Magi Episode 11

[Commie] Magi - 11 [90DCD193].mkv_snapshot_03.26_[2012.12.17_02.01.34]

And so Alibaba starts on the journey to become king. So much to learn…he can’t even keep calm like Sinbad. Speaking of Sinbad, was he even chosen by a Magi? Jafar isn’t one, so he doesn’t have one travelling around with him…so how is he so knowledgeable? It’s very suspicious. He knows Judal, but I doubt it was him…

Typical tale of corruption from the king…typical tale of economic flop from paper currency as well. Like I said before, with Sinbad, two Faris, and Alibaba, it shouldn’t be that hard to beat the king, right? Aladdin and Ugo are down for the count, but everyone is still pretty strong. I don’t see why this is trouble…

4 thoughts on “Magi Episode 11”

  1. “Speaking of Sinbad, was he even chosen by a Magi?”

    Sinbad is special in that he was the only human who was able to conquer dungeons without the help of a magi. Judal wants him to be his king candidate but Sinbad doesn’t want to partner with him.

    If you want to know, later on Sinbad asks Aladdin to become his magi but Aladdin rejects him. The reason is that Aladdin already chose Alibaba and also Sinbad is bit too “gray” for Aladdin’s taste, if you know what I mean.


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