Kamisama Dolls Episode 5

At the end of the last episode (cliffhanger-mania), the Utao-replica introduces himself to Kyouhei. Utao runs up and proceeds to do battle with her look-alike. However, Kukuri is getting owned, mostly because the other Doll can shoot lightning at it. The fight becomes more public, as they take to the skies with everyone below watching. Unfortunately, Kukuri only has a knife to fight with (which makes sense if you know what a kukri is), while Takemikazuchi can fire at range. Utao tries to attack, but Takemikazuchi is able to sever Kukuri’s knife hand. This sends Utao into a rage, and she continues to attack despite Kyouhei’s warnings. Kukuri manages to slam into Takemikazuchi, but it just gets zapped again. The gang all escapes into the forest, but Utao starts to freak out when Kyouhei tells her she will destroy Kukuri at the rate she’s going. Shiba’s able to calm her down, but mystery boy shows up. He fires his final Kamehameha at Kukuri, but Kukuri absorbs it and fires it back. Kyouhei tries to interrogate the boy, but Koushiro shows up to retrieve the boy. Later that night, Kyouhei tells Shiba that he and Utao have to return to the village to have Kukuri repaired. Utao is pretty depressed, but Kyouhei teases her a bit to make her feel better. Shiba asks to go along and clumsily drives them to the village. In the meantime, mystery boy is introduced as Kirio and he is punished for his failure. It is revealed that Utao and Kirio were able to communicate with Dolls while still in the womb, and because of that, they were expected to be amazing Seki. However, they have yet to show any evidence of that. The hope is that one of them will be able to handle Amaterasu (who wants to bet that they both join forces to control it or something?). Sigh…I really wanna see Kyouhei use a Doll…oh well. So far, this series hasn’t made me want to stop watching, so I shall continue with it!