Kamisama Dolls Final Episode

As last week’s episode ended, Kukuri reactivates in reaction to Kyohei getting whacked. My posts may not be so daily this week because it’s sort of a transition period, but it should be fine once the fall season really gets going. Anyways, Magatsuhi rises up to face Kukuri, but Kukuri beats the crap out of it. Everyone else notices that something is wrong and try to get away before things go south. Meanwhile, Kukuri utterly defeats Magatsuhi, destroying it. However, first the arm with Kyohei and Hibino is severed, so they make it out okay. Kyohei is taken to the hospital, but doesn’t immediately wake up. Mahiru and Kirio are both missing, Kirio having run off to be alone in his thoughts and Mahiru also alone questioning why Kyohei stopped being a Seki. Kyohei remembers back to the day when his sensei died. Kyohei goes crazy and attacks Aki, even attacking the others around to stop their interference, only stopping when Utao yells at him to stop. Kyohei wakes up from his nightmares to embrace Hibino, who is standing over him, yelling that she is his. He tries to tell her that he will leave for her safety, but she stops him and the two kiss. They return to the hospital room, where Utao tells them that Kukuri won’t move. Later that night, Aki shows up to talk to Kyohei, telling him that the Hyuga elder has the four-legged Kakashi, which has regenerated. The two share a fond memory of their past, laughing afterwards at how they used to be. Aki then disappears and the credits roll. After the credits, Kyohei goes to talk with Utao, who wonders if Kukuri remembers its owners. Kyohei resolves not to run anymore and we see a scene with Kukuri and Kyohei standing in front of the four-legged Kakashi (who I’m presuming is Amaterasu). What the heck? This isn’t an ending…I feel cheated. Surely there’s a second season. It was a fun series to watch and I enjoyed it, but to end it like this? Sigh…now I have to sit and wait for another season. They’ve still got way too much explaining to do.

3 thoughts on “Kamisama Dolls Final Episode”

  1. I had a similar opinion about the ending. I feel like there may be a movie or something that will wrap up the whole situation with the four legged kakashi. I’m at least glad that the love interest got resolved. Would you have the patience to sit through another season? I don’t know if i could. Maybe a movie but not another 12 episodes.


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