Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne Episode 3: The rematch

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Mile tells the girls a story

The time skip in this episode was so random that it makes me wonder if the light novel did the same thing. Regardless, this series has a fun lightheartedness to it that makes really enjoyable to watch. I think it’s almost sad that Mile still thinks she can get away with being average after everything she’s done so far. On the other hand, her friends seem to have effectively accepted this.

Mile creates a new illness

I’ve been having fun with the references in this show. Watching Mile infect her friends with chuunibyou with Sentai stories made this episode so much better.

Six months pass

I suppose the point of the time skip is to get the other girls roughly up to Mile’s level before they venture out into the world. It would be awkward if they held her back, right?

The plan is unveiled

Oh, is she actually going to be a recurring villain? I already forgot her name, though.

The old man surrenders

I guess the main showcase in this episode is the exhibition match. Each of Mile’s friends gets to showcase her unique talents. Of the three, I think that Pauline was the funniest, since she effectively plays full damage sponge to win. She’s probably the least straightforward of the group.

Mile wins by default

I was pleasantly surprised with Mile’s fight. Her movements are ridiculous, but I thought that her sword fight looked great. Even though she’s supposed to be incredibly fast like Mavis, her movements were still very clear. It’s more than I would expect from a show like this.

The Crimson Vow unites

Does this mean that the girls are finally independent? I look forward to seeing how the Crimson Vow fights outside of the school environment.

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