Magi Episode 7

Of course it’s the real Alibaba…there’s no coincidence in anime. Why could he have chosen to join a group of thieves? I suppose they’re Robin Hood-style thieves, but still…wonder how he got to that point from being a dungeon clearer. Also, Sinbad has been introduced…admittedly not as annoying of a character as I originally expected, but I still have trouble believing he’s a dungeon clearer. I guess he did get those items stolen…were those dungeon artifacts?

So it looks like Alibaba is pretty dead set on opposing Aladdin based on the preview for some reason. Will they end up fighting? Doesn’t seem like Aladdin would be capable of fighting him…what’s going to happen with that? I dunno…I don’t like the idea of the thieves actually being good guys…not sure if I agree with it. But I guess it would fit.

9 thoughts on “Magi Episode 7”

  1. ever heard of alibaba and the forty thieves marth?but for aladdin is more than a match for alibaba alibaba only have knifes which he doesn’t know how to use and while he is good of a swordsman compare to ugo he is relatively easy to beat…

    for the thieves i wouldn’t call them quite good they are thieves they have done good and they have done bad more likely than not they are in grey area same like sinbad the fact he intend to finish of the thieves while the thieves are helping the people is not exactly good but he is also a honorable and good king and help people in need…

    as for sinbad he is some of the most powerful character in the series not only he is good at magic he is a good swordman and have high charisma fighting skill that can defeat morgiana although he is lower than fanalis physical strength his fighting style and ability make up for it he only is defeated by aladdin in pure magoi/magic amount and as for the djinn vessel yes he is real he finish 7 dungeon and are actually more brash in his youth with interest in adventure and since dungeon mean you are a king he is actually the king of 7 countries…


    1. haha…think I said at the start of this show that I would get absolutely no references

      those sorts of grey areas are starting to get boring for me, really…

      fair enough


    2. well if you say so but that is the case here unless you are the writer or you are a reality warper it won’t change …are you a reality warper marth?


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