Kamisama no Memochou Episode 4

that looks like a Mac dock in the background


I think this episode was put here just for the lols…Minli’s sarashi is stolen by a stalker and so the gang decides to go out and find the culprit. Alice attempts to act arrogant when Minli asks for her help, but Minli quickly stops this by picking her up (owned). Minli initially refuses Alice’s help, but after some comments from Narumi, she changes her mind. They start by investigating the strange man that has been coming into the ramen shop. He buys a ramen, takes one sip, then pays and leaves. They try to tail him, but lose him. Later, Narumi is telling Alice about a lock that Minli refuses to have changed. Alice realizes something and tells everyone to drop the security around the shop. Major gives Narumi a strange ball and tells him to use it if he sees the intruder. Narumi throws it at the suspicious man and it turns out to be a flashbang. The man turns out to be an executive from a lingerie department (ehh?). He proceeds to go on a tirade about Minli’s breasts, which prompts her to beat the crap out of him. Alice stops her from touching him, though, wanting to first explain the case to her. She reveals that there was another person entering and exiting the house, which left the door unlocked for pervy stalker to come in. Turns out, ramen guy was actually Minli’s father, who had left the shop to her when she was young. Because Minli had refused to change the locks, he was still about to get into the shop. He gives her the recipe for his soup and leaves a note asking to try some of her ice cream the next time. The next day, pervy stalker leaves a bra for Alice at her door. Alice believes that it was Narumi’s doing, as he brought it in, and gets mad. I like the way this series approaches the detective style. Need more…

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