Tamako Market Episode 2: So That Happened…


So yeah…Valentine’s Day happened. Buuuuuuut that’s about it. Was I missing something? Because this episode just didn’t seem like that much for me. All I got was the return of the projector eyes on the bird, which didn’t do more than confirm that it was a recording, not that he was making live communication with his prince. Doesn’t give me any more confirmation that the bird’s a robot or anything.

I get the feeling I was supposed to notice something with Midori…but I dunno. I didn’t really pick up on anything. Though she was the only one not to react to the bird’s projection and she thanked Tamako for the bird’s help…that’s pretty suspicious. Either way, next week looks to be the introduction of a new character or something…we’ll see.

Tamako Market First Impressions


It’s a bit late, but first episode is here. So…what’s up with this weird bird? Sigh…I guess he’s there for the “story”. And apparently he has projector eyes >.> what is he a robot? Oh well, it gives me something to speculate about, right? Not much there so far, though…assuming he’s telling the truth, he’s looking for a woman (I assume he’ll go for Tamako) for his prince that we saw at the very end of the episode through his projector eyes. I don’t suppose there’s anything deeper than that, right? Maybe the tension in the show comes from him having to keep it a secret from Tamako, maybe?


The opening song makes me think of the Haruhi opening for some reason…I don’t really like listening to those kinds of songs. I think the ending song sounds pretty good, though. The bird aside, I think Tamako’s a pretty good character (pretty funny). Probably a reason to keep watching. Not much to talk about in a show like this unless there’s actually some mystery or…I dunno. The preview doesn’t give me much…hopefully I can figure out what’s going on next week…yeesh.