to each person.

The preview suggests that next week’s episode will jump back to Ayano. I’m curious what actually happened to her. Did she get swallowed by the void in a near-death experience that was aimed at manifesting her powers? Or maybe Shintaro actually has a power and she was the necessary sacrifice to the void (the other characters seemed to always have someone else with them when they developed their power).

Mekakucity Actors Episode 7: That was pretty somber

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It looks like we might have an antagonist…or at the very least, the source of everyone’s powers. This mysterious teacher seems to be, at the very least, the source of Ene and Konoha’s current condition. But why is he doing this? Is he secretly trying to help him or does he have some sort of grand master plan? There are still some pieces missing.

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what to expect next week. Apparently Shintaro has a friend that’s been hospitalized. Online buddy? Maybe they’ll go more into everyone else’s past. Their conditions all seem to be linked somehow. Although, the title of the next episode suggests that they might go into Konoha or something (presumably he has none of Haruka’s memories).

Mekakucity Actors Episode 6: The legendary Ene

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This week we meet the human form of Ene as well as the Ayano that was mentioned at the end of last week’s episode. It also looks like Shintaro also knew Ene before she became a program in his computer. Seems like Shintaro has always been a charmer with the ladies.

So, this story isn’t quite over. We know that Shintaro becomes a shut-in, Ayano dies, and Ene becomes a program. So what is the missing link that causes all of this to happen? I suppose Ayano’s death could lead Shintaro to shutting himself in his room as they seem to be friends, but what causes Ene to enter his computer? Is Ene a copy of Takane’s personality or is she actually Takane?

Mekakucity Actors Episode 5: The leader!

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Wait, the boy and the girl from last week are still alive? Isn’t one of them supposed to be dead? Well, it looks like neither them are as important as Konoha, who will probably join the main cast. I’m not sure what to make of his power. Is it just a self-enhancing power, or is that taking it too literally based on what was shown this week?

Anyway, it looks like Ene is acquainted with the former leader of the Blindfold Gang somehow. Maybe that’s the mysterious creator and her death was the trigger that lead Ene to Shintarou in the first place? Also, who was that pictured at the very end of the episode in the “preview”? It looked like a more-human Ene. Is that supposed to suggest that she was originally human? Maybe we’ll find out next week if she’s starting to remember this Ayano person.

Mekakucity Actors Episode 4: That was a little gruesome…

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Well, that was a little random. The show switched to a different set of characters and then looped one’s death until another sacrificed himself to save her. I’m curious whether the truly important character in this episode wasn’t the girl that survived, but rather the cat. Maybe the cat was the only looping the boy and trying to save the girl. The cat certainly had the red eyes that the other characters with powers seem to have.

Maybe they’ll explain everything next week. It’s also very possible it had nothing to do with the cat and everything to do with the white-haired guy that didn’t appear at all in the second half of the episode. I’m really not too sure what to make of it. I’m not even sure if I should write the boy off as dead. Is he the one talking in the preview? The one saying he died two years ago? Was this entire episode a flashback?

Mekakucity Actors Episode 3: Joining the team

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This episode is the limit of my knowledge. It completes the introduction of the Blindfold Gang and loops back around to show what actually happened when Shintaro was caught in the terrorist attack in the mall. We also get a sense of the types of psychic powers we’re dealing with in this show. I’m always curious how these sorts of abilities interact.

I’m left with the same questions I had before when reading this series. What exactly is the purpose of the group? Will they just run around using their powers to help people? And what about Shintaro? Does he just end up being the only person in the group without a power? I mean, it could work since he can rely on Ene.