Kamisama no Memochou Episode 6


Everyone’s favorite loli…err, NEET detective is back (man, they need to show more of her). Anyways, last week, we left off with Narumi running into Renji at the zoo. The two have a nice chat about random things and Renji mentions a friend that he used to have in Tokyo. Narumi gets called to go back to work at the concert again, but Renji tries to stop him for some reason. He returns to see the fire trucks, as the venue has been set on fire. Also, Alice shows up, having worried about Narumi because he didn’t pick up his phone and his GPS was by the fire (awww….). The Fourth also calls Narumi to ask him about the fire as well as tell him that they have found the one who stole their t-shirts in the last episode. Narumi shows up to see the culprit, and the culprit starts saying random things about angels and mentions Hirasaka. The Fourth then beats the crap out of him, but later tells Narumi that there was another person that had the key to the room with the t-shirts. He tells Narumi that the true culprit is none other than…Hirasaka Renji (dun dun duuuun). Later, Alice asks Narumi about his strange behavior and he tells her about his meeting with Hirasaka Renji. The next day, he confronts the Fourth and tells him that he met Renji. The Fourth starts to question him, but Narumi refuses to talk, telling him to seek Alice’s help. The Fourth refuses, telling Narumi to stay away from Renji. Narumi goes out with Ayaka and a couple of the guys from the dojo join them for protection. Narumi is able to lose them easily, though, but they end up getting attacked by some guys. However, Tetsu shows up in time to help them out. That night, Narumi gets a call from Renji asking him to meet up and return his shirt. Before he goes, he visits Alice, who tells him about the evil of Hirasaka Renji. Narumi still intends to return the shirt, though, which causes Alice to start throwing things at him. She then gives him one of her stuffed animals, an owl that will “protect” him, and lets him sleep on her bed that night with her (O.O). The next day, Narumi leaves without the shirt, knowing that Renji will just disappear if he just gives it up. The episode ends with him meeting up with Renji, saying that they need to talk.

Urgh…Alice is so darn cute. I love this show…In other news, I’m gonna drop Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi…Taito’s lines are just too lame. Also, no Penguindrum or Ro-Kyu-Bu this week…WHHHHHYYYYYY??????? Man, Penguindrum itself not airing is bad enough…

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