Tamayura Hitotose Episode 6

Just FYI…I’ve started timing anime (if you don’t know what that is…well, it’s basically syncing subtitles with vocals), which is why I’m a bit distracted lately. However, I’ll still keep my posts going, so let’s keep the rhythm with more Fu (and Maon…and you know, those other people).

At the beginning of this episode, we’re treated to a scene where Fu and Maon meet. Fu ends up overhearing Maon read aloud a story she wrote and drew. Maon also meets Kaoru and Norie, who are goofing off nearby.

uhh...about that...
Skip a few years. Maon runs into Norie again (whom she still doesn’t know very well). The two walk together and end up becoming friends (of course, we knew that would happen). Norie ends up recognizing the tune Maon whistles, but she can’t quite remember from where.

Another Maon-focused episode! Who can complain? It was pretty cute seeing Norie being able to “translate” Maon’s whistles. Plus…Maon as a kid was just a treat. Look forward to more!

10 thoughts on “Tamayura Hitotose Episode 6”

      1. Maon is love ^^

        Oh, you timing? I use to do a typesetting, timing, editing, etc for myself awhile back. Timing is very simple as long as you can listen and append the end points (or auto) as need be. Heard that Hadena needs work on their translations and TL more than anything from other viewers – but I only seen two of their episodes on the Horizon project, so I can not judge. Well anyway, good luck ^^


        1. Maon-chan ❤
          Timing so far is pretty interesting…based on what I've seen, I could probably pick up typesetting and editing pretty easily. Hadena doesn't have the best of reputations, but they offered to teach me, so I can't complain


          1. I use to do all the duties (expect translation much, since I had scripts) when I was doing PV’s. I was not in an actually sub group, since it was myself, but I wanted to know what it is like – so learned Ageisub, Virtual-dub, etc. It is nice of them, might watch a release to see how well you do. No pressure ^_^


            1. don’t hold me accountable for all of their videos O.o I’ve only timed one episode so far
              also, what was VirtualDub for? they didn’t show it to me, but I’ve used it for a lab job before, so I know how to use it


              1. Lol. I know, just kidding. VirtualDub is basically a tool for editing and encoding. I never used it much, but I used it for inserting subs, before I found a better method (and softsubs at that). You will not need to use it I think or for that matter, I am not sure if encoders use it anymore…


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