Kamisama Dolls Episode 6

After a warm greeting at home (for Utao, at least), Kyouhei is surprised to find out that neither of his parents know a thing about the mystery Utao twin. The gang goes to see Kukuri’s creator, the head of the Utsuwashi. Joined with him are the two sisters, Moyako and Yurako Somaki, the latter of which attacks Utao (with hugs!!). While they work on Kukuri, they notice that Takemikazuchi is also there. Turns out the Utsuwashi are a neutral group that just services the Kakashi. Moyako also tells Shiba about the special resin they use to make the wood of the Kakashi receptive to human thoughts. Moyako also takes Shiba to see the trees that they use for the Kakashi, but Kyouhei refuses to go. Moyako explains that the trees can allow people who know the trick to read the thoughts of others while they’re around them. Shiba becomes embarrassed as she realizes that it’s the reason Kyouhei refused to come with her, but then has a vision of a scene with what looks like a view of a younger Aki from behind. This vision makes her sad for some reason and starts to cry. Later, Utao and Kyouhei’s grandfather tells Utao about Kirio, their brother who was taken by the Hyuga clan at birth. In the meantime, Kirio has started to live with Koushiro (who apparently has a loving wife). A couple of days later, Kukuri is repaired and Utao does some test flying with it. Later, Shiba and Kyouhei are caught outside in the rain, so they rush to cover. Shiba asks Kyouhei about Aki and their sensei, and the episode ends with Kyouhei starting a flashback. Some funny scenes in this episode. I’m kind of curious whether Shiba was reading Moyako’s mind while they were out in the trees, as she did mention Aki to Kyouhei in a bit of an awkward moment. Also, I’m looking forward to finding out what the darkness in Kyouhei’s past is.

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