Kill la Kill Episode 22: Time for the final battle

[Commie] Kill la Kill - 22 [ED8E9C28].mkv_snapshot_06.02_[2014.03.16_11.18.12]

Wow, Mako is actually participating in the last fight? Doesn’t that kinda break the point of her character? Anyway, I guess the epic tag team is finally happening between the two main characters. A bunch of touchy-feely moments before the battle begins hints at a sacrifice to me.

The big encounter with Ragyo (for the…third time?) starts next week. The only question now is whether there will two episodes devoted to the battle or one episode devoted to battle and an episode of epilogue. Long, drawn-out battle or cheesy epilogue? My guess is the drawn-out battle because there will probably need to be extra time devoted to the uniform that Nui is crafting. Who’s supposed to be wearing that anyway? Nui?

2 thoughts on “Kill la Kill Episode 22: Time for the final battle”

  1. Well considering the this basically a complete TTGL rehash, I expect a battle to be about one episode maybe (halfway through the final one) with an epilogue/season 2 possibility left open.

    The only thing I really hated about this show is what a rehash of TTGL it was. I was kind of hoping for something new and original for Trigger’s first anime. That being said you can basically say Code Geass was a Death Note rehash that only separated itself from Death Note by providing more interesting character development (the characters in Death Note were entirely static throughout).

    That being said though, a TTGL rehash is so much better than anything else out there right now. I expect this to have a second season easily. Inb4 the final episode Ragyo pulls a 180 and warns them of an impending doom that will result if she fails to execute her plan.

    Also the return of 2 star Mako was probably the most epic moment in the entire episode.

    Also as for who is suppose to be wearing the newly being made Kamui, according the Ragyo it is suppose to be the Satsuki aka the Big S.


    1. it could be argued that Satsuki was the “first season” part of TTGL since it’s revealed that she was actually fighting against the true enemy Ragyo…I personally don’t expect any more seasons, but I guess it’s popular enough to warrant it


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