Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 9

After the events of last week, Ichika finally admits to being an alien to everyone. She also tells everyone about the place that she wants to see on Earth that she can’t remember. Ichika realizes that her time on Earth has become limited due to the appearance of the life pod, though. Kaito tries to help her, but she chooses to be alone, pushing him away.

Remon gives Kaito some advice about Ichika, while Kanna admits to Ichika that she loves Kaito. Kanna tries to force Ichika to face her feelings, telling her to admit to Kaito that she loves him. Ichika goes to meet with Kaito and they both admit their feelings for each other (with Remon watching).

This all seems too early. Why is the romance being resolved now? There can only be one reason. Ichika will be taken away, of course. Either way, well played, Kanna. It had to be done. Even if you do end up being the third wheel. Also, after the kiss last week, Mio’s acting less shy. Are she and Tetsuro definitely gonna be a thing? Three episodes left. Honestly, either Ichika gets taken or it’s going to be a really boring ending. We’ll see.

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