Magi Episode 12


Alibaba’s doing something stupid again. Finally found the courage to fight and then runs into the battle by himself. Aladdin’s still down, which means he has to wake up just in time for the final battle to save the day. I sure hope we’re done with the low self-esteem Alibaba…that guy’s annoying.

So next week, the fight begins. I guess Abumad feels pretty confident with his animal warriors or something? I still don’t think it’s enough to fight Sinbad, but Alibaba’s gone off to fight himself. I’m sure that’ll work out great for him. It’s not like he’ll need Morgiana and Sinbad to bail him out or anything, right?

4 thoughts on “Magi Episode 12”

      1. it’s an atypical shounen at this point, violence and torture was never so “detailed” in shounen series. Alibaba will likely survive being the main character, but I’m worried that the others won’t be so lucky…


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