Magi Episode 5

Well, Aladdin’s detour is over, so he can head back to Alibaba. I’m surprised Hakuei isn’t going with him, but I guess she is technically his competition (or rather Alibaba’s). I suppose she’ll be around…I’m curious about that other Magi, though. They seemed to suggest that he chose Hakuei originally as a candidate for King, then later chose her brother. Can they really choose so many people? Hardly seems so special…

The war stuff went pretty much how you would expect…although I wasn’t quite expecting Hakuei to try and solo all of the enemies with her dungeon-clear artifact (seriously, just call it mana…wtf is magoi?). Anyway, next week looks to be a focus on Morgiana…haven’t seen all that much about her, so yeah. Then again, we still know basically nothing about Alibaba too.

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